Immunity Deals Beginning in Robocalls Case

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Immunity Deals Beginning in Robocalls Case

Robocalls immunity deal struck with ex-Tory worker Andrew Prescott

Despite Prescott's past work for the Conservative Party and an appearance as a delegate at its convention, there seems to be no love lost between him and the party.

His Twitter profile makes sly reference to Jenni Byrne, who ran the party's 2011 election campaign and is now deputy chief of staff to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

While his username refers to his previous partisan allegiance, Prescott's bio says, "Now Christian Independent, since I've been politically Byrned."

Sona is scheduled to be in court June 2 for either a preliminary hearing or, if he forgoes the preliminary hearing, a trial.

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This is going to get very interesting to watch. Will people start to scramble for immunity deals throughout the party? Loyalty is one thing, going to jail is another.