Liberal Caucus Services flyer farms

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Liberal Caucus Services flyer farms

just putting this up somewhere, other threads on libs are on other subjects.

this arrived in the mail today, after fairly regular ones from the PCs.

its a flyer from Lib C. services, Pablo Rodriguez MP in Ottawa.

on the front it says 'Broken Promises' with a picture of a young girl in a field of wheat, looking sad.

inside  it's titled 'giving false hope to farm families'

and continues,

"The Harper Conservatives like to make photo-op announcements of assistance to farmers, only to take the money away when the cameras are gone.

"Like the $100 million a year announced in March 2007 for 'cost of production issues'-cancelled in 2009 before a penny flowed.

"Or the 2007 announcements of AgriInvest and promises of money for value-added processing to help beef and hog farmers.  Not delivered.

"It's time for the Conservatives to keep their promises to farm families."

then there's the true and false test,

"1. Have the Harper Conservatives done enough to assist farm families? Y N

"2. Was it misleading for the Harper Conservatives to announce a $50 million 'investment' to help build beef processing capacity, only to change it to a'loan' three months later? Y N

"3. Do you share the Liberal view that promises made by government to farmers should be kept? Y N

"or reply online to these and other questions at:

"'we'd like your feedback"


so the feedback i'd like to give is that the best thing Conservatives, or Liberals, or anyone else can give farmers is to regain the proper function of the Bank of Canada, to stop further re/de-regulation of finance and trade, (which is allowing hoodlum bankers and big ag players to trash decent pricing, make a casino out of commodities, and force small farmers out of business) and to support public services and livable pensions, like we used to have before cons and libs destroyed them.  throw some EI in for farmers too, as the NFU calls for.

then send me another flyer.