Mike Duffy & Pamela Wallin - "We've been 'thrown under the bus' by the Conservatives!"

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The latest is that this trio would be suspended without pay, but with full medical benefits. All three are battling, or have battled serious medical problems.


That's better than most people who robbed their place of employment would be treated. It pays to be a Conservative.


Pamela Wallin committed fraud, breach of trust, RCMP allege

Senator Pamela Wallin committed fraud and breach of trust by filing inappropriate travel and living expenses inside a three-year period, the RCMP allege in court documents obtained by CBC News.

The documents filed in court by Const. Michael Johnson of the RCMP National Division allege that Wallin committed fraud and breach of trust by making inappropriate expense claims between Jan. 2, 2009, and Sept. 30, 2012.

Johnson also alleges Wallin "defrauded the Senate" in an amount exceeding $5,000 "by deceit, falsehood, or other fraudulent means."

"I believe Senator Pamela Wallin has committed the offences of breach of trust and fraud," Johnson wrote in an affidavit.

The RCMP are seeking more documents and data from the Senate related to changes Wallin made in her electronic and handwritten calendars. 

According to Johnson, the "inconsistencies and discrepancies" in her calendars warrant further investigation and "will afford evidence of the named offences."

Wallin's 'sense of entitlement'

Johnson also lists five interviews the RCMP conducted with key witnesses as part of his grounds for the allegations against Wallin.

During an interview with the RCMP on Sept. 23, Marjory LeBreton, then the government leader in the Senate, said she believes Wallin "has a sense of entitlement."

Despite LeBreton's personal view of the former broadcaster, LeBreton "does not believe that Wallin has committed any criminal offence and does not feel that the senator tried to scam the system," the RCMP said.

LeBreton told the RCMP she spoke to Wallin in October 2012 about her "serious" problems with expense claims.

The matter was brought to LeBreton's attention after a staffer working for Wallin made allegations against her with respect to her expense claims and bookkeeping.

LeBreton thought Wallin could easily resolve the matter by comparing her calendars with her expense claims.

Travel irregularities

In the the court documents, Johnson notes the senator from Saskatchewan has maintained that her primary residence is in Wadena, Sask., so she can collect travel allowances from the Senate. But Johnson believes Wallin "uses her Toronto condo as her primary residence."

On Sept. 30, the RCMP interviewed Nicole Proulx, the Senate director of finance who said she identified issues with Wallin's expenses between 2009-12 and spoke to Wallin about them on several occasions.

In 2009 Proulx, accompanied by Senate clerk Gary O'Brien, spoke to Wallin about issues surrounding her travel claims from Toronto. In 2012, they spoke to her again about her "travel irregularities."

The irregularities, according to the RCMP, included "a high percentage of travel claims without a specific purpose listed, a high percentage of stopovers in Toronto for Senate business, and concerns over the high cost of car services."

Car service costs

Proulx objected to the cost of Wallin's "car service" as early as 2010, rejecting her claims as being too expensive.

Wallin pleaded her case before a Senate internal economy sub-committee composed of three of her colleagues. The trio overturned the rejection of her car service claims, effectively overruling Proulx.

The car service costs were brought up by Deloitte auditors when they met with members of the Senate internal economy committee in August. Deloitte told the committee Wallin's claims were for $80 trips, starting from the island airport in downtown Toronto and ending at Wallin's mid-town condo. The auditors told the committee a trip of that distance would normally be a $30 fare in a taxi.

Deloitte auditors told the committee a slightly different story than the one Proulx told to the RCMP.

Wallin's car expense had actually been curtailed, Alan Stewart of Deloitte told Senator Jane Cordy, a committee member. "This was an issue that Senate Finance raised with Senator Wallin at one stage, and so the claims for the car service became less after a point in time. I do not remember when that was," he said.

RCMP wants Wallin's calendars

Gary Timm, a partner at Deloitte, is expected to provide the RCMP with a long list of documents and data which include the "travel and event descriptions, together with Microsoft Word monthly calendars listing events, and handwritten calendars related to travel expense claims."

Timm has said he has no issue with providing the information within 30 days from the day the RCMP filed the court documents.

The allegations are contained in the information to obtain a production order filed with the court to aid in the RCMP's investigation.

The Deloitte audit showed that the majority of the money Wallin claimed – $390,182 of $532,508 – was in keeping with Senate practices.

The auditors found Wallin had inappropriately claimed $121,348. Deloitte determined that an additional $20,978 was subject to Senate interpretation. The Senate determined that Wallin had to pay back an additional $17,621.98.

Wallin has paid back $138,969 in ineligible claims.

The allegations of fraud and breach of trust against Wallin have not been proven in court.

Senators Mike Duffy and Patrick Brazeau are also under investigation by the RCMP.



Oooo, the debate over whether to abide by King Steve and throw them under the bus is happening live now in the Senate.


These senators are rather fond of themselves.  Elaine McCoy is speaking now about how proud Canadians are of the way the senate has accorded itself during the current debate.



I had to quit listening to them b/c they were so boring and repetitive. Much better to follow Justin Ling on twitter and have some humour.


Duffy's allegations have led to the RCMP investigating the PMO now as part of a criminal investigation according to the following CBC video. in the latter part of the video CBC below, reporter Terry Milewski calls the investigation "an extemely ominous development for the Prime Minister". 


The following CBC article also discusses the investigation. 

 The RCMP are looking for a chain of emails and documents that support Mike Duffy's allegations that the Senate expense scandal reaches right into the Prime Minister's Office, CBC News has learned.

"The existence of such documentation may potentially be evidence of criminal wrongdoing by others," says Supt. Biage Carrese from the RCMP National Division in a Nov. 1 letter obtained by CBC News.

The Mounties are particularly interested in Duffy's claim that his initial story about repaying his disputed expenses by taking out an RBC loan was concocted by senior advisers to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

"Emails from the PMO specifically relating to a script for Senator Duffy to follow in advance of obtaining funds from a RBC loan to repay the Receiver General" may be material to the RCMP's investigation, Carrese wrote. ...

"Senator Duffy intimated that he is in possession of emails and documents which may be material to our criminal investigations," said the officer in charge of sensitive and international investigations for the RCMP in the letter. ...

The other emails the RCMP are seeking relate to a Dec. 4, 2012, email from the prime minister's chief of staff Wright to Duffy acknowledging the senator's expenses were in order, and an email dated Jan. 6, 2009, from Christopher McCreery, who worked in Senator Marjory LeBreton's office, about residency policy.

"My investigators are interested in gathering all evidence respecting this matter in order to conduct a thorough investigation," said Carrese in his letter obtained by CBC News.

Duffy tabled the Wright and McCreery emails in the Senate last week, but not the chain of emails from the PMO which he said included a script about the RBC loan to repay his ineligible expenses.

Reached about the letter on Monday, the RCMP told CBC News they had no comment.


The alleged coverup, according to Duffy, involved the Prime Minister's Office, former PMO lawyer Benjamin Perrin, the Conservative Party lawyer Arthur Hamilton, and Duffy's lawyer Donald Bayne.

"When you look at all those emails in that chain, it proves this was a setup from the start and that I am innocent," Duffy said in his speech to the Senate.

An email exchange between Duffy and former PMO issues manager Chris Woodcock also surfaced publicly last week, after Duffy spoke to the Senate on Monday.

In an email dated May 15, the morning after CTV News first reported that Wright and Duffy had come to a secret deal to help the senator repay his ineligible expenses, Woodcock asked Duffy: "Can you confirm whether you advised the Senate ethics officer of any loans/gifts involved in the March 25th repayment?"

"Trying to cover off all the angles," Woodcock wrote.






Now we're talking serious crime - max 14 years in prison - the PMO and/or Conservative Party bribing a Senator to keep quiet about a political payoff and concocting a cover up lie.


Harper may yet live to regret his hissy fit that put Duffy out of the caucus and out of his control.

'Brilliant political tactician', my a**! lol


Harper was concidered a great tactician compared to the likes of Iggy, Dion, Paul Martin, the bar was not set very high. Jack Layton didn't live long enough as OLO for an effective comparison by the msm.


Can the three Senators sue to have the Senate's decision declared ultra vires?


Mike Duffy, may still be eligible for a disability allowance should he resign for medical reasons.

Duffy — who suffers from a heart condition and announced he was taking a medical leave of absence just as debate on his proposed suspension began several weeks ago — could potentially benefit even more, said Gregory Thomas, federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers' Association.

Under the Parliament of Canada Act, a senator who is 65 or older and incapacitated by a proven medical condition, is entitled to receive a disability allowance equal to 70 per cent of his or her annual salary — a comfortable $94,640 per year. The allowance is paid until the senator reaches 75, the age of mandatory retirement from the Senate.

Whether that holds true for a senator who's been suspended without pay and therefore has no salary for the time being in not known. But Thomas suspects Duffy has been building up to making a play for it.

"He's been talking about his medical issues so much that I kind of see that [allowance issue] in the background," said Gregory Thomas, federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers' Association.

If pushed, he predicted the government would block any bid by Duffy to obtain a disability allowance — but not without a fight or further political embarrassment.

"I don't think Sen. Duffy cares whether he causes the Senate majority any inconvenience or not. said Thomas"



Thanks, terrytowel, for citing an argument from this shithead Gregory Thomas which could be used against any unionized worker who has a negotiated LTD plan.

Is it too much to ask progressive people to grasp that when their most dangerous enemies are spending all their time discrediting a few hapless (and no doubt deserving) individuals, that it's time to look at the bigger picture - and not just pile on?

Please copy this to all Rob Ford threads as well.



The more Harper and his acolytes try to spin the Senate scandal, the more they get wrapped in their own web of lies. 


Senator Mike Duffy's lawyer has begun turning over hundreds of emails to the RCMP following a request by the Mounties last Friday to hand over documentation that may prove to be "evidence of criminal wrongdoing by others," CBC News has learned. ...

The emails being turned over to the Mounties by Duffy's lawyer Donald Bayne are said to be "much more explicit" about the Prime Minister's Office script that Duffy said he was to follow. ...

News that Duffy's lawyer is turning over emails that are said to bear on Duffy's secret deal with the PMO will undoubtedly put Prime Minister Stephen Harper right back in the opposition's line of fire. ...

Mulcair said Wright told the RCMP that Irving Gerstein, a Conservative senator and chief fundraiser for the party, approved the original plan to pay back Duffy's ineligible expenses using party money.

But Gerstein dismissed Wright's version of events during a speech to the party faithful in Calgary last weekend.

"Both can't be true. Did Senator Gerstein lie to Conservative Party members?" Mulcair asked Harper.

The prime minister did not answer the question directly, saying only that Wright made the decision to repay Duffy's ineligible expenses. "That's a decision he took himself," Harper said. ...

On Tuesday, Harper told the Commons his office was not under investigation by the RCMP.

However, in an email to CBC News after question period, a spokesman for the prime minister confirmed police have asked the Prime Minister's Office for documents and the PMO has provided them.​






The Senate needs to be abolished however the odds that will happen is nil.

I didn't know that the process by which to reform the Senate had been layer out in the constitution.

getting all the provinces to agree on a path forward will be difficult.

Concerned that we will get back into the constitutional discussions of the 80s.





RCMP investigator moved to make Senate scandal ITO public


Canada’s ‘single best political fundraiser’ close to the centre of the Duffy affair


And what about this guy? Just another one of Canada's unelected, but very powerful creeps who run our country.

Colin Kenny, Liberal senator, faces sexual harassment complaint




So the Liberals tried to sweep it under the carpet, eh! Not true you say. Let's see now. Complaint email sent and received by Liberals on August 22, 2013, and not acted upon until it became public this week. Sure we believe you Liberals, sure we do. You Liberals are either lying or incompetent, so which is it?

Liberals blame email for delay in sex harassment claim response Email from Colin Kenny's ex-staffer marked 'Senate reform' handled with bulk email, Liberals say


'Backlog on our system'

A spokeswoman for Trudeau said his office missed the email because the subject line was "Senate reform."

Brisson sent the email on Aug. 22, 2013, Kate Purchase wrote in a statement to CBC News.



brian1966 wrote:

The Senate needs to be abolished however the odds that will happen is nil.

I didn't know that the process by which to reform the Senate had been layer out in the constitution.

getting all the provinces to agree on a path forward will be difficult.

Concerned that we will get back into the constitutional discussions of the 80s.




The question of Senate reform or abolition and the Constitution requirements for each is before the Supreme Court.


Canada needs to have the constitutional discussion again. The national policy of avoiding bringing it up at all costs (because, like Jurassic Park dinosaurs, Québecers' vision is based on movement) is truly bizarre.


I agree cco.  If it takes some time, it takes some time.  Avoiding the issue because it's tough to deal with is just a cop out.


Maher: It’s up to our politicians to explain how that secret $90,000 payment can be legal

Consider that the last commissioner of the RCMP, William Elliott, is living, all expenses paid, in an $8,000-a-month Manhattan luxury apartment, courtesy of our tax dollars. And consider that the previous commissioner, Giuliano Zaccardelli, interfered in the 2006 election by announcing the Mounties were investigating Ralph Goodale for something he didn’t do.

And if you closely consider the political position of senior cops, you can see why they might like to investigate politicians but not charge them.

It is wise to be suspicious of the Royal Conservative Mounted Police, but we have to assume that in this case the Mounties have made the right call for the right reason: that there was no reasonable prospect of convicting Wright. The RCMP consulted with provincial Crown prosecutors in the same office that pressed charges against former Ottawa mayor Larry O’Brien, who we must believe are independent.

And if the Mounties were in the tank for the Tories, would they have pushed this investigation as hard as they have, causing such misery for their political masters?

The way our legal system is set up, we will never know why the Mounties decided not to proceed unless it comes out in court if the force proceeds with charges against Mike Duffy, which is expected in the coming weeks. But it’s up to politicians, not police or judges, to tell us how it is that the prime minister’s chief of staff is able to make a secret payment to a sitting legislator without facing criminal prosecution.

There is no way that should be legal.