NDP asks Auditor General to investigate Olympic Village financing

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NDP asks Auditor General to investigate Olympic Village financing

Good, let's expose the liars and the thieves.


Wonder if the auditor general will go back in time and check whether the figures that the Glen Clarke NDP government presented to the powers to be were realistic and accurate?

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Most likely they would have been at the time, as no one would have even considered 1 billion for security, until after the well used "911" in 2001. Nor was there the real estate boom occuring when it was proposed.

Nor a host of other things that have occured because of Gordo's actions.


"watching the tide roll away"


Yes remember what Glen Clark did, and remember real well especially when you go out and vote for the man.  Oh thats right he no longer in the race and 101 is trying to say its okay if the Olympics spending is out of control because remember Glen and the deck he built it must of cost a couple grand at least and there was no real debt but there sure is now.  And what has Clark got to do with the price of the Olympic debt?  I am real curious as to the outcome of the audit as British Colombians get a real look at how much they are on the hook.  And another one bites the dust as the Minister of The Misery of Families and Children's is resigning his post apparently family needs him.  Hopeful he has more heart for them than he did for the many unfortunate children and families who have suffered so greatly because of the Olympics and Liberal greed as BC children left in abusive homes and without the help they need as children left to die.  Predication the Olympics is going to be a boom literally as someone is going to attempt to blow it up I just got this feeling but hope no harm is done and games a success as best outcome.  And like anything else we will just have to wait and see but like I said it sure would not surprise me with the things that are going on.   And we have not been fully hit by the downturn in the economy as still in the introductory stage as many find themselves jobless and homeless in the following months.   And I also got a feeling if Harper's government ignores the needs of the working guy he is going to find himself without a job.   And don't forget Basis and Virk either another Campbell caper also since people vote based on their Feelings well they are not Feeling to happy and its a real good indicator of how they will be Feeling during the spring election when the Liberals find themselves out, and the NDP find themselves back in the winning seat and hosting the 2010.  


Would this discussion be better suited in the Western Regional forum?


From the article:


"Those agreements provide an indemnification by the province to Vancouver and Whistler for any liability resulting directly from them entering into either the Bid City Agreement or the Host City Contract," she wrote.

I remember hearing these agreements being touted as part of what was being used to assuage the public around the potential that we would be on the hook. I wonder how successful Ms. James will be in this effort.

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Actually former BC Premiers Dave Barrett, Mike Harcourt and Glen Clark expect to attend the opening ceremonies as Premier James' guests.


Obscene Olympic overruns with bleating taxpayers footing the bill??
What a shocker!
Who could have ever predicted such a thing? It surely has never happened before??

I recall poluticans of all parties pushing this thing, backed a media frenzy--and in the background the salivating exploiters of Disaster Capitalism smiling and stirring the pot with a little cash.


"Would this discussion be better suited in the Western Regional forum?"

I really don't care but:
This is a big story with both national and international implications
and one might reflect on the likelyhood of  a similar question being
asked if the event was being held in Ontario.


The Vancouver Sun weighed in editorially today reminded everyone that some venues came in on time and how wonderful this bread and circus will be.  This was about the only part of the debate in Victoria reported and, hold on, it came from none other than Gordo Campbell!

I just love "news" organisations!