The NDP can now learn from the Liberals

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Recent polls show that the mobile vote that leaves Conservatives is going to the Liberals.  Even if this is just parking, it still shows that the NDP is not sharing the Liberal default position in any real way.  We have to earn our votes.

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Fair enough, Scott.  But you know the attitude of which I speak, and you know that (despite recent federal results) is isn't particularly common out my way.  And I'll point out that the last time the NDP went three straight elections with no Saskatchewan MPs, the leader was some guy named Douglas.

A big part of the problem is this overblown anti-Harper rhetoric that fails to grasp the futility of defeating the Conservatives if we merely replace them with other Conservatives who play "let's pretend" at election time.

Sean in Ottawa

My point is that the Liberals now also need to earn their votes. They either will earn them soon or their support will go back down close to where it was three months ago.

Sure the Liberals have more support than the NDP but they are not going to govern without earning the support of Canadians as people do not see them as an alternative government either. The Liberals have higher support than the NDP but I do not think they are widely assumed to be a government in waiting. We'll see if that changes over the next while.