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nicky wrote:

Topp's tribal battle cry that "Tom Mulcair needs to be in our party a little longer before he seeks to lead it" is just plain ugly and, unfortunately, typical. 

"Ugly"? I respectfully suggest that you might want to get out a bit more (might I suggest venturing south?). I don't agree with Topp on this point at all, but if that's his opinion, there's nothing wrong with him stating it, nor is there anything "ugly" about it. It's probably strategically smart for him.

nicky wrote:

So what happens next? Many in the party will further coallesce around Tom to the point that he becomes the overwhelming favourite and he will win relatively easily and without significant rancour. OR, his detractors pull out all the stops to defeat him in a scorched earth campaign. The anonymous  whispers will get louder. Tiny differences will become catastrophic chasms. An anti-Mulcair coalition will polarize the party and our prospects in the next election will be severley damaged, whoever wins.

Or maybe--presuming a Mulcair win, which I agree is likely--his opponents will work as hard as they can to beat him right up until convention day, and then put campaign mode aside and get behind the new leader once he wins? Stranger things have happened in this party.

It's the over-the-top rhetoric on babble and Twitter I fear post-convention much more than anything from any of the candidates themselves. I certainly hope people will be able to put it aside, but I have my doubts. And it's the Mulcair supporters I have the most doubts about, so it's probably a good thing their guy is most likely to win.



But bear in mind that a certain amount of whining and hand wringing in the period after the vote is inevitable. That plus some quiet individual reflection that disspointed people have to put in about where this leaves their personal commitment/evaluation of how much they want to do for the party.

I have twice set aside my reservations about the chosen path of the NS NDP and plowed ahead working my butt off. That did not work out for me, and there is no way that will not effect my next choice if I see the same thing in front of me.

I made a choice 20 years ago that the NDP was the most important vehicle for 'getting somewhere'. That is not going to change even if I see no means at the moment for getting anywhere working in the party. But if I dont see those means, I've got other things to do.

A big part of what the NDP is, are an aggregate of those kind of individual and group choices. And the outcome of the leaderhsip has bearing on that.


I missed the second quote from nicky.

Even if I agree that Mulcair will likely win, I pretty substantially resent the presumption in "the party will further coalesce around Tom..." This from the same people that still continue to react to the fantasy that "Topp is being shoved down their throats."  ???

There are a substantial number of us who will NEVER "coalesce" around Mulcair before the vote... and I say that rating him at least third, which puts him above at least one strong candidate likely to be in the last round with him. And if you want us to coalesce after the vote, some minimum of grace and humility is required. It is guaranteed we will get that from the candidates- but the shock troops matter too.

I agree that you are the ones we most have to worry about should your candidate not win.



Maybe the site was established by our moderators.

I know, nicky, tell me about it!

Such a pity that Mulcair campaigners on babble can't get a word in edgewise because of those horrible moderators.  I'm really glad that DSloth brought it to our attention at the beginning of the thread that KenS's prolific posting is oppressing Mulcair and his supporters on babble.  Heck, if KenS posted less in these threads, then Mulcair supporters would be able to post 38 out of 83 (45%) of the posts in this thread instead of 38 out of 100 (38%) posts.  That would be much more fair.

As it is currently, the Mulcair campaign is being silenced by those terrible moderators.  Silenced, I tell you!


nicky wrote:

Maybe the site was established by our moderators.

Lookit, I don't come into your workplace and insult you.  Stop doing it in ours, or you'll be taking another holiday from babble.

Closing for length.  Again.


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