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Josh predicts another wipeout for the NDP in Saskatchewan if we pick Tom.

I suspect most Saskatchewan New Democrats disagree with Josh on this since it now seems that Tom now has more prominent Saskatchewan endorsements than any other candidate, Brian Topp included. It is more and more apparent that Tom will come a strong first in Saskatchewan on March 24,


DSloth wrote:

If you're looking for a candidate committed to withdrawing from Nafta I think you'll need to take a time machine back three leadership contests.

Quoted with no further comment.


Wilf Day

I'll try again:

CanadaApple wrote:
One thing Mulcair is clear on is that he'll go after Liberal supporters, but won't work with the rival party.

"N.O.," he told HuffPost. The NDP tried to form a coalition with the Liberals in 2008 and then the Grits "lifted their noses up on it,"Mulcair said.

The coalition experience taught Mulcair everything he needs to know about the Liberals. They're untrustworthy and he said he'll never work with them again, whether in a formal or informal coalition.

"The no is categorical, absolute, irrefutable and non-negotiable. It's no. End of story. Full stop," he said.

That puzzled the hell out of me. He has never said that before. What brought that on?

Jack always -- he could say it in his sleep -- said he was ready to work with any party to get results for people.

Mulcair made a point of saying how the party's Quebec slogan "Working together" was what the whole party should have used, and did copy right at the end.

That's totally inconsistent. What's going on?


duncan cameron wrote:

My proudest moment as an Ndp member was when Jack offered to bring down Harper by inviting the Libs to form a coalition. So Mulcair says in a HUff Post interview he rules out a coalition totally, not ever. Therefore he will not be on my preferential ballot.

Two rhetorical questions: 1) Did it work? 2) Do you remember Jack's position after it failed?

In answer to two, Jack repeatedly told the media that Ignatieff & the Liberals had missed their chance. Only during his interview with Peter Mansbridge during the 2011 campaign did he hint that there might be some post-election flexibility in that. After the 2011 election Ed Broadbent, Jack Layton, and Thomas Mulcair clearly indicated that a coalition, merger, etc was a no go. Broadbent said, if Liberals want to work with the NDP, they should join the NDP.

So while I would not categorically rule out a coalition with the Libs. I would have to say that it is a pretty low value option right now. Their word is just not worth the paper it is written on.


Thomas Mulcair has at least 15 endorsements from ex NDP Members of Parliament, more than any other candidate. I can only presume these folk - most of whom have been in the party for decades - don't view it as necessary for Tom to be in the NDP 'a little while longer' to become leader. (One could argue the eight month campaign has been the little while' longer...) Same holds for the dozens of ex MPPs and MLAs he has supporting him.


But, but, but......Tom must undergo a loyalty test. lol


It's not clear to me whether Tom is talking about pre-electoral co-operation, or post-electoral co-operation. When the media takes the context away from quotes, you have to take it with a grain of salt. This would be a big change from what Tom has said in the past about working with other parties. AFAIK, all the candidates have come out and stated they are willing to work with other parties.


Winston wrote:

NorthReport wrote:

And as BB says why can't the NDP just do the opposite of following the Liberals past very successful strategy of campaigning on the left and governing on the right, by having a Mulcair-led NDP campaign on the right, and govern on the left.  And I challenge anyone to say it can't be done as the Liberals exploiited that tactic in the past very successfully for years just in reverse.  


This was one of the things that amazed me about Jack. The closer we got to election day riding the wave in 2011, the further leftward he went in his rhetoric. +1




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