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I think it's still early to predict what things will be like going into the 2015 election. It's three and half years away after all.  I understand the argument that Mulcair is the most likely to win, but if 2011 taught me anything, it's that you really should expect the unexpected.


I was visiting Nathan Cullen's website and I noticed that he has officially refrained from making any recommendation on second, third, fourth choices, advising supporters to choose who they prefer.

I was wondering if anyone has noticed if any of the other candidates have made a statement on alternate choices?



Island Red wrote:

Stayed tuned for a significant announcement of support for Tom Mulcair on Wednesday - this time from Atlantic Canada. His ability to draw ensdorsements from a wide swath of progressives will again be proven, including elected New Democrats from all levels, as well as women, and labour activists.


Any word on what province? There are a couple of bigs ones left here in NS. Dexter still hasn't endorsed since Chisholm dropped out, Leslie as well. I believe Stoffer and Godin have said that they are remaining neutral however I may be wrong on that. If it is going to be a "significant" endorsment from someone in the area I guess it would have to be one of those two, both would be great endorsments however I think Leslie would be a better one for him.


While I like Dexter and think that an endorsment from him could help I think that Chisholm's endorsment has probably helped with the same people already while I think that Leslie has very wide appeal across the country (cause honestly, Megan Leslie is just awesome) and is more widely known outside the country.


Watch it's someone different..


I'm very concerned about 2015. I feel like a lot of New Democrats think that just because we won the official opposition in 2011, it is going to be straightforward to win government in 2015. We got really lucky in 2011. We won 59/75 seats in Québec. The amount of knowledge and connection these Québec voters have to the NDP is approximately zero. Most of these voters were probably voting NDP (largely uninformed) for the first time in their lives. It was a not the Liberals + not the Conservatives + not the BQ-again kind of vote, with Jack being the last candidate standing.

The Québec media also played a huge role in the win. In the last week of the campaign, they were writing headlines and articles as if the NDP was well on its way to 24 Sussex. The NDp fell significantly short.

Even with the NDP's surge to a clear second place in the polls (thanks to Québec), we did very poorly in the rest of Canada (44/233 seats), losing a lot of ground in many seats where Liberal votes went Conservative.

We are way behind our competition in most seats.The Conservatives won close to 50% of the vote in Ontario and all of the West :(

That is where the new majority lies. That is why Harper is king.

The next leader has to be able to drive a wedge through that and also try to organise and inspire an additional group of Canadians to vote. The Canadians that don't vote now, are just as unlikely to vote in 2015. They don't read babble. They don't care about politics. They more motivated to cut their lawns than they are to vote.

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