The plot thickens further in the Guergis/Jaffer affair Part III

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Ok, I really want to feel some empathy for Helena, caught as she may be in her Kafka-esque situation. Harper owes her, and the country, an explanation. 

But is it just me, or is the irony a bit too rich.

Here's a woman who as an MP voted in favour of things like security certificates that barred people accused ot terrorism from confronting their accuser. Lives were, and continue to be, ruined by such heinous examples of Helena-approved legislation.

And what about her role as Minister of Women...ever the loyal foot soldier, Helena thought nothing of hanging women out to dry, cutting funding without explanation or thought for the consequence such actions did have.

Now Helena is getting a personal taste of Harper's legendary vindictive streak.

It's not all bad news for Helena though. Come June she'll qualify for a goldplated MP's pension.



Unionist wrote:

I think Harper dislikes Rahim because:

1. He lost.

2. He got caught.

I think you left out the biggest reason, and it has almost nothing to do with dislike:

Rahim losing was forgiveable in itself. But following it by getting in the way was unforgiveable.

When Geurgis retrospectively muses that Harper never liked Rahim shes 'forgetting' that whether Harper 'liked' or disliked Jaffer was always irrelevant. He WAS useful. Then he not only was not useful, he very much got in the way. And since she's joined to him, that aint no bus, the tank churns them both under.

Sean in Ottawa

Is it possible the coke was planted then? Is that what they are alleging? That he was such a nuisance to the cops somehow that they planted coke on him.

This is a difficult story to believe for sure but is it possible?

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continued over here

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Conservative memo almost uses the "l" word:

[url= slap down Helena Guergis[/url]

I don't see how this could make the Conservative government look good. I can't see how this could make any other member of the cabinet comfortable.

I do wonder what else Guergis might want to talk about now, or soon. I dunno, like the status of women under Harper, for example. Or, um, libel. Wouldn't it be nice if this bunch turned on each other? Wouldn't it?


MP Helena Guergis says she will run as an "independent conservative" in the next federal election after being dropped as the official Conservative Party candidate in the central Ontario riding of Simcoe-Grey.

Read more:


Re: the presumed Conservative candidate.

Sounds like she is a really good and needed doctor. What a monumental waste if she were to succeed in trading that for being a Harper tool.

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