Should the federal NDP dissolve itself, so that a better Left party can take its place?

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The reason we need a new party is precisely because only 20% to 25% of the national electorate are ever going to vote for a party devoted to fighting the status quo from the left. In BC and Quebec that number rises to somewhere around a third is my guess. I will vote for a party that is pushing the main stream parties to the left without ever needing them to form government. History shows that is the only way we have every really made gains. The compromises to try and attract 45% of voters mean that the party is not fighting the status quo. Besides for ideology there is also the inherent regionalism that the NDP no longer talks about.

Canada is like an old cow. The West feeds it. Ontario and Quebec milk it. And you can well imagine what it's doing in the Maritimes.

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However, I don't think the plan would be to join the Greens and simply go along with their platform. The party would need to be transformed by the wave of 'newcomers' into Canada's party of the left. It would become a 'red-green' party.

If that's all that needs to be done, why do it to the Greens?  Why not just do it to the NDP?

Fair question.  The problem with that has been that the party bureaucracy, for decades now-I'm not sure it was even different than this in the CCF era and would like to know if anyone can speak to that?-has effectively denied rank-and-file Dippers any real say in what the party stand for.   And a major reason much of that bureaucracy was in the tank for Singh frmo the start was the he was not going to encourage any revival of internal party democracy.  The despair my thread title was grounded derives from that, from the sense that, no matter what, those who run the party on a day-to-day basis, even though they know the status quo isn't working either on the level of winning the argument on the country's direction OR growing the party in any meaningful sense, will not allow anything to change no matter what.

For those suggesting switching to the GPC, the question is:  is there any more internal democracy there than there is in the NDP?  Does anyone in the GPC other than Elizabeth May herself, or at most a handful of advisors around her as well, have any chance of having any real say in THAT party's direction? 

I doubt the Green Party, in its current incarnation, is significantly more democratic, internally, than the NDP. That's why I said the party would have to be taken by activists on the left and transformed into a 'red-green' party. Simply switching parties without such a transformation would be a waste of time.


A new party on the left will have to emerge. And the only way it can compete is if we have proportional representation. And the only shot of that happening anytime soon is if Trudeau is reduced to a minority and the NDP have the balance of power to try and force the issue.