Summary of CPC antics

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Summary of CPC antics

"Antics"? - crimes, really.

I just thought I would imbibe in a little thread proliferation since there are not many new threads being started here - is everybody still on summer holidays or something? Has Babble lost it verve? The threads that are topical seem onerously long too...

So -

The Robocall, the F-35s, and Omnibus bill are the big three issues being battled out in Parliament as it reconvenes [a few weeeks ago].

I wrote my MP to encourage him to keep the pressure on, and people informed, about the Election Fraud.

I also wonder if the NDP and Libs were engaged in some of that... the one Lib case charged by the CPC members is just fluff, eh? - where she didn't use her real name, etc.


A majority of Canadians seem to be against the F-35s, so we agree - not much fodder for Babblers there. Stop it!!


The crime bill is - what? I like to see violent offenders put away and kept away until they show they are ready to give up violence. Let me tell you about my neighbor - his sister's husband came over to my neighbor's place and tried to stab him with a knife, my neighbor broke his ankle really badly, needed surgery, etc... The perp was charged with whatever, and went to jail, but guess what - he was out before my neighbor got his cast off!! It would make sense to relate the crime to the victim I think...but on the other hand why would attempted murder be so much less serious than actual murder? - in both cases the perp had the same motivations and basically did the same thing, but the victim lived instead of died - why is that not just as bad?

Yes, I see I presented two opposing views there - both logical. What to do?

So,  whats wrong with the crime bill?