Thread to post pictures of the people you wish had lived to see this election result

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Pat HayesPat Hayes A great NDP supporter and past Ontario NDP MPP also the campaign manager of Taras Natyshak NDP candidate here in the Essex . We lost a great person today !

Papal Bull

My great uncle Tom Simmons and all his brothers.


I can't find a picture of him, but let's not forget Robert Cliche who came so close to getting the NDP off the ground in Quebec in the 1960s!

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Found a picture of him, right here:


Pam Barrett


Frederick Burr
Windsor-Riverside NDP
Served 1967-1977
Died 17 January, 2006


Had also ran federally for the CCF. Just before he died in 2006, he voted! We always make sure to get the vote out even if it's the last thing NDPers do!


Is the election over?


Who won?

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Lucille Broadbent


Can't find a good pic of Lloyd Shaw

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Posted for DT.  Former SK Deputy Premier Ed Tchorzewski.


Stockholm wrote:

I can't find a picture of him, but let's not forget Robert Cliche who came so close to getting the NDP off the ground in Quebec in the 1960s!

of all the what-ifs and might-have-beens in NDP history, the 1965 and 1968 elections and their potential have always been fascinating;

but now, they are truly History

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al-Qa'bong wrote:

Is the election over?


Who won?

Rhinocerous Party majority of 250.  Christian Heritage as Official Opposition.


And of course, there's one Tory who belongs in this thread

Who else?

And given that he was what passed for an Alexa-era Quebec "star candidate" (running in Outremont in 1997)


I note that people forgot the first woman MP (and the first woman MLA in Ontario (one of the first two anyway)), as well as the first woman MP from BC.

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Help me out, adma


I'm not adma, but, in order, Bob Layton and Tooker Gomberg (assuming there wasn't a bait-and-switch with the file names, whether before or after adma found them).

Although I do want to concur with Malcolm in that it would be helpful if people would identify the figures they're posting. On that note, could someone identify the man in the photo posted by JeffWells at #36? From the file name, he's probably associated with the CLC, but I wouldn't be able to identify him to save my life.

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@#36 is Pierre Berton - and tx for the help with adma's mystery pics


I remeber a very erudite interview As It Happens had with him a couple days after the 1990 Ontario win. He was then about 85 and living on Saltspring Island. I'd love to hear whaat he might say today.
He was also the victim of a vicious red scare campaign that followed his near success in 1943. The party should study what he went through and learn from it. No doubt the Conservatives will.


These two guys.