What should be the BARE MINIMUM expectations of a Mulcair government?

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You also didn't state that social justice is only for the chosen. I was confused and didn't understand where he wanted the bounds of social justice to end.


You're right. It's my fault. From now on, before I click "post comment" about investments in Canada, I will be sure to consciously picture every segment of Canadian society, or else it's a safe assumption that I only intend it for the white male majority. Which sucks for me, because I'm not white.

No one here said social justice is only for the chosen people. My issue is that there aren't many Canadian policies that affect non-citizens/non-residents nearly as much as they affect citizens/residents. I know people here like to fight about who cares the most about the widest range of issues, but it should be uncontroversial that we expect more from the government on issues where the government historically has a bigger impact.

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socialdemocraticmiddle wrote:

Social justice begins at home.

socialdemocraticmiddle wrote:

No one here said social justice is only for the chosen people.

Whatever. Chosen people or only Canadians the view you expressed is the antithesis of solidarity. 

It epitomizes an I'm all right Jack attitude and sorry I have no time for your "third world" problems in my "third way' universe so just pull up your socks.  Canadian corporations sticking it too you and killing your leaders?  Frankly that is not the concern of a progressives from the north.

Social justice begins at home, don't you know.


You're just the smartest guy in the room. You have the power to read passed what I actually said, and tell me what I should have said, so that I can be wrong.

You're right. "Begin" and "Only" are basically the same word. They might as well share the same letters!

I must have missed the part of the Canadian constitution that allows us to single handedly stop apartheid 5000 miles away.

You found the imperialist easter egg. Congratulations.

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These are my bare minimum expectations of an NDP government:


1- Electoral reform

Canada needs a fair PR election system in place. A party with just 40% of the votes must not get the majority while 60 % of the voters are against the government

In an ideal world, 50% + 1 is the best approach. But, PR with some regional and national mixes can provide a good majority goverment with 45% of the support.

2- Public Health Care. 

3- A good tax system. Brian Topp has some good ideas:


4- A good immigration/refugee system that works well for both immigrants/refugees and Canada.

5- Kyoto Protocol


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Sorry. Below is the right link for Brian Topps article on tax system:


Very Far Away

Sorry again. Somehow the link to Brian Topp`s article is not working. 

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Long thread.


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