what will they do first

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what will they do first



Shut down the long gun registry.


End the vote subsidy


Introduce the omnibus crime bill.

Hurtin Albertan

Feed the dragon they keep locked up in the basement of the Conservative party HQ.

Cackle malevolently.

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Get a massage!


Cut corporate taxes.


Bring in rep-by-pop.


This is an excellent link re prairie wheat farmers swinging back at Harper.

Apparently the Tories have a longtime vendetta against the Wheat Board. However wheat farmers voted by a slim majority to hold onto the Board. Gerry Ritz, the ex-minister, says they're going to get rid of it now, but the farmers are holding his nose to the law that requires a farmer plebiscite before any major changes can be made. Minister Ritz states he could care less about this law and that the general election was the plebiscite -- nyah, nyah. However since the farmers are fighting it, that gives him only two choices: (1) change the law, which will take time, or (2) act illegally -- and face the consequences in court. And, this is exactly the kind of issue that could split the CPC constituency right down the middle. Awesome.



Hey TM, good to see you around!

The little dirty fascist Harper has already violated the law, several times, in trying to destroy the wheat board, and been stopped by the farmers and the courts. Here's a thread I started a few years ago on that, but there are others around:

[url=http://rabble.ca/babble/national-news/federal-court-rules-wheat-board-ca... court rules Wheat Board can keep barley monopoly[/url]

I think I'll bump it...


Jacob Richter

triciamarie wrote:
Shut down the long gun registry.

Apart from passing the planned federal budget, I think this may be a rare occasion where Harper would allow a free vote in his caucus.  The Cons have their majority, and they know some NDP MPs are against the gun registry.


Close Question Period.


Then babble.

Sean in Ottawa

Get rid of Insite-- some of the human cost of this election will happen there-- not in theory but some people will die because of this.


Buy the F-35s.

Reduce transfer payments to the provinces, thereby privatizing healthcare by stealth.