Who is going to the Fed NDP Leadership Convention?

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Sine Ziegler
Who is going to the Fed NDP Leadership Convention?

Who is going to the Federal NDP Leadership convention in Toronto on March 23rd and 24th?


I just booked my flight and registered. I haven't been to a Federal convention in 10 years. Look forward to meeting some of you, or re-acquainting myself with you.


I will be here in Vancouver, possibly watching on CPAC, possibly with a team of local political nerds, definitely voting round by round.

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I would love to go and add a holiday in Toronto following the convention, and touch base with friends from my years there in the 1970s. But travel out of here is incredibly expensive. I'll follow it on CPAC.


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If I were still in Edmonton, I'd go, but it's a bit of a commute from here. I do think it's going to be a really fascinating, historic convention, and I wish I could attend.


I'm in Mississauga and would love to attend, but the $1000 observer fee is pretty steep for me

Bill Davis

Can any member register as a delegate, or do you have to be actually delegated from a riding association?  How exactly does that work for 2012?

Ok I just checked the constitution, which seems to imply you need to be delegated from a riding association, but I'm still unclear how that works in practice.  1 delegate for 50 members doesn't seem like so much, even including other affiliates, youth, etc.


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Oh, I didn't know that. But I did get what I think is the delegate's package, and I haven't even been in touch with my riding association. I'll make an inquiry here and see what's up. Maybe they expect me to attend after all the hassle I gave them about not getting my Membership card - which eventually I did get in the mail.  I'd love to meet my NDP MP (Genest-Jourdain) - we've emailed a couple of times.



As I understand it, anyone who is a member can show up. A leadership convention ain't delegated. You still have to pay the entrance fee, though.

Sine Ziegler

Non delegated, I just registered. It's $300 until jan 31st and $350 after. $500 for observer. Not sure about youth and underemployed. Sorising inch can help subsidize. 


As for CPAC viewing parties, that's what I would be doing if I weren't going. You might even have a better idea of what is going on from TV. 

Sine Ziegler

Autocorrect damn you!


Riding associations might help subsidize.


Seeing as Peggy Nash's BC team includes a significant contingent of gorgeous friendly gay men, I might opt to see if they are having a viewing party. :)

(too bad that most of them aren't single!)