Who should replace Jack Layton?

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Just thought I'd add that I watched Layton on both Power Play and Politics yesterday (both still availabe online), and thought he was very good on both, but particularly excellent on the latter (although Don Newman also gave him a very favourable interview, which helped).  Very grounded, and telling some very moving stories about what he'd heard over the last two weeks.

There's a big flurry of activity from the caucus so far this week, which bodes well.


I thought he did well on Politics as well, and it was good that he jumped on Newman in regard to the comment that "if you pay into EI it will cover you".  Made me wonder though, should abolishing the two week waiting period not play second fiddle to changing the qualification requirements.  Layton seemed more concerned with the waiting period, and the generosity of the program once people qualified, than he did with whether they qualified (though he did mention the impact of different hour requirements depending on where you live).


Sometimes it's just the way the interview unfolds.  I heard him talk about both with Tom Clark.


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