Who won the debates!

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Who won the debates!

So who do you think won the election? What were favourite moments? Were there any major blunders? How did the various party leaders do? Here is my option, harper stayed steadifast to his guns, but came off as dishonest. The wierdest thing of the night was how left wing Harper came off as. I mean I can see trying to get the centralist votes but there were moments were I was wondering if he was running to be the leader of the ndp. Watch Jack Harper is after your job! Biarro world here we come. I expect some of his more extreme rightwing members of his voters will stay home after his performence. Gilles did okay slamming Harper, but there was a wierd moment were Gilles came off as to the right of Harper during the part about multiculturalism. Watching that exchange was strange to say the least with Harper defending multiculturalism and Gilles attacking it. Weird. Also Gilles pressed Jack hard on the language issue, but Jack held out okay. Still Gilles spent his ace prematurely and I don't think it panned out. Iggy presence was good, but he failed to connvince me of sincerity. In the altercations between Jack and Iggy Iggy didn't do well at all. Against Harper he did better. His aguements on Afganistan were epic failure as was his attempt at defending ethics and democracy. It was funny when Iggy complimented Jack on his Leadership and abilities. Ah okay can Jack use you for a reference Iggy. Saving the best for last. First of all with Jacks energy hopefully the spector of his health issues have been laid to rest. Secondly he did well against Harper on the issues, he succeeded in pointing out Iggy's. I laughed when said Bling, was baffled though when he said hashtail what the heck is a hashtail? Aside from that a very solid preformance. I loved how he brought up important issues that very one else ignored such as natives, the enviroment( though Harper tried to fake it), etc... Kind of enjoyed the "dude you changed man..." vibe to some of his attacks on Harper. Biggest wins were on democracy, Forgiegn affairs, and Heathcare. Did excellent on the issue of taxes and crime as well. The issue of bill 101 he struggled with at first but manage to keep Gilles trapped from working, so that is a victory of sorts. Best line of the night "If you don't go to work, you don't get a promotion" that exchange was iggy's biggest failure of the night, where he flipped out. Followed by the Afgistan exchange. Oh and on the coalition question epic fail as well. What do guys think?

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