A whole new game: the NPD (Quebec NDP) and its new MPs

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This is what's called trying to save the furniture. The BQ is frantically trying to hold onto core nationalist seats in the east end of Montreal from the orange tide...but seriously - what good is it going to do to drudge up an old dinosaur like parizeau???


About as much good as Chretien and Martin have done for the Liberals in the Outaouais this campaign. In Hull, shades of '76, only this time the paintbrush is of a different, more radiant colour.


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Duceppe deploys Parizeau.

Why that idiot? How will deploying the Grand Dragon of the Quebec Klux Klan

That's way over the top

Parizeau or the comment? Still I do not believe that this will get Gilles votes. Parizeau is an emmbarrassment to the Bloc.

He's an embarrassment, but comparing him to the KKK is over the top


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