Who's afraid of an election?

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Jack Plays with Fire...And We May All End Up Getting Burned


"...the price for the NDP of thwarting a fall election opportunity, as Layton currently threatens, could be a political stain that never fades among a large core group of the country's most politically active progressives...Perhaps the NDP will lose a seat here or there in a new election, but something larger is at stake.."


oh Alice Klein - NOW - reknown for bashing the NDP since Martin lost the election - co-creator for votefortheenvironment.com [with another liberal from BC]. The favour of last election was the environment - now they will need to change that cover to votefortarsands.com



so let's pick apart Alice down the rabbit hole pretend opinion piece because she really cares about the federal NDP -

"This country urgently needs an election, and despite the pundits who say Canadians don’t want one, there is a truly mammoth base of non-Tories who are in fact anxious to head to the polls before the winter."

REALLY - did Alice do a poll and got something different?

Looking at the latest EKOS poll, EKOS prez Frank Graves writes, “Interestingly, there is a substantial number of Canadians – perhaps on the order of 10 million of them – who favour an early election notwithstanding the fact that it may not change much.”

“Not surprisingly,” he goes on, “most of them support one of the opposition parties.”

Graves is a Liberal pollster and is alined as such.

Alice goes on about the environment but picking liberals is never going to get to her dream of environmental sustainability - not with Iggy being all goo-goo eyed with the tarsands.


Yes elections every 6 months!

Plenty of money for that!


i nominate Alice Klein for the "tedious bore of the year" award!


George Victor wrote:

And, to completely clear up any confusion, Reefer, the "bastards" are the Cons who buy their tacticians in the U.S. and "play" the electorate, the Great Unread, one against the other.

Didn't I read on babble about some sort of NDP convention with US Democratic Party strategists etc?


hi Heywood, I really miss your tag - our resident con. I must admit I do like how you post - never rude and always ironic - NDP convention with US Dem.... good one.


Why thank you Jan. It took me a second to make sure that I wasn't dreaming or something.



I don't miss the old tag though.....it was a different babble.


Long thread - continue in a new one. :)  (If you want to talk specifically about the EI reform aspect, there's a thread in Labour and Consumption on that.)


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