Why No Dentalcare for Canada?

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Why No Dentalcare for Canada?

All this talk about Pharmacare is great, but why does there appear to be a dearth of energy surrounding support for Government run dentistry?

I wonder what location / meeting room at Canada Place one can go to tomorrow to get information on nationalizing dentists



Québec solidaire is pushing for dentalcare here. Bravo! http://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/politique/politique-quebecoise/201803/...

This is the only article I've found in English, but strange English "miners" instead of "minors"... https://sivertimes.com/quebec-solidaire-promises-to-establish-a-dental-i...




lagatta4 wrote:
This is the only article I've found in English, but strange English "miners" instead of "minors"... https://sivertimes.com/quebec-solidaire-promises-to-establish-a-dental-i...

LOLLL!!! The article is a poor Google Translate of this article from the JdM. Every single sentence is a hilarious caricature of English. The funniest one is the name of the author - Pascal Dugas Bourdon - which Google thought was worth "translating" into: "Pascal Dugas Drone". This is great, it made my day!!

Here's a 2008 article in (real) English which shows that QS has been pursuing public dental care for many years:

For example, abolition of user fees in municipal transit; more subways and tramways; an end to public-private partnerships; 100% tax on capital gains; improved social assistance to cover all essential needs; protection for self-employed workers; abolition of Charest’s antilabour legislation and greater access to unionization including for farm workers; creation of a government-owned drug company (Pharma-Québec); expanded health insurance to include dental care; free university education and strengthening of the public secular education system; greater access to legal aid; affirmative action for women, immigrants and ethnic minorities; and stronger protection of the French language as “the common language of Quebec”. And much more.


There is a petition to sign at the QS site - no, you don't have to be a "QS supporter" - I had linked to it, but on my computer it showed my personal info, so deleted it, being a tad parano. Perhaps someone good add the link BEFORE signing, if you should decide to.

But the current proposals are far more concrete.  Remember that back when the PQ had some more progressive social policies, they introduced dental care for children (I believe that it covered teens as well as  young children).

Note the "public secular education system" - there are so many accusations that Qs is in the pocket of Islamic fundamentalists or other obscure foreign elements.

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I'm not certain about this, so take it with a grain of salt, but I think the divide was at least in part because historically, while dentists can use the designation "Doctor", they've never really been affiliated with the rest of the medical profession (i.e. they don't go to "med school", they don't complete residencies in hospitals or work in them, they have their own governing bodies, etc.).  Similarly, optometrists.

At least in Ontario, if you have tooth surgery in a hospital, it's typically covered, and if you have eye surgery in a hospital, it's typically covered.

That's only my shot at "why are teeth considered separate from the rest of us from a health care coverage POV?".  Doesn't mean we couldn't cover dental care TOO, or eye exams TOO.