Wikileaks nails the TPP

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Wikileaks nails the TPP

I have watched and read a lot of material on the TPP and this Wikileaks Utube video nails it:

This is a Government of Canada Email address where you can send personal feedback on the TPP:

This is my Leadnow petition please sign on and share with your friends

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Sigmed! Well Pondering, Debater, Magoo, are you going to join us and post here that you did? Or is your anti TPP sentiment just talk. Yeah, I"m calling the three of you out.


CPTPP: Harper's Trade Deal With a New Name

"Nobel Prize economist Joseph Stiglitz called it 'the worst trade deal ever.' The TPP - and now the CPTPP - was negotiated completely in secret without proper review or true public debate. Like most trade deals, the CPTPP will [only] benefit corporations and the richest 1%. The Council of Canadians is calling on the MPs and the Senate to stop the ratification of the CPTPP."

Let's be honest for a change. What ordinary Canadians think means nothing unless they actually do something. Which they won't. We will get whatever our elites decide.