Would there be any possible way...

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Would there be any possible way...

...for the federal Conservatives to be secretly helping fund the Ontario wing of the federal Liberals?

If so, how difficult would it be for them to conceal such assistance?

After all, it's in Harper's interest for the Ontario federal Liberals to remain competitive going into the next election.

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They could simply ask thier rich masters to toss money the Liberals way, they don't have to dip into thier own pile of bribes...er I mean completely legal donations. I don't see it happen though, Harper hates the Liberals and doesn't want return to having them as the government in waiting, because in his foolishness he believes the Tories can beat the NDP on competing idealogies. He's wrong.

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What I was thinking, though, is that, at this point, the Cons are only able to be close to the NDP in the national polls because of their lead in Ontario, a lead they only hold because the Liberals have not have not fallen as far there as they have everywhere else.  Given that, I can see the Harpercrites coming to the conclusion that they might need to give the Ontario federal Liberals a bit of financial life support.