"Cheers drown out jeers for anglo bands at Montreal Fête nationale concert"

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"Cheers drown out jeers for anglo bands at Montreal Fête nationale concert"


Though a handful of protesters attempted to drown out anglophone bands Lake of Stew and Bloodshot Bill playing in Montreal Tuesday night, the musicians won the night by soldiering on with the support of the crowd.

Under the watchful eye of police, the two bands took part in the L'Autre St. Jean concert in Rosemont Tuesday, on the eve of Quebec's St-Jean-Baptiste Day or Fête nationale.

Their presence on the bill had sparked a storm of controversy after some Fête nationale organizers said it was inappropriate for anglophones to play for the Quebec holiday ...

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 ~ yawn ~

Max Bialystock

Why is this bigotry tolerated here?  Since when are "Westmount Rhodesians" an oppressed group?


For starters, since when are all anglos WRs? Even some of the PQ and the other usual suspects, frown on that nowadays.

Talk about bigotry.


A few idiots booed, everyone else cheered. Yay everyone! Not such a big story, though.


Much bigger than it appears. There are formal, recorded links between mainstream sovereignists (including Amir Khadir) and these Jeunes patriotes du Quebec (JPQ) thugs:

"The Friends of Pauline" (Marois)


... On May 22 and June 5, the JPQ sent subscribers to its e-mailing list messages thanking a total of 12 sovereignist legislators by name for making unspecified donations to it.

The first message said the donations helped the JPQ hold a street march and an open-air concert in Montreal on the holiday now officially known in Quebec as la Journée nationale des Patriotes on May 18.

The legislators named included [Pauline] Marois and seven other PQ MNAs, three Bloc MPs and Québec solidaire MNA Amir Khadir ...

Khadir confirmed through a spokesman that he gave the JPQ $100, since the march passed through his midtown riding of Mercier ...

So how does Khadir have the gall to make statements like:

« Le Québec est trop grand, trop généreux pour céder à la mesquinerie et à un nationalisme refermé sur lui-même », de renchérir le député de Mercier Amir Khadir.

martin dufresne

Todd, I feel for you. It must be a huge job jotting down all this evidence of Quebecois fascist terrorism. And I realize your job would be easier if Khadir hadn't been critical of blindered nationalism. Now you are faced with a mixed message... ouch! Yet I know you can survive it.



The separatist mafia has invadedand and taken over babble and is censoring other viewposts. Typical of the extreme Quebec  leftwing loonies in Canada. No real news of what's truly happening in Quebec allowed except for the "poor Quebec separatist victims" song and dance.  Never has the "politics of Quebec victimhood" proved to be so profitiable  for so long. Keeping Quebec crippled and reminded of their "humiliation by les anglos" reaps much political benefits for the  separatist propaganda machine doncha know.


Don't bother responding, folks.  The separatist mafia has gotten to the moderators and I've tossed him.

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I was hoping he'd tell us "what's truly happening in Quebec".  Apparently, he's the only one who knows.  Now none of us will EVER find out.  How sad.


You'll never find out the truth now that the separatist mafia has invaded and captured bable/rabble site here. The extreme English leftwing loonies are a dumb and gulible bunch believing point blank whatever the hateful separatist posters tell them and taking it as fact. Yes you shall get your news from these separatsist types and only from them. The separatists bible tells me so.

Thankfully Canadians can see that Jack Layton will be corrupted as well by these narcissistic and self interested separatist types as well and do not trust Jack Layton to give away Canada and her riches to these mostly lazy separatist types. It's not a nice thing to say but yes they are a lazy bunch who want the English  to pay all their bills by constantly whining and complaining and threatening to separate. Who will pay all of Quebec's bills if not the hard working English tax payers  huh lazy?? The truth is ugly bitches get used to it.

Iggy is also a separatist sympathizer so he won't get elected either. Hard working Canadians deserve to not have their money thrown away at the black hole that is Quebec debt/deficit finance. Maybe these Quebec separatists  need to start working honestly for a change instead of depending on English Canada's infusion of money all the time. Get a job and yes your dicks will rise. Do you have no pride in taking money from people you obviously hate all the time. Your self esteem must be like a shrunken prune (much like your dicks).


God Bless Canada (especially all you separatist Canada haters!!!!)

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Hey look a username that fits with the comment.  I love irony in the evening. :)

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Isn't distinclystupid the poster who was just distinctly BANNED upthread?  Has he now been redistinctly rebanned?

martin dufresne

Maybe it is this thread that should be retired, not just the trolls that surface now and then to exploit a convenient Angryphone title?


Not as angry as the French language extremists who are scaring all the tourists in downtown Montreal by refusing to speaking the humiliating English to them. Who cares if Quebec loses English tourists the Federal governments will never let Quebec starve you will always get more money whether you deserve it or not. While the Native Indian population starves and suffers fat Quebec will always be well fed even if they self sabotage themselves.


Being distict has distinct priviledges.. Native Indians be damned. Quebec is more important than you natives.

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As if any Tory ever gave a damn about...er, did you actually say "Native Indians"?...(in the U.S. in the Sixties, you would probably have said you blamed "communists" for the lack of civil rights for "colored people".)