"Is Rawdon the anti-Hérouxville?"

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"Is Rawdon the anti-Hérouxville?"


[Community efforts] earned the town the 2007 Ovation award from the Union of Quebec Municipalities for intercultural relations. But they don't fully explain the town's ongoing success in attracting people from all around the world ,,,

As for the municipality, it's beginning to export its expertise in integration. The nearby town of Berthierville has asked for help to increase its immigrant population, Major says, while companies in Mascouche that have recruited workers from outside the country want advice on how to help them integrate beyond the workplace ...

Rare generosity, perhaps, but Rawdonites say it's commonplace in their town, where established families regularly take newcomers under their wing, either through the municipality or on their own ...


martin dufresne

I find it interesting that the mainstream media - most notably the populist Journal de Montréal - rushed to make Hérouxville a symbol of French Quebecers telling Muslims "We won't take it anymore" at a time there was a good chance that the right-wing ADQ would gather steam and take power. In counterpart, the élitist Radio-Canada, after equivocating for a bit, used Hérouxville to caricature that reaction. Yet both concurred to make it emblematic of rural Quebec, each for his own reasons.

Rawdon's policies and success, however, never really made the news.


Nice article, Todd - thanks.