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We are Slaves - Soon to react



Speculate/protest/demand freedom all you want, our masters WILL NOT AGREE until they are forced to.

The "rule of law" is a precisely defined law. It is the highest law of mankind, stated below:

“the suppression of forceful and fraudulent methods of goal seeking”

“all are treated equally by the law”. This means ALL, including king and judges

“absolute property rights”

This in turn is based on the fact that human behavior (the topic of law) is about goal seeking. In the seeking of any goal, there are only three possible methods: force, fraud and honest trade. Any transaction that is not an honest, mutually agreed trade will cause a self-defensive response (conflict) from the victim whose survival has been affected.

"The Rule of Law" is the glue that keeps all of mankind acting together in common interest, tied together by mutual dependence of trade, on an evolutionary path to excellence. Force and fraud creates conflict and destroys civilizations. Mankind is now on a devolutionary path to extinction because the co-operation once forced by "the rule of law" has been replaced by legitimizing force and fraud for those who incorrectly believe they wield power.

Rule of Law, Defined: [url=http://www.nazisociopaths.org/modules/article/view.article.php/c1/34]htt...

Purpose of, Reasons For: [url=http://www.nazisociopaths.org/modules/article/view.article.php/36]http:/...

Mathematics of Rule (explains current economic stall):

A real world application:

Bill Ross
(Electronics Design Engineer)


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Ex-wife now alleges that husband is abusive, has made rape threats and poor little helpless her is terrified and in need of judicial assistance. Now alleges that husband is unfit parent and a harsh disciplinarian of daughters. Provides hearsay police and security reports regurgitating her allegations, with ZERO involvement of husband. Provides affidavits from acquaintances with no insight. Provides affidavit from her mother who still advises maximal involvement of husband in children's lives. Has no affidavits from close friends, since she has none. Provides medical report from Dr. Selwyn Smith alleging husband is a mortal threat to ex-wife and daughters and that ex-wife is excellent mother, with ZERO alcohol problems, all based on ex-wife's word only. Ex-wife's arguments are confused, contradictory and emotional. Her position appears to be an attempt to give the impression that husband is a very dangerous perpetrator indeed, a hazard to all civilized people, and should be preemptively smited by the court before he goes postal , just like Iraq. Predatory Algorithm: demonize, socially isolate, move in for the kill, feed from the carcass.

Hmmmm.....sneaky way of getting this in.....

Could the moderators please shut this thread down. The links are filled with garbage disguised as science.

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martin dufresne

I concur. Abhorrent wife-hating drivel from the "men's rights" folks.

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