45th President of the United States of America

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Doug Woodard

Trump's shambolic Presidential transition:


It's so consistent with the rest of the story. I wonder if it will have any effect on his voters.


none. his supporters up here are just the same as there. they think governments should operate on 60 million a year and the rest should be privatized into their pockets even though they operate at a grade3 level of knowledge



The Real Trump Truth At the UN (and vid)


Nicely done!


The Enemy of Humanity Will Never, Ever Look Like This Again


"The sitting president looks an awful lot like a fairly conventional Republican scumbag with about as many differences from Obama as Obama had from Bush.  Trump's election did not represent the arrival of a new Hitler-like monster, the monster was already here. The call is coming from inside the house. The monster who looks like a monster is always less dangerous than the monster who looks like a nice guy..."