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FBI Sent Investigator Posing as Assistant to Meet With Trump Aide in 2016

"This story is so fucking insane on so many levels. But once reasonable people have no problem with America's secret police infiltrating a political campaign and are happy to normalize this, because Trump eats centrist-liberal brains."


The Full Story of Trump’s Russia Ties Will Come Out—But It’ll Take Time


Convergence Is Worse Than Collusion

Trump and Putin share many more goals than just Trump’s election.

AUG 13, 2018


StephenCohen: Mueller's Own Mysteries

"...As reflected in the text and footnotes, Mueller relies heavily on reports by US intelligence agencies, but without treating the recorded misdeeds of those agencies, particularly the CIA under John Brennan in promoting the Russiagate saga. He also relies heavily on contemporary media accounts of Russiagate as it unfolded, but without taking into account their journalistic malpractices, as abundantly documented by Matt Taibbi, who equates the malpractice with news reports leading up to the US invasion of Iraq.

So much for all the shameful Russiagate allegations of Trump-Putin collusion, conspiracy, even treason. Surely it means the US needs another, different investigation, one into the actual origins and meaning of this fraudulent, corrosive, exceedingly dangerous and still unending American political scandal."


"This tweet and so much else, illustrates why Dems are panicking over Bill Barr. Now that the Mueller festival has collapsed, investigative and media attention is turning to how this conspiracy theory started, who did it, and whether CIA/FBI/NSA powers were politicized and abused."

And so we now move into the most important questions of all. Investigating the investigation will prove much more productive of the mythical 'collusion' though of a distinctly domestic kind. Count on it.


America in Denial: Dr Gabor Mate on the Psychology of Russiagate (and vid)

"...It wasn't that they just wanted to know the truth. They actually wanted the truth to look a certain way. It's much more comforting to believe that some foreign enemy is doing this to us than to look at what this says about us as a society. There was a massive denial..."


CraigMurray: The Real Muellergate Scandal

"Robert Mueller is either a fool or deeply corrupt. I do not think he is a fool..."


Mike Whitney: 'Judgment Day For John Brennan'

"Sometime in the next 4 weeks, the Justice Department's inspector general will release an internal review that will reveal the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation. Among other matters, the IG's report is expected to determine 'whether there was sufficient justification under existing guidelines for the FBI to have started an investigation in the first place.'

Critics of the Trump-collusion probe believe that there was never probable cause that a crime had been committed, therefore, there was no legal basis for launching the investigation. The findings of the Mueller report - that there was no cooperation or collusion between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign - seem to underscore this broader point and suggest that the fictitious Trump-Russia connection was merely a pretext for spying on the campaign of a Beltway outsider whose political views clashed with those of the foreign policy establishment.

In any event, the upcoming release of the Horowitz report will formally end the first phase of the long-running Russiagate scandal and mark the beginning  of Phase 2, in which high profile officials from the previous administration face criminal prosecution for their role in what looks to be a botched attempt at a coup d'etat..."


Michael Moriarity Michael Moriarity's picture

Republican Congressman Justin Amash says that after reading the full, redacted Mueller report, he is convinced that Trump committed obstruction of justice, and must be impeached. Story at Quartz.


He has more guts and integrity than the entire Democratic House leadership.


Cohen: Russiagate Zealotry Continues to Endanger American National Security (and vid)

"Now in its third year, Russiagate is the worst, most corrosive and most fraudulent political scandal in modern American history. And they have enticed mainstream media into one of the worst episodes of journalistic malpractice in modern times..."


Russia’s “attack” on the U.S electoral system in 2016 was “sophisticated,” “concerted” and “systematic.” Any effort to impede the investigation into a matter of that “paramount importance” struck “at the core of the government’s effort to find the truth and hold wrongdoers accountable.”

“As set forth in our report, after that investigation, if we had confidence that the President clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said that,” Mueller said.


Russiagate, Like Count Dracula, Will Never End

"Russiagate, like Count Dracula, will never end because new political blood will be fed to this vampire...The Russiagate fable-fraud has become a kind of theocratic cult, and it has millions and millions of self-inflicted and unwilling followers. Democratic elites are still roaming the streets of Washington and the Halls of Congress in search of fresh blood..."