Merkel Gov't in Germany is collapsing

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Merkel Gov't in Germany is collapsing

Amazing, as long as she was in a grand coalition with the SPD she was quite popular - then her wish came true and she got her "bumblebee" coalition with another rightwing party - the FDP and in just 8 months she has crashed and burned and is now the most unpopular chancellor in recent memory and polls show the left ahead by 15 points!


Got to feel some schadenfreude at this development, especially given the crowing in the right-wing press at her election.  Looks like the Germans haven't turned their backs on social democracy after all.


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Got to feel some schadenfreude at this development....



Jacob Richter

The only party worth considering there is Die Linke, along with its gains resulting from the Israel debacle.


[url=Merkel">'s Coalition in Turmoil as Deputy Gives Up FDP Post[/url]

[url=]Spooks with shady pasts[/url] Germany's foreign intelligence service is looking into its past-and turning up Nazis

Could be embarrassing for Merkel, another political conservative elected on promises to bring about transparency and accountability in government.