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Now Barcelona!

Rajoy Threatens To Deploy Army Inside Spain After Barcelona Attack

"Well before the facts of Thursday's horrific attack in Barcelona are clearly established, Spain's right-wing Popular Party (PP) government is pressing to deploy the army inside the country. This would be the first time that the army was deployed inside Spain since the country was ruled by the fascist regime of Francisco Franco, which took power via a 1936 military rebellion and a bloody three-year civil war.

The deployment of the army in Spain would not be aimed at preventing future attacks like the latest atrocity in Barcelona. Rather, the PP aims to impose martial law and shift political life in Spain far to the right..."

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Barcelona: Nearly 500K march for Peace, against Islamophobia

Marchers, on Saturday, displayed signs and banners with various slogans. Some read, “No to Islamophobia,” “The best response: Peace,” and “I’m not afraid.”

Almost half a million people have taken to the streets in the Spanish city of Barcelona to condemn violence following recent terrorist attacks in Spain.

Emergency workers, police officers, firefighters and city officials took to the streets of Spain to promote a message of peace.

Police, in city capital Barcelona, estimates that nearly 500,000 people participated in a march against terrorism on Saturday.