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Suicide Bombing Kills At Least 17 In Russia's Volgograd (and vid)

"Follow RT's Live Updates on the blast"


Volgograd Bombings: Who's Behind the Terrorist Attacks in Russia?

"Last summer in a meeting with Vladimir Putin, Prince Bandar bin Sultan directly threatened Russia with terrorist attacks to persuade the Russian President to withold support from Assad's regime.

Bandar told Putin, 'I can give you a guarantee to protect the Winter Olympics, in the city of Sochi on the Black Sea next year. The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the games are handled by us..."

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The CBC and other "Western" media outlets have plenty on Russia leading up to the Olympic Games in Sochi.


It must be difficult to combine the continuing stream of Russophobic propaganda with the practical determination to see corporations make buckets of money out of these Olympics. And don't forget that flag-waving induced Nationalistic Zombie-hood is sine qua non for the Olympics. Such a great distraction from the shocking social and political problems of today.

About myself, let me just say that I'm a fan of Russian culture, all the way back to to Igor's Host and Pushkin. One of my fave political writers is Georgi V. Plekhanov, the "father" of Russian Marxism, who used the pseudonym N.Beltov. Anyway, enough about me.

I follow a retired diplomat, Patrick Armstrong, who has a blog/website called Russia: Other Points of View. Armstrong is by no means on the political left (well, he's left of the neo-cons, but who, other than fascists, isn't?). He is, however, a much needed breath of fresh air to evaluation some of the many bogus, often self-contradictory, claims made about Russia in the Anglosphere corporate media. (I think this is a useful term for English-language media from US, Canada, and the UK ... it seems to have lots in common with each other and missing key ingredients of good media found elsewhere such as with al-jazeera, RT, and so on)


Anyway, here is one point of interest I got from Armstrong. Remember those claims that Livinenko was killed by the FSB or some such Russian government assassination? And the use of polonium as the murder weapon?

Turns out it was a crock of bullshit. William Dunkerly has an article. Here is the essence ...


Wm Dunkerly wrote:
Finally we've won the battle with the High Court Judge who serves as coroner in the Litvinenko case. He had been searching for Russian state culpability in the death. It was a pursuit that had been instigated by Berezovsky in the fall of 2011 as part of his effort to destabilize Russia. I've been doing my part to put an end to that witch-hunt through the articles I've published online and reports I've provided to British officials. Now the coroner has surrendered. He's officially removed the search for a Russian culprit from the scope of the inquest.

The full article is over here.

Armstrong has a few words on the terror attacks and what he thinks will happen leading up to the Sochi Olympics ...

Patrick Armstrong wrote:
Jihadism. Much activity lately in addition to the two suicide attacks in Volgograd. A group arrested in Tatarstan on suspicion of attacks on churches in Tatarstan. Several gunfights in the North Caucasus. Bombs in Pyatigorsk and Dagestan. Three planning an attack killed in the Kabardin-Balkar Republic. Connected I suppose with the Sochi Olympics – among the “Lands of the Jihad”, much effort is put into getting publicity in order to raise money. My deduction would be that a direct attack on the Olympics is unlikely because it is a defended target: a train station – or, really, anything else – is much easier and gets the publicity.


Oh yeah. In the category of "things you won't hear about" (in Canadian corporate media) ...

 The government submitted a draft law to the Duma to give convicts with HIV equal rights with other prisoners.

Doesn't quite jive with the idea of a homophobic Putin dictatorship, does it?


Sochi Olympics Security Concerns Rekindled After Islamic Militant Threat (and vid)

"In the video, two Russian speaking men warned President Vladimir Putin that 'if you hold these Olympics, we will give you a present for the innocent Muslim blood being spilled all around the world: In Afghanistan, in Somalia, in Syria.'

They added that 'for the tourists who come, there will be a present too.' In a statement posted with the video on its website, the militant group Vilayat Dagestan claimed responsibility for the Volgograd bombings."


Volgograd and the Conquest of Eurasia: Has the House of Saud Seen Its Stalingrad?  -  by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

"...In addition to the terrorist bombings in Lebanon and the attack on the Russian Embassy in Damascus, Russia has also been attacked. Since the Syrian conflict intensified, there has been a flurry of tensions in Russia's North Caucasus and a breakout of terrorist attacks. Russian Muslim clerics, known for their views on co-existence between Russia's Chechen and Muslim communities and anti-separatist views have been murdered.

The bombings in Volgograd are just the most recent cases and an expansion into the Volga of what is happening in the North Caucasus, but they come disturbingly close to the start of the Winter Olympics that Prince Bandar was saying would be 'protected' if Moscow betrayed Syria.

It is widely believed that you will find the US and Israel pulling a lot of strings if you look behind the dealings of the House of Saud..."


Taylor Report: Mahdi Nazemroaya on Saudi role in Mid-East, conflict with Putin (audio)


Russian Federation Sitrep  -  by Patrick Armstrong

"Sochi. The anti-Sochi campaign is in full swing..."



Global Blitzkrieg: West's Terror Battalions Eye Russia Next (2012)   -  by Tony Cartalucci

"US is attempting to undermine and overrun the Russian political order."


New Cold War? (and vid)

"Are we witnessing a New Cold War, pitting the West against Russia? CrossTalking with Eric Draitser, Mark Almond and Steven Cohen."


The Attacks on the Sochi Games

"...This widespread campaign leaves one no choice but to believe without a shadow of a doubt that what we have here is a deliberately fabricated, orchestrated and organized campaign to target Russia and its president. Why is this?

If athletic competitions in Israel were being written about in this manner we would conclude that the instigators of the campaign were vile anti-semites.

This machine moves in when its owners want something from their victims..."



The Olympic Games were quite successful, and in particular for Russia, who resoundly won the medal count, in gold, in silver, and in total as well. 

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That counterpunch article was an excellent read. Thanks NDPP. And congrats to Sochi and Russia for hosting the games and exceeding all expectations.


glad you liked it ll...


The White House Doesn't Know What Vladimir Putin Is Up To

And that means the administration is being pretty careful about making any policy promises in public.

Russian President Vladimir Putin(Harry Engels/Getty Images)


Why Putin Isn’t Scared by $115 Billion of Debt: Russia Credit

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Wow, just like the USA! 

Vladimir Putin Wants His Own Internet

What’s behind the push for Internet sovereignty.


Harper needs to tone down his rhetoric against Russia as his outrageous outbursts are sure to encourage Putin to come back and bite Canada in the ass in the Arctic.



Rosneft President and Chairman of the Managing Board Igor Sechin is 2nd most powerful person in Russia today.


Putin's oil tsar emerged from shadows to wield vast power

Doug Woodard

A CBC program on Putin's past Friday evening, CBC TV 9 PM:  

It might also be interesting to students of the Ukraine.



Media placeholder


Putin's Long Shadow.

He casts a long shadow over globe. Russian leader Vladimir Putin has outlasted three American presidents and is on track to stay in power until 2024. His incursions in Georgia, the Crimea and Ukraine have rattled the West, while his crackdowns inside Russia have riled his democratic opponents.

But a joint investigation by the fifth estate and PBS’ Frontline reveals an even darker side to one of the most powerful leaders in the world: Allegations of criminal activity dating as far back as his early days as a top official in St. Petersburg; ties to organized crime and money-laundering activities; and a secret personal fortune said to be in the billions.

“Putin’s Long Shadow” also raises disturbing questions about the role the Russian security services played in four apartment building bombings in Moscow and other cities in 1999 that killed nearly 300 people – a tragedy Putin blamed on terrorists and used to cement his power.

Host Gillian Findlay talks to a senior police officer who tried to arrest Putin on corruption charges; an investigator who was jailed for asking too many questions about the apartment bombings; and Russian businessmen who detail the levels of corruption and collusion.

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Like this is news?

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The silence is deafening! 

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They should do what we do in Canada: challenge the law based on its constitutionality. They probably need an actual case to proceed, and then they could go to the Russian Constitutional Court. Is there such a case? I wonder. Or is it just all mostly for show, like politicians in our own country do?

BBC wrote:
The Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights called the new law "discriminatory". It said it would demand clarifications from the Russian Constitutional Court and seek support from international human rights organisations.

But the Professional Drivers Union supported the move. "We have too many deaths on the road, and I believe toughening medical requirements for applicants is fully justified," said the union's head Alexander Kotov.

So it's divisive. Here in Canada we have other sorts of issues: older people who are a danger to others are allowed to continue to drive even after they kill people. Ownership of property trumps common sense.

Mind you, the following seems like a no-brainer ...

BBC wrote:
Valery Evtushenko at the Russian Psychiatric Association voiced concern about the driving restrictions, speaking to the BBC Russian Service. He said some people would avoid seeking psychiatric help, fearing a driving ban.

Right now it's politically beneficial to crap on anything the Western countries make noise about. Anything. Russians have a real and genuine contempt for the West, and plenty of public figures openly express the idea of turning their back on Western countries for their support of the ethnic cleansing of eastern Ukraine, the two-faced sanctions, etc., etc..

BBC - no mental disorders allowed for drivers in Russia



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I mentioned a real and genuine contempt for the West by Russia. Here is just one reason why.

Russia President Not Welcome at Auschwitz Liberation Anniversary

70 years ago, Soviet and Russian troops liberated the Nazi extermination camp at Auschwitz. It seems that, due to a diplomatic row, and the intransigence of the organizers, the current President of the country whose soldiers liberated the camp is not welcome at the commemorative event.

The standard practice for an event such as this would be for the host country to send out formal invitations.

However, specifically to avoid having to send a formal invitation to Russia president Poland did not send out invitations to anyone.

Instead she sent out mere notifications that event is going to take place.

After asking for a clarification whether it is invited or not Russia correctly concluded it is not welcome by the host country.

Thus the 70th Anniversary of the liberation of Aushwitz will be taking place without the head of state that can best represent the troops that liberated it.


Un-fricking believable. No wonder Russians are outraged.

I wonder if the neo-Nazi, Ukrainian PM Yatseniuk will be invited?



"The victory over Nazism depended on the collective engagement of many countries, the allies in the West but also the Soviet army," said a senior source in the European Jewish community, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

"For politics to interfere to exclude one country or another is a tragic shame to the memory of the Holocaust."



Apparently, the memory of the Holocaust is less important that defecating in Russian faces.

Very wise.


Doug Woodard
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swallow wrote:

[url= bans driving while transsexual[/url]

Oh look! It's all a stinking Western lie - AGAIN!

Heard the story about how transexuals and transvestites were being banned from driving in Russia? 

The story was all over the Western media.

The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Independent, Time, Deutsche Welle...

It was untrue.  

By now our readers should not be surprised. The media in the West is full of such stories about Russia.

Russia Has Not Banned Transvestites and Transexuals from Driving


The Russian Health Ministry weighed in on the matter, noting that just because someone has a "sexual disorder" does not mean that they will be banned from driving. They make mention of psychotropic drugs that some people take which alter their reaction times.

Oleg Salagai, Russian Health Ministry wrote:
"The varying severity of mental disorders among patients — as well as their need for psychotropic drugs that significantly alter their reactions — make it impossible for [certain people] to drive," he was cited as saying.

It looks like the law that was passed makes reference to some World Health Organization classification of health problems, such as "personality and behavioral disorders" and it is this reference that the Russian legislation is being criticized for.

In other words, no transvestite or transsexual person was prohibited in Russia from driving. But you would never know this from the headlines in The Independent, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Time Magazine, Deutsche Welle, ...

I wonder if those papers, or the babblers that unthinkingly regurgitate their false headlines [together with noisy shouts of "The silence is deafening!], will issue a retraction?

Probably not. Because... those Rooooooooooooooooooooooooskies are to blame!

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Today we start publishing a series of essays on the Russian history produced by the French political and financial analyst Julien Paolantoni. Originally published by the Global Research two years ago, this piece may acquire a new reading now  when the whole world got inspired or indignated (not indifferent anyway) by the Russian policy in Crimea, Ukraine or elsewhere. What these chapters present is not merely a millenium-long history of Russia, but the whole Russian civilization in its plentitud and socio-cultural connections. We believe it is important to renew this publication on a Russia-affiliated source after careful perusal by a Russian historian. These essays,  abundantly and exclusively furnished with the links to relevant sources and visual material, may serve as an entry gate to the magnificent palace of the Russian civilization for every interested individual.

Each part deals with the political, economic and intellectual context of a specific time frame.

The Roots of Russia, etc.

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ikosmos wrote:
I wonder if those papers, or the babblers that unthinkingly regurgitate their false headlines [together with noisy shouts of "The silence is deafening!], will issue a retraction?

Probably not. Because... those Rooooooooooooooooooooooooskies are to blame!

You don't recognize "the silence is deafening," in all bold, as your own posting style echoed back to you? Ah well.

By the way, has abyone on babble has ever used the word "Rooskies" other than yourself? 

Anyways, thanks for the update from Moscow, good to hear. 

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We all make mistakes but really, given the amount of stuff posted on the Russophobia thread (for example) , I would think that babblers such as yourself would be less credulous about endless reports painting Russia, and its President, in the worst possible light.

There are few political consequences for this stuff for political figures in our own country, no matter how ridiculous. Harper and his cabal of zealots have quite a bit in common with those who, back in the 50's, 60's and 70's, spoke of "Rooskies" and space aliens in the same manner.

Doug Woodard

Russian government objects to threat of news competition:

Doug Woodard

Russian Government silent on troops killed in Ukraine:

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Russian President Vladamir Putin signed a GMO Labeling Liability Law, backed by Prime Minister Medvedev who stated, "the government will not poison their citizens.

Read More:

Why are the Rooskies against our lovely GMO's? They hate us for our freedoms! Monsanto says so!


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"Countering the NATO propaganda on Russia," makes for some interesting reading. Much of this is familliar for those interested in things relating to Russia, but it serves as a good review and as an overview of the battle of ideas between the ideologues of the NATO military alliance and their Russian counterparts.

Part 1 - Countering, etc. at Oriental Review

It's profoundly disappointing for Canada to be part of this odious alliance. However, it's hardly a surprise, given the proximity and malevolence of the US Empire and its lidless eye, though those babblers who throw their hands in their air, claiming that Canada can do nothing but obey the master, are slaves in their hearts. Truly.

In December 2014 NATO released a factsheet on NATO-Russia relations covering more than 30 issues.

The document was cooked according to the standard scheme elaborated by the US State Department – they take a Russian “false” assertion and dress it with a “correct” disclaimer.

Taking this weapon in hand, our expert is throwing the alliance’s propaganda claims back. Professor of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences Vladimir Kozin was directly engaged in NATO-related issues during his 40-years-long professional career in the Russian Foreign Ministry. He was one of the leading negotiators from the Russian side at the most of the Russia-US diplomatic and military talks on disarmament, strategic deterrence and other issues in 1990s.

You get the idea.

Some interestingly expressed or novel ideas follow.

1. Key proof that NATO has a continuing Cold War mentality, that never really ended, is demonstrated by a number of factors. These include:

one ...the US’ withdrawal from the ABM Treaty and their deployment of a global system for intercepting ballistic and cruise missiles; two the failure of all the NATO signatories to the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe to ratify it; three and the heavy reliance on nuclear forces that is still evident in the basic doctrines of the US and NATO, given Washington’s unaltered doctrine of “offensive nuclear deterrence” and “extended nuclear deterrence,” which envisions a first nuclear strike against some states, including the Russian Federation, as well as the “nuclear sharing arrangements” that exist between the United States and many other members of that transatlantic alliance. To this list should be added four the decades-long refusal of NATO’s leading nations to back a proposal to prevent the weaponization of space, as well as five the US refusal to ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

Meet the new Empire, same as the old Empire.

2. Some good review of Russian arguments about Crimea which I won't repeat here. Suffice it to say that they ridicule claims of an "invasion" here, as well as in the Donbass, making reference to both the enormous vote of 97% as well as "not a single shot fired, no dead or wounded, and weapons of the "victim" returned to them".

3. This one I particularly like.

If you are referring to the Donbass, none of the representatives of the OSCE, nor any other human-rights organizations have found any “Russian aggressors” there. About one million Ukrainian citizens have already decamped for Russia in order to escape the rampant genocide unleashed by the current leaders of Ukraine. Never before in the history of the world have any people seeking refuge from an “aggressor” escaped by fleeing to that aggressor’s country.

A rather powerful point that bears repeating. Why would Ukrainians flee to the regime that just "invaded" them? The self-evident absurdity of the claim doesn't seen to have evoked any noticeable cognitive dissonance among the chattering class, here or elsewhere. Yet. lol.

And so on. 

In Part II, the claims are as follows:

A follow-up of Professor Vladimir Kozin’s comments on NATO’s Fact Sheet about relations with Russia published in December 2014. The topics to be covered in this part:

– NATO is a U.S. geopolitical project;
- NATO’s purpose is to contain or weaken Russia;
- NATO is trying to isolate and marginalise Russia;
- NATO should have been disbanded at the end of the Cold War.

1. Importantly, it should be underlined that " it [NATO] has publicly announced its readiness to intervene in world events at any time and place it sees fit, even without requesting the consent of the UN Security Council.

This is the definition of a hegemon, the Empire, the lidless eye, no?


The US is still the only country in the world that has stationed tactical nuclear weapons outside its national boundaries, despite objections from Russia and also many European countries, even those that are NATO members. And what’s more, the five NATO countries that have agreed to accept them (Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey, and Germany), as well as the United States itself, have actually violated the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

The only country in the world to situate tactical nuclear weapons outside its national boundaries.

more to follow - check it out at Oriental Review. org. 




The Litvenenko Inquiry opened in London today and promises to be explosive:


Vladimir Putin is “a common criminal dressed up as a head of state” who personally ordered the murder of the Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko, the public inquiry into his death has been told.

In a statement on the opening day of the long-delayed inquiry, Ben Emmerson QC, representing Litvinenko’s widow Marina and son Anatoly, said he had been murdered because he was trying to expose “unlawfulness and criminality at the very heart of the Russian state”.

“The startling truth, which is going to be revealed in public by the evidence in this inquiry, is that a significant part of Russian organised crime around the world is organised directly from the offices of the Kremlin,” he said. “Vladimir Putin’s Russia is a mafia state.”



That quote is not from the Newsweek article. According to that one, Litvinenko told investigators himself that Putin was responsible for his murder. 

The "Jewish oligarch" quote is from this one by moon landing denier Paul Craig Roberts:

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6079_Smith_W wrote:
The "Jewish oligarch" quote is from this one by moon landing denier Paul Craig Roberts...

"Another claim which was has been made by establishment gatekeepers is that the basis of conspiracy theories is ‘anti-Semitism‘. In other words, they put out a conspiracy theory about conspiracy theories. So if you do believe or espouse what the gatekeepers have deemed to be a ‘conspiracy theory’, you are not only a ‘crank‘, but are an anti-Semite, or more precisely, anti-Jewish.. The aim is clearly to ensure that those who don’t hold the ‘right’, i.e. pro- establishment views are totally ostracized, as for obvious reasons being accused of being anti-Jewish after the horrors of Nazism and the Holocaust is something most people would want to avoid.

Again, no compelling evidence is produced to back up the claim that conspiracy theories are inherently anti-Jewish, and any serious, objective analysis of conspiracy theories would lead to the rejection of the idea as quite ludicrous, but that doesn’t matter as it’s the elite gatekeepers who are making this toxic charge and they- unlike dissidents- are not required to prove their case ... "

Who wrote that? Conspiracy theorist .. Neil Clark!


Nobody does it better!

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Newsweek: Who Killed Litvinenko? Perhaps Not Russia After All.

P C Roberts wrote:
The charge that Putin was behind Litvinenko’s death seems to have originated with Boris Berezovsky, one of the Russian Jewish oligarchs who had grabbed the lion’s share of privatized Soviet assets during Yeltsin’s presidency.

Paul Craig Roberts on the subject ... from March 2008

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6079_Smith_W wrote:

That quote is not from the Newsweek article. According to that one, Litvinenko told investigators himself that Putin was responsible for his murder. 

The "Jewish oligarch" quote is from this one by moon landing denier Paul Craig Roberts:


Roberts wrote about E J Epstein's claims in his article, AS DOES THE NEWSWEEK ARTICLE. See

Paul Craig Roberts wrote:
Epstein reports that Berezovsky’s protector in Russia was Litvinenko, the deputy head of the organized crime unit of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), the successor to the KGB. When Berezovsky fled Russia to escape fraud charges, Litvinenko followed. Epstein reports that Berezovsky has declared an agenda of “overtrowing the regime of his archenemy, Mr. Putin.” According to Epstein, “Alex Goldfarb, the executive director of Mr. Berezovsky’s foundation, prepared for Litvinenko’s end by writing out his ‘deathbed’ statement, which, according to Mr. Goldfarb, was drawn from statements Litvinenko had dictated to him.”

Epstein writes: “A few hours after Litvinenko died on November 23, 2006, Mr. Goldfarb arranged a press conference and released the sensational deathbed statement accusing Mr. Putin of the poisoning.” Web sites supported by Berezovsky spread the story that Litvinenko was murdered by the FSB.

Rooooooooooooooooooooooskies! Check under your bed!


So what religion was Litvinenko? How about Paul Craig Roberts?

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10 Myths and Facts about Litvinenko.

The author of the article apparently doesn't think that the religion of the former official of the Organized Crime Department of the FSB deserves mention. Can't say as it's relevant to very much of anything...

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from The Guardian piece ...

Ukr students wrote:
Europe and America, where human life is the most important value, are simply upholding their principles and are not trying to bring anyone to their knees.”

aha ha ha ha. aha ha ha ha.


FinMin Siluanov Tells CNBC: 'Russia Would Consider Financial Help To Greece'

"Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov told CNBC that Russia would consider giving financial help to debt-ridden Greece. Siluanov said Greece had not yet asked Russia for asistance, but he did not rule out an agreement between the two countries if Greece came asking..."


Russian state owned media has aired a 90 minute ‘documentary’ in which it is claimed that it is normal in America for parents to decorate their children's bedrooms with sexually explicit images and for young kids to be asked to choose which gender they want to be.

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bekayne wrote:

Russian state owned media has aired a 90 minute ‘documentary’ in which it is claimed that it is normal in America for parents to decorate their children's bedrooms with sexually explicit images and for young kids to be asked to choose which gender they want to be.

Even more bullshit from this Russian state media hackjob:


The program then showed what it said was a typical American family at home, showing a clip of a young boy being lead into his bedroom by his father to show him a surprise. The boy runs into the room and shouts with joy. When the camera turns to show what he is excited about we see that his bedroom wall has been covered in sexually explicit drawings of naked men. ‘Is it appropriate for a child’s bedroom to look this way?’ the show’s host asked after screening the clip. However the clip is actually a digitally manipulated video of a commercial for American sports and wall decal company Fathead.

In the original video the boy is reacting to a large decal of a monster truck that his parents had put up on his bedroom wall. The monster truck was replaced with drawings of naked men by users of the online bulletin board 4chan in a fake viral video which the producers of Special Correspondent then used in the show. Whether the program’s producers knew the video was a hoax and included it maliciously or simply believed it could be real is unclear.

However Fathead decals are now exploring what legal action they can take against Rossia 1. ‘We will not tolerate the reconstruction of one of our family-friendly TV spots into a hateful, bigoted, and outrageous attack on the gay community as well as children,’ the Detroit based company said in a statement to Radio Free Europe.

LOL that is fucked up.

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

Radio Free Europe is a well documented CIA front and you discredit your claims when you quote such a source.

ETA: the new head of US sponsored broadcasting, that includes RFE, recently compared Russia to ISIS and Boko Haram. The State Department had to apologize for his idiotic remarks.

USA! USA! lol.

Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture

Oh really? Are you saying the Fathead fake didn't happen on Russia 1?

Everyone go to about 43:50... and see what Ikmost is saying didn't happen

Fucking Russia 1 did that shit on porpouse; perhaps you agree with stuff like this just becouse it makes the USA look bad, you know, at any cost.

Company to Sue Russian State TV for Doctoring Commercial to Attack Western 'Morals' 

Russian state-run network Rossia doctored a clip from a commercial to use as evidence against the "erosion of morals" in the West with "sex education and tolerant views towards homosexuals." Fathead, the company whose clip was used on Rossia, is now looking to take legal action against the station. Fathead is a company specializing in wall-sized decals that began as a sports star decal franchise but has since expanded into the entertainment industry. In the commercial, a family surprised their son with a monster truck decal from Fathead. Rossia distorted the advertisement, claiming the family in the ad posted pictures of naked men on the child's bedroom wall.

"Is this how a child's playroom should look?" asked the narrator of the show Special Correspondent. Fathead is not pleased Rossia falsified its commercial. 

The real the commercial is in that link.

Doug Woodard

Russia isolated?

I'm not sure the conclusion follows but the article is interesting.


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