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Doug Woodard wrote:
Russia isolated? ... I'm not sure the conclusion follows but the article is interesting.

You might want to consider why a Russian publication is so virulently Russophobic. There's a whole series of half-truths and outright falsehoods in the piece, but perhaps if I address just one of them you will get the idea. 

The article basically ridicules the idea that Russia is in any danger from a US/NATO attack. Yet nowhere does the author address the very legitimate and obvious question - why is NATO moving closer and closer to Russia, continuously since the end of the Soviet Union? Why are ABMs installed in NATO states on Russia's borders? Why is NATO sponsoring the brutal junta in Kiev, the ethnic cleansing of Russian Ukrainians, even the Ukr artillery strikes during the conflict of Russian territory?

There's no attempt to even address such legitimate concerns. It's simply Russia - bad. Lurid images of Soviet tanks in Czech-Slovakia are meant to evoke that bogey-monster. It's really infantalizing the reader and making them stupid.

Arte Johnson (of Laugh In) "Very interesting..... but stupid!"

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You have the nerve to post stuff about "Russiaphobia" when Russian state media is producing horrable shit like the Fathead story smear about the USA? Oh Please.



NATO CONtrives Russian Threats in the Baltic

"...Greece's increasingly warm relationship with Russia is already causing concern among other EU and NATO countries. German Defense Minister Ursula von Der Leyen has said that Greece was 'putting at risk its position in the NATO alliance with its approach to Russia.'

In fact, we could see a re-run of important elements of the Ukraine play of December 2013, when Russia offered a support package under which it would buy $15 B in bonds from Ukraine, supporting its collapsing currency, and supplying it with deeply discounted gas.

A $15 B purchase of New Drachma denominated Greek Bonds would be a superb launch for Greece's new currency, and would firmly cement Greece's long term alliance with Russia, providing it with a valuable long term bridgehead into both the EU and NATO..."


Three Fronts For Russia: How Washington Will Fan the Flames of Chaos in Central Asia

"...And so the first front already exists in the Ukraine, the second will most likely be between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh, and the third, of course, will be opened in Central Asia.

If the war in Ukraine leads to millions of refugees, tens of thousands of deaths and the destruction of cities, defrosting the Karabakh conflict will completely undermine Russia's future foreign policy in the Caucasus.

The only way for the United States to maintain its global hegemony is to weaken its opponents. And the only way to achieve that goal is to trigger chaos in the republics bordering Russia.."

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CNBC: The year's best performing stock market ... is Russia.

CNBC wrote:
An economic crisis, a crash in oil prices and hefty sanctions for intervention in Ukraine – even with such a dire backdrop Russia's stock market has proven to be the world's best performer in early 2015.

The country's benchmark stock index has surged almost 27 percent in the year-to-date as investors dip their toes back into a market that suffered sharp losses at the end of last year.

Yeah, those sanctions are really, really hurting. No wonder Russian Parliamentarians consider it a badge of honour to be singled out for personal sanctions, and are practically tripping over each other with, "Sanctions on me, please!" "No, me first!"

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Russian opposition leader Nemtsov shot dead in Moscow 


Boris Nemtsov, a Russian opposition politician and former deputy prime minister who was an outspoken critic of President Vladimir Putin, was shot dead meters from the Kremlin in central Moscow late on Friday.Nemtsov, 55, was shot four times in the back, the Interior Ministry said. 

Hummm ok.




Opposition Politician Boris Nemtsov Killed in the Center of Moscow (and vid)

"Nemtsov was walking on Bolshay Moskvoretsky Bridge with a visitor from Ukraine. It was then he was shot from a car that was pssing by,' said the ministry's official representative Elena Alekseeva, as quoted by Rossiya 24 TV. 'The woman who was with him is currently being questioned in a police department,' Alekseeva added.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was 'immediately informed' about Nemtsov's assassination, presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov told RT. 'Putin has stressed that this brutal murder has all the signs of a contract murder and is extremely provocative,' Peskov said.

US President Barack Obama has condemned Namtsov's death.



Putin's fault obviously, or at least that is the impression western journalism is leaving us with.  From what I understand of his effect upon Russian politics and his capacity for seriously opposing Putin's regime, it would be similar to Harper's PMO contracting a hit on the leader of the Canadian Marijuana Party for posing an imminent political threat, and the mainstream media actually running with the story as a legitimate one, without a shred of evidence beyond the mere suggestion.  Such is the low opinion of the western media toward it's loyal readership that it seems to plumb new depths with each fable.


Putin 2012 : 'Opposition and the Involuntary Martyr'


Good timing. He was suposed to lead a rally tomorrow.



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RT interviewed Dmitry Babich who commented on Nemtsov with some sympathy.  Nemtsov was Deputy PM for a year, back in 97-98, in the vodka-soaked Yeltsin era and, as recently as an election in ~2001, had around 10% support in an election. Since that time his numbers have dropped below the 5% threshold necessary to get into the Russian legislature.

This is a tragedy for all Russians. Nemtsov, while having many negative qualities, [in particular his recent unequivocal support for the junta in Kiev made him the object of contempt for many] was someone who, when he was a public figure, made a point of befriending journalists, unlike many politicians. I think he was well liked even if the policies he supported weren't.

It should be noted that Nemtsov was walking over the bridge with a companion half his age and that this was no surprise to his critics. The oppositional rally is now transformed into a memorial for him.

Frankly, I would not put it past Western countries to be party to this murder, as a warning to their long reach, as a means to rally the rag tag and much discredited "opposition" and so on, but hopefully the Russian police will get to the bottom of it.

Russian President Putin warned about this sort of thing over two years ago. "They are even ready to sacrifice someone in order to blame the government," said Putin, over two years ago.  A word of warning: the Russian term, "provocation" also includes the meaning "false flag" as understood in English.

RT (Russian media) Supplemental: Boris Nemtsov: From reformist wonder boy to disgruntled opposition leader

The sympathetic coverage of Nemtsov from Russian state media (like RT) really begs the question: for the Russophobes and Putin-phobes in particular, what would Putin's government gain by this? 

And then we should ask: Who DOES benefit by such a senseless murder?

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M S Gorbachev wrote:
"The assassination of Boris Nemtsov is an attempt to complicate the situation in the country, even to destabilize it by ratcheting up tensions between the government and the opposition,” Gorbachev said.

“Just who did this is hard to say, let’s not jump to any conclusions right now and give the investigators time to sort this all out,” he added.

Read more:

"Soviet ex-President Mikhail Gorbachev sees the assassination of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov as an attempt to destabilize Russia. He also warns against calls to give excessive powers to law enforcement and security agencies."

Yeah, we have the same problem in our country, although our own state media has been pretty wimpy covering the issue properly.

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Kremlin website wrote:
The message of condolences from the President reads, in part:

“Please accept my deepest condolences in connection with this irreparable loss. I sincerely share your sorrow.

Boris Nemtsov has left his mark in the history of Russia, in its political and public life. He occupied significant posts in a difficult time of transition in this country. He always openly and honestly voiced and upheld his views.

We will do everything to ensure that the perpetrators of this foul and cynical crime and those who stand behind them are properly punished.”

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, expressed his condolences to Boris Nemtsov’s mother, Dina Eidman.

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Yeah sure, big crocodail tears from the KGB guy...

I doubt Putin would order a hit like that himself. What Putin (and the Kremlin backed media in Russia) has done is created a political environment of ultra nationalism in Russia where opposition figures like Boris Nemtsov are openly considered traitors to Russia by many political organizations, some consisting of ex special forces soldiers and are really para-military groups, that could very well do something like this and feel all the better for it... Plus it gives Putin plausible deniability.

Boris Nemtsov was allegedly also working on a report that was going to expose Russian involvement in Ukraine. That would be a very good motive to kill him. So...

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Bec.De.Corbin wrote:

Yeah sure, big crocodail tears from the KGB guy...

I doubt Putin would order a hit like that himself. What Putin (and the Kremlin backed media in Russia) has done is created a political environment of ultra nationalism in Russia where opposition figures like Boris Nemtsov are openly considered traitors to Russia by many political organizations, some consisting of ex special forces soldiers and are really para-military groups, that could very well do something like this and feel all the better for it... Plus it gives Putin plausible deniability.

Boris Nemtsov was allegedly also working on a report that was going to expose Russian involvement in Ukraine. That would be a very good motive to kill him. So...

Sort of similar to the way right-wing groups in the U.S. have put a target on Obama's back, eh? Maybe Putin has been taking lessons from the Tea Party?


Didn't Michael Corleone also send wreaths to the funerals of the people he murdered?

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Bec.De.Corbin wrote:
What Putin (and the Kremlin backed media in Russia) has done is created a political environment of ultra nationalism in Russia where opposition figures like Boris Nemtsov are openly considered traitors to Russia by many ...

Nemtsov was certainly considered a traitor (photo ops with John McCain, Ukr President Poroshenko, etc.) but he managed to do that all on his own. The truth is, Nemtsov lost his chance to succeed Yeltsin due to corruption issues, his playboy lifestyle, and so on, and reached his high mark, politically, over 10 years ago. I don't think he liked being yesterday's man and at least one report noted that he may have suffering from depression. Nemtsov was no real challenge to Putin's United Russia and may even have been more of a joke, like Gary Kasparov.

Boris Nemtsov was allegedly also working on a report that was going to expose Russian involvement in Ukraine. That would be a very good motive to kill him. So...

The US Empire failed to substantiate that one, despite claiming it dozens and dozens of times, with all of their resources.


The apoplectic narrative of hatred towards Russia and Putin in particular is ever needful for new fabrications and fuel for the fire. A false flag, more than any other possibility, seems the likeliest scenario.

I hope the police solve this one and arrest any US Embassy employees who were involved in this cynical murder.

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Michael Moriarity wrote:

Sort of similar to the way right-wing groups in the U.S. have put a target on Obama's back, eh? Maybe Putin has been taking lessons from the Tea Party?

Sure, why not.



Two Pieces of US Mass Media Propaganda Have Revealing Correlation (and vid)

"US mass media outlets such as CBS, NBC, CNN, [CBC] knowing that consumers are irrational, are attempting to lead viewers to conclude that Putin assassinated the Russian politician who was killed yesterday, or, at the very least, make them suspect as much.

This is part of what veteran journaists John Pilger and Robert Parry have both said is the most stunning display of propaganda they have seen in their careers, both of which have spanned several decades..."


When a leader like Putin is sitting at +84% and his opposition is sitting at 4% he doesn't kill him. He keeps him right where he is for as long as possible. Nemtsov is far more dangerous to Putin dead, than he ever was alive. So, cui bono?

This sounds about right:

'Nemtsov is a Malaysian Boeing Shot Down At the Walls of the Kremlin' - Former Nemtsov Advisor

Just before Moscow's March 1 Maidan, correspondence of Russian liberal leaders surfaced, with requests for 200 Nazi militants to be sent to Moscow to heat up the situation. Maybe they will send some snipers to this Maidan, too.

God willing this won't happen. But they already got Nentsov. And it is clear that the entire liberal crowd will blame Putin personally.

No one will remember about the chldren murdered in Ukraine. No one will remember 50,000 Ukrainians who died at or near the front. In addition to the 10,000 who died in the rest of Ukraine.'

No one will shed a tear for the 7 million victims of liberal 'reforms', including those of Mr Nemtsov.

This is a classic sacrificial lamb. Texbook case. Good job Americans. Good job Nazis. Good job liberals. This is a head of Gongadze which has been brought before Putin on a big silver platter. And now he will understand that the West has given him a death sentence, not just like Milosevic and Qaddafi, but just like Nemtsov.

If Putin does not understand this and does not finally start acting like the President of Russia and not a manager of liberal clans, or a representative of global business in Russia - if he will not change then he will be gone. And Russia will be gone with him.

Before, I thought we would be safe from Maidan until November. Now it is clear that Maidan may be already lit by Spring. The sacrificial lamb has been slaughtered. Now what's left is to work it on the Internet and social media...

Good luck. We will win anyway. We will break these freaks. Russia will not be liberal for the same reasons it won't be NAZI.  Russia will be Russia and not a natural resource addition to the West. We will do this. But it will be difficult and bad. Good luck.


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Something that might counter the narrative: Boris Nemtsov at the US Embassy getting instructions last January.

As noted after the transcript, America has done more to marginalize Russian opposition then Putin could ever dream of.

Was Nemtsov simply a useful idiot for US regime?



good score! To the gulls of course this only proves his lib-dem bonafides..


Former NATO Intel Analyst on Russia, Europe Ukraine and USA




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It's kind of amusing watching the damage control squad... 8-)


Ex MI6 Chief Warns of Russia 'Danger' (and vid)

"Russia has become a danger to Britain and the country must be prepared to take steps to defend itself and its allies, the former head of MI6 says.

Sir John said dealing with such things would require more defence spending..."

anti-Russian belligerence continues

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Perhaps is just the truth?

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COUNTRY/ GDP (trillions)/ POPULATION/ DEFENCE SPENDING (wikipedia figures)

Russia / 2.096/ 146m/ 87.87bn

UK / 2.678/ 64m/ 57.9bn

If the UK were to increase defence spending by about 30%, they could match Russia's without including France, Germany, USA, Canada, etc.



Meanwhile, Russia's top investigative body said Saturday it is looking into several possible motives for the killing of Nemtsov, including an attempt to destabilize the state, Islamic extremism, the Ukraine conflict and his personal life.

Yup, they have obviously covered all the bases. Can't imagine anyone else who would want him dead.And smart policework, getting those motives straightened out so they know where to look.


NDPP wrote:

Ex MI6 Chief Warns of Russia 'Danger' (and vid)

"Russia has become a danger to Britain and the country must be prepared to take steps to defend itself and its allies, the former head of MI6 says.

Sir John said dealing with such things would require more defence spending..."

anti-Russian belligerence continues

But he called on issues with Russia to be addressed by "increased dialogue".

He said he was disappointed how, after the end of the Cold War, Russia's and Europe's paths had failed to converge.


"Now we don't want to have a repeat of the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 where we got to the brink of nuclear war.

"We need to be able to address this through increased dialogue."


"Europe and Russia are not converging with one another so we're going to have to find a new way to coexist with Russia," he said.

"This crisis at the moment - it's focused on Ukraine but Ukraine is a symptom. It's not the real problem.

"The real problem is how we live with a Russia which feels very exposed. Putin's actions are ones of a leader who believes his own security is at stake.




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Nemtsov's murder: even the "non-system" opposition refuses to blame the Kremlin.

Honestly, I never thought the day would come where I would have anything good to say about the Russian "liberal" or "democratic" "non-system" opposition but apparently this day has come today. To my surprise, all the leaders of this opposition have so far made very moderate and reasonable statement and all those which I have heard have apparently dismissed the notion that the Kremlin was behind the murder. Now this might be self-evident for most of us, but for the Russian "liberal" or "democratic" "non-system" opposition this is quite a change of tone.  Many have even said that this murder was a "provocation" (which in this context means "false flag"!) to destabilize Russia and create a crisis.  Even Irina Khakamada, normally a real crackpot, has said that this was either a "provocation" or the action of a small group of extremists.

Mind you, that won't slow the Western torrent of Russophobic demogogery in which the Russian President is blamed for everything, including our recent bad weather in much of Canada.

Michael Moriarity Michael Moriarity's picture

I find it very difficult to believe that Putin was behind Nemtsov's murder. The man was no political threat, and Putin seems to be quite a logical, even Machiavellian leader. I would be very surprised to find that he would commit an act of this sort without a significant benefit, but there is no upside for him in this affair at all. Unless you want to postulate the Putin is a man who kills based on some emotional feeling, rather than calculation of gain. I consider that view of Putin contrary to all the evidence. Putin simply had no logical motive to kill Nemtsov, therefore it is quite unlikely that he did so.

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To play devil's advocate for a moment, the reply simply is that the Russian President is a meglomaniacal Empire-builder, nostalgic for the Soviet era, unable to overcome his programming as a KGB staffer, etc., etc.. The hermetically sealed world of Russophobia remains secure.

Of course I agree with you but I thought I'd just throw that out there.

By the way, this past winter [on Dec 18] Putin appeared on TV for a 3 hour Q&A session with the media. It included some very provocative Ukrainian media people, a slip up by Putin [he made fun of a questioner who sounded drunk; the questioner actually had a medical condition that made him sound drunk] , and so on. The main point is that I really doubt our own leaders, Canada, US, UK, whatever, would be willing or able to sit for 3 hours non stop and answer questions. I don't suppose it will change the minds of unrelenting Russophobes, but here is the link anyway.

Putin made some remarks and then, for the bulk of the 3 hours, answered all the questions directed towards him.

Video of the press conference

Transcript of the press conference

Putin is sometimes what we would call vulgar in his expressions, his Russian audience knows this, and he's certainly not on the political left as we would understand it. Nevertheless, there's plenty there that is quite understandable.


Russia: US-Backed Opposition Leader Gunned Down in Moscow  -  by Tony Cartalucci

"Martyrdom on demand: if not of use alive, perhaps of use dead? Clearly to match the expectations the 'Spring' rally was meant to have, to infuse the 'virus' US Senator  McCain had claimed was intended for Moscow, something drastic would have to be done to change the current calculus.

The prospect of triggering sustainable unrest aimed at the Kremlin was beyond impossible - that is - until the leader of the planned protest was shot dead, practically on the steps of the Kremlin..."


Canada's Russia Sanctions and the Matrix of Empire  -  by Christopher Black

"...Canada is locked into the matrix of the imperial power systsem and cannot act independently as a sovereign nation and in the best interests of its people because the state machinery has been coopted by agents of the US imperial power which have vested political and financial interests in the continued aggression against Russia.

We wait to see how Russia responds to the Canadian actions but whatever that response is it remains for the Canadian people to realise the jeopardy that the Harper regime is putting them in and to demand that the aggression against Russia be stopped and that Canada withdraw from NATO and all other military alliances and for once live up to its undeserved reputation as a nation dedicated to peace and the peaceful resolution of disputes..."


Anna Durikskaya, Boris Nemtsov's Femme Fatale

"Anna Duritskaya, the Ukrainian model by Boris Nemtsov's side when he was gunned down at point blank range...The personal motive actually sounds the most plausible at the moment. There's always the possibility Ukraine's 'war party' needed a martyr, so their involvement cannot be ruled out the end it does not seem coincidental that the young woman in question, a 23-year old actress-model Anna Duritskaya, a native of Kiev, was with Nemtsov at the moment of his killing..."


The Article That Killed Nemtsov Was A Fake

Dear 'Sobesdmk: You F**ked Up...

"And, perhaps finally, I will ask you, are you not afraid of Putin? Or have you been more cautious.?

- 'I am not that scared...'

"But a little fear, yes?

- 'Well, listen, I'm just kidding. If I was scared, then I would not lead the opposition party, would not be engaged in what I do..."


Chechnya's Leader Accuses Ukrainian Secret Services of Nemtsov's Assassination

"Leader of the Russian North Caucasian republic of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has accused Western secret services of the assassination of the RPR - Parnassus party co-chair Boris Nemitsov.

He claims there were loads of examples, and 'Kiev's hatred towards Russia could not be shrugged off."

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An American view: This is how they killed Boris Nemtsov

Nemtsov's companion is showing a rather unseemly enthusiasm to leave the country and return to Ukraine. Fresh orders? A new sugar daddy? Who knows. But her role has all the earmarks of a "honey trap".

The hook. The cover. The asset. And the escape.

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Recent sanctions against Russia ...

J.Devine:" "The Canadian action is illegal under international law since Chapter VII, Article 41, of the UN Charter states that the power to impose sanctions rests solely with the UN Security Council. Further, Article 103 of Chapter XVI states that a member’s obligations under the UN Charter override their obligations under any other treaty and this includes the North Atlantic Treaty that created Nato. The Canadian government states that it relies for its action on the Special Economic Measures Act of 1992, but that law has to be applied so that it is not in violation of the UN Charter. Since it is obvious that the Harper government did not base its action on a resolution of the UN, the Canadian sanctions are illegal both under Canadian and international law.
This legal problem has not been raised by the Canadian press, or the major opposition parties, and the Canadian government completely ignores it. But then Canada, like the other Nato governments, has no respect for laws or morality when it serves the interests of the masters in the White House and the corporations hoping to descend like vultures onto the carcass of a prostrate Russia."
The capitalist-imperialist system runs producing profits. This is the foundation of the geo-strategic competition between states and the inevitable turn towards war. "

This is all about a rogue Canadian regime and its lapdog opposition parties (when it comes to foreign policy).


ITN; Nemtsov

Russian opposition leader shot down meters away from the Kremlin. Reaction from supporters, opponents and media on In The Now


CrossTalk: Spinning Russia (and vid)

"Dangerously spinning the Russia story: on the back of US Sec State John Kerry's pleading for more funding to counter news outlets such as RT and the West's reaction to the awful murder of an opposition figure on the streets of Moscow, it would appear those looking for more tensions with Russia are winning the day.

CrossTalking with Gilbert Doctorow, Neil Clark and Ray McGovern

Doug Woodard

It is not who killed Boris Nemtsov, it is why:


Who will tell you why. So we'll add this one to the pile of as yet unproven theories...

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I've always been suspicious of Nahlah Ayed's slant and now here we have evidence of it. When she writes that Nemtsov was a "potent" critic of the Kremlin, perhaps she is getting mixed up with Nemtsov's string of "girlfriends", all half his age or less, and that sort of potency. Gah. He hasn't been relevant to Russian politics since the last century, when he played a role in the neo-liberal rape and pillage of Russia under the vodka soaked regime of Boris Yeltsin. As in, Yeltsin the darling of the west. 

What a frigging waste of time CBC reporting is on foreign policy matters. Worthless. There is no courage to divert from the Master's voice, emanating from Washington, and Canada is just another poodle of the Empire when it comes to reporting on these matters.

I'd rather read an independent blogger that that steaming pile of shit that is the CBC. HTFG.


It's no better at the glob

Air of Hatred Grips Russia as Theories Abound Over Nemtsov's Killing  -  by  Mark Mackinnon

"...In other words more hatred and fear."

that pretty much sums it up alright..


They had actually been together over two years.  But let's resort to sexual slurs and shaming, and run articles about how she's Ukrainian and her mom thinks she wanted to have an abortion, so obviously she did it.






ikosmos wrote:
I've always been suspicious of Nahlah Ayed's slant and now here we have evidence of it.

She's been working for years on behalf of the stoogocracy.

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China Warns U.S. to Stop Its Ukrainian Proxy War Against Russia. This is a very big deal that is, by and large, being ignored in the Western MSM echo chamber.

A much-ignored huge news report from Reuters on Friday, February 27th, was headlined “Chinese diplomat tells West to consider Russia’s security concerns over Ukraine.”

China’s Ambassador to Belgium (which has the capital of the EU) said that the “nature and root cause” of the Ukrainian conflict is “the West,” and that “The West should abandon the zero-sum mentality, and take the real security concerns of Russia into consideration.”

It's been re-iterated on this or other threads, but it bears repeating for the unbelievable hubris and repulsive Yanqui arrogance, that the US leadership, as represented by President B Obama, continues to conduct itself from the premise that the USA is the one "indispensable" nation and all other nations, including Russia, are dispensable [and may be physically exterminated, suffer from regime change, or have its territory turned into a failed state if the USA says so] .

China's support of Russia here is also support for itself, naturally; the evil US Empire has China next on its list of regime change, after Russia. Documentary film maker John Pilger is making another brilliant film on this very topic and has been doing crowd-funding since, naturally enough, the usual sources of funding want nothing to do with this latest version of speaking truth to power. Bully for John Pilger.

Implicitly, China is also telling Obama: China is not dispensable, either. In fact, the entire mentality, which Obama embodies, is not just callous and insulting; it’s dangerous.

Truly, the USA is a monstrous and evil regime. May it be the last (global) Empire on Planet Earth.


Two Further Suspects Detained in Connection with Nemtsov Murder, 4 Held in Total

Chechens?, Radicals from Ukraine?

Nemtsov Killing Godsend For Anybody Against a Strong Russia

"As for those who are behind the killing, first we have to ask who is behind Ukrainian ultranationalists and so-called Islamists..."


The Nemtsev Assassination: New Cold War and the Politics of Russia (podcast)

"Conversation on the topic, and with editors from , Michael Welch and Roger Annis."


The President of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, commented on the arrest of the five suspects on his Instagram account on May 8. He specifically spoke about Dadaev, saying he knew him “as a patriot of Russia” who used to serve as deputy regiment commander in one of the Chechen Republic’s interior ministry units.

Extraordinary footage filmed late last year shows Ramzan Kadyrov addressing a stadium in Grozny filled with thousands of armed Chechen police and special forces members dressed in camouflage standing to attention around the stadium. Kadyrov gives a long speech saying the men have pledged loyalty to Russia, and President Vladimir Putin personally, and ends by shouting: “Long live our great motherland, Russia! Long live our national leader, Vladimir Putin! Allahu Akbar!”

Kadyrov, a former militant, has won huge concessions from Moscow to rule Chechnya as he pleases, essentially turning it into his own fiefdom, where dissent is not tolerated and elements of Islamic law are in place. The unwritten deal is that Kadyrov promises nominal loyalty to Moscow of a region the Kremlin fought two bitter wars to bring under its control, while in return Moscow gives him a free hand to do as he wishes. Many Russian politicians privately express worries about the amount of power he has built up and the potential threat his armed divisions could one day pose.



NDPP wrote:

Two Further Suspects Detained in Connection with Nemtsov Murder, 4 Held in Total

The sixth suspect, Beslan Shavanov, 30, reportedly committed suicide on March 7, when police came to his apartment in Chechnya’s capital Grozny. The man, according to LifeNews channel, had barricaded himself in the apartment.

“In response to the police’s demand he surrender, he [the suspect] threw a hand grenade [at police forces],” a law enforcement source told the news channel. Shavanov then detonated another grenade, killing himself.

When this happens in "the West", you always raise a skeptical eyebrow. Do you do so here as well?


ikosmos ikosmos's picture

There are Chechens on both sides of the Ukrainian civil war. Some of them are flying the green flag of jihad alongside the private fascist armies loyal to Kiev, others have joined the resistance in Novorossiya. Complicated? Yup.

The police should be allowed to do their work. And always, we should ask: cui bono? Who benefits?

Anyone who doesn't ask this isn't being honest.


Nemtsov's Murder - The Official Story: The Muslim Trail

"Former deputy commander of the battalion regiment 'North', Zaur Dadaev practically accepted the responsibility in organizing the murder of Boris Netmtsov. According to him, the crime was committed due to repeated negative statements of the politician about Muslims and their religion.

The other four of those arrested were involved in the operation because they lived in Moscow region and knew the city. Seems like no other 'organizers' will be found..."

KR comments; 'It is clear everyone used Nemtsov's murder to score points for their own agenda, including in Russia and the West. it is quite possible that the religious motive is a cover to close the investigation. It is quite possible that we will never learn the truth. But the official version also has a right to exist and is plausible in itself

In this case, further tension in Russia and Chechnya has been achieved.'


Nemtsov Murder - More Questions Than Answers

"According to RT, Zaur Dadaev, who had reportedly confessed involvement in Nemtsov's murder, said he organized the crime in revenge for the opposition leader's 'negative comments on Muslims and Islam,' according to Rosbalt's source in law enforcement. Sound plausible? Not really..."



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