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Saudi Arabia


Doug Woodard
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In the meantime, Saudi Arabia has been made "the new head of the United Nations panel on Human Rights: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Abby Martin takes us inside the brutal reality of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia police-state monarchy, and tells the untold people's history of resistance to it. With a major, catastrophic war in Yemen and looming high-profile executions of activists, The Empire Files exposes true nature of the U.S.-Saudi love affair."

Abby Martin, formerly of RT, has a program on the Empire at Telesur English: Empire Files. 

Warning for sycophants of the US Empire, the State Department "left", and their equivalents in Canada: may cause your head to explode.


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Abby Martin would be the anchor who denounced Russian policy on the air on RT. Glad to see she's found a new home on Telesur, backed by leftist Latin American governments. The Empire Files should be interesting viewing! 

Time to stop supporting the Saudi dictatorship! 


The Alliance Between Israel and Saudi Arabia

"The apparent Israeli-Saudi alliance, even though hidden from the masses for now, matches the interests of the US in the Middle East and Western Asia. Washington hopes that they will weaken anti-Israel feelings in the Arab and Muslim world, creating a reliable counter-weight in the region to a possible strengthening of Iran and isolate to the extent possible, radical Sunni and Shiite groups..."

Yes indeed! Two-for one!


Preparing for the Collapse of the Saudi Kingdom

It can’t last. The U.S. better get ready.


Shocking report on CBC Power&Politics.  SA our #1 customer for arms including sniper rifles from a Winnipeg company.  NDP and Ernie Regher (Ploughshares) remarks lukewarm (human rights abuses) Not a word about Yemen, support of jiihadis, export of Salafism, one family dictatorship.


Here's more disgusting complicity...France bestows its highest award, the Legion of Honour, on the Saudi Crown Prince for purchasing billions worth of French arms. Is there anything more odious and disgusting than France's 'Socialist' President? Maybe the Arab neocon arguing here on the Saudi behalf. This is the same side official Canada falls on incidentally. Both Saudi and Turkey as well as Qatar belong to the same US-led 'anti-ISIS' coalition Canada does. And our contract with Saudi is worth more than that of France.

Debate: Who Supports Saudi Policies on Mideast (and vid)

"In this edition of the Debate, Press TV has conducted an interview with Catherine Shakdam, with Shafaqna Insitute of Middle East Studies from London, and Jihad Mouracadeh, a political analyst from Beirut, to discuss the supporters of Saudi Arabia's policies..."


10.03.2016 Author: Phil Butler Key Crisis Point: Is Saudi Arabia Running Out of Gas?

4534534543Saudi Arabia’s ever increasingly hostile stance toward neighbors may not be as secular as some have suggested. Given the nature of the country’s oil reserves, and almost unlimited production for decades, it’s possible the Saudis could simply be running out of gas. Here’s a candid look at the Saudi situation, one which should be thought provoking. If the world has really reached the “peak oil” threshold, a Middle East war may be inevitable.


Transparency a casualty in arms deals with Saudis


The federal government is fond of boasting about how its controls on weapons exports are among the strongest in the world, but Canadians are left largely in the dark over precisely what military and security equipment is being shipped to foreign customers – including those with poor human-rights records.

For instance, Canada’s flourishing security and defence business with Saudi Arabia goes well beyond the controversial $15-billion sale of General Dynamics fighting vehicles to Riyadh, but Canadians must turn to the Internet, rather than their government, for details.

Sunny ways stumble into darkness when it comes to Saudi arms deals.


Two former Liberal cabinet ministers, Irwin Cotler and Lloyd Axworthy, have called on the government to reconsider the deal, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said it would hurt Canada’s reputation if it annulled the contract. Ottawa retains the right to suspend exports of the machines but has not acted, even in the face of mass executions in January and accusations by a United Nations panel that the Saudi-led air campaign in Yemen has been indiscriminately killing non-combatants through “widespread and systematic” bombing runs.


 but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said it would hurt Canada’s reputation if it annulled the contract.......

...thanks for keeping up on this.....I would dearly love to challenge the legality of this in federal Court, if I had some support!


Yeah, seems reputation is more important than human rights when it comes to this Lib government.

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mark_alfred wrote:

Yeah, seems reputation is more important than human rights when it comes to this Lib government.

The reputation line is also a lie. It is business that trumps everything else and the main North American business is the military industrial sector.

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[url=] use armoured vehicles to suppress internal dissent, videos show[/url]

These are not Canadian-made vehicles, but they are similar to the LAV's that Canada is selling Saudi Arabia now.

Time for Stephane Dion to keep his promise and cancel the sale now that "credible" evidence that the LAV's may be used against dissidents has emerged (on video, no less). 


Saudi Officials Supported 9/11 Hijackers - Commission Member

"Saudi government officials were involved in supporting the 9/11 attackers. That's according to a former member of an independent commission st up to investigate the terror attacks..."


Classified 9/11 report on Saudi role ‘shocking’: US lawmakerThu May 19, 2016 8:20PM

US Representative Rick Nolan speaking at an event at Washington’s National Press Club on Monday, May 17, 2016.US Representative Rick Nolan speaking at an event at Washington’s National Press Club on Monday, May 17, 2016.



Saudi Arabia Asserting Writ in Region Like Mafia Crime Family  -  by John Wight

"What passes for a government in Saudi Arabia has just threatened that unless things change in Syria they will resort to 'Plan B', thus proving that the arrogance and impertinence of this medieval dictatorship knows no bounds.

Let us be clear: if the religious extremism that has engulfed the Arab world in recent years is a snake, responsible for the most heinous and wanton acts of brutality and barbarity it has ever experienced, the head of this snake lies in Riyadh..."


Human Rights Advocate Calls For Guarantees About Saudi Use of Combat Vehicles

"Saudi Arabia is arming Yemeni forces led by a controversial  military commander accused of using child soldiers, a leading human rights researcher is warning Parliamentarians..."


According to Reuters News agency report, from New York, “The evidence of grave violations against children in Yemen by the Saudi-led coalition is overwhelming,” On Monday, the UN dropped Saudi Arabia from its annual blacklist, for a joint review with Saudi Arabia.

Diplomatic sources on Tuesday stated that Riyadh threatened to cut off aid to the United Nations, meanwhile denying the use of any kind of threat. “If the Saudi-led coalition wants to be removed from the list, it should stop killing and maiming children and bombing schools and hospitals in Yemen, the violations for which it was listed,” the groups wrote in a letter on Wednesday.

The letter was signed by 20 rights groups, including Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and Oxfam, who accused Ban Ki-moon, who will leave office at the end of the current year, of giving in to “political manipulation” by the kingdom.

The UN report released last Thursday that holds Saudi-led coalition responsible for 60 percent of child deaths and injuries in Yemen last Year killing 510 child and 667 injuries by the Saudi aggression in Yemen. More than 9,400 people have been killed and at least 16,000 others injured in Yemen since last March, when Saudi Arabia launched its military aggression against the poorest Arab country....

...and Canada complicit in this what with our military support!



Obama Expresses 'Strong' Support For Saudi Vision 2030

"...Obama also thanked Saudi Arabia for what he called Riyadh's help to fight Daesh. 'The president expressed appreciation for Saudi Arabia's contribution to the campaign against ISIL,' the statement said. Obama also welcomed Saudi Arabia's commitment to resolving the crisis in Yemen."


'Strong' Support For Saudi Vision 2030!!??

The total bs mendacity of this guy must make Orwell blush! And Trudeau!!

Can you imagine people actually voted for these  creeps, thinking they were voices for change?


More: Re 'US Praise Saudi's Leading Role in Solving Syrian Crisis'

Lina Arabii and WikiLeaks reminds us of the real nature of Saudi and friends' role in this part of the 'Great Game'


Globe and Mail: Ottawa's Secret Pact With Six Gulf State Monarchies

"The Trudeau government will not make public the text of a 'Joint Action Plan' it recently hammered out with six Gulf states, including Saudi Arabia, that spells out how Canada might deepen its relationship with these countries in coming years..."



The illegal detention of Sheikh Ali Salman and all other political and religious leaders in the silence of international community encouraged Al Khalifa arrogance to transgress the sanctity of the prominent scholar and Bahraini Shia religious leader Ayetullah Isa Qassem, creating worrying impressions in the minds of the people in Bahrain and the region.

Al Khalifa seems to take advantage of the people peaceful movement having incorrect estimate of his wrath. There is no doubt, they know very well transgressing the sanctity of Ayetullah Isa Qassem is a redline for the people, if crossed will spark a fire in Bahrain and the region as a whole.

Such practices leave the people with no choice but armed resistance that will make Al Khalifa pay a high price and removal of their dictator regime.

Let protectors of Al Khalifa know that attacking Ayetollah Sheikh Isa Qassim and continued pressure beyond Bahraini people withstanding will lead to a bloody uprising and those legalizing arrogance of rulers will bear the responsibility.

“And soon the ones who did injustice will know by whatever overturning they will be overturned.”

(General)Hasem Soleimani

from GPD....

....So, can we expect Canadian troops on the ground for this next war front?
Or just a further boost to our growing aerospace industry!

Doug Woodard

A new religiously moderate king for Saudi Arabia?

I suppose everything depends on how much support there is for government backing of the current strain of Wahabi Islam. If the people and the notables don't back change then the attempt to enact it could split the country, perhaps with Daesh backing one side in a civil war. I hope the prince and his foreign friends know what they are doing.



"Tolerance is the cornerstone of peace,' Pres Trump says, announcing his trip to Saudi Arabia, Israel and Rome."

Saudi Arabia




Saudi Arabia Appointed To Women's Rights Commission in Secret UN Vote, WikiLeaks Offers 10K EUR for Details


NDPP wrote:

Saudi Arabia Appointed To Women's Rights Commission in Secret UN Vote, WikiLeaks Offers 10K EUR for Details

I don't see what the issue is. The UN is a completely legitimate organization and definitely never plays favourites. I think it's very impressive that Saudi Arabia has made such impressive improvements in women's rights as to earn this election. /s


US in Talks With Saudi Arabia Over Arms Sales Worth Tens of Billions - Report

"Washington and Riyadh have engaged in talks over multi-billion arms deals..."

Al Jazeera cites confirmed sale of $68 Billion

Cash Flow: Saudi Arabia Alleged Hands-On Approach in US Media


How Saudi Wahhabism Is The Fountainhead of Islamist Terrorism

"...There appears to be a monumental campaign to bulldoze the more moderate strains of Islam, and replace them with the theo-fascist Saudi variety. Despite being well aware of the issue, Western powers continue to coddle the Saudis or, at most, protest meekly from time to time."


'This Is A Recipe For Hideous Disaster'

John Pilger on Western arms deals with Saudi Arabia


Proposed Bill Would Require US To Consult Israel Before Selling Arms in Mideast

"Bi-partisan bill 'ensures Israel's qualitative military edge': it comes in wake of massive Saudi arms deal."

LOL: USrael uber alles


You mean they don't already?


Trade Talks Between Israel and Saudi Arabia...

"As the de facto Wahhabi-Zionist alliance moves a step closer to formalizing ties, the orb of evil glows brightly."

Canada supports...


King Salman just fired the crown prince and made his son, Muhammad bin Salman, heir apparent.  The new crown prince is a foreign policy adventurer and hard liner who said just last month that there can be no compromise with Iran.


Doug Woodard
Doug Woodard

Saudi crown prince promises return to moderate Islam:

This sounds to me like a declaration of war on the religious conservatives, so everything will depend on the relative balance of power. If the crown prince loses, the kingdom could blow up. I believe the oil producing section has a Shia majority. I wonder how ambitious the Iranians are feeling?


This move in social policy I think is tied with very ambitious plans for the Saudi economy.  They talking spending 500 Billion on megacity and forming a 2 trillion soveirgn wealth fund.

The second article is about raising 2 trillion ! within 12 years.  This from a country that currently has budget deficit 17.2% of  GDP from the first artilce.  And is fighting a war in yemen.  The Saudi are big dreamers and ambitous times 10 I am afraid the saudi cheque book is getting strecthed.   They need higher oil prices and now. 


Reverse assets Saudi Assets.  This in Riyals but i will convert to american dollars.   The saudis peg there currecny a 3.75 Riyals to 1 American dollar.  In riyal term the first number is trillions = 2.462152 trillion which converts 2.462152 divide by 3.75 to get American dollar amount == 650 billion american.

2,462,152    2012

 2,721,468   2013 

2,746,324    2014

2,311,567     2015

2,009,239     2016

1,964,702      2017 Jan

1,927,812      2017 Feb

1,907,464      2017 Mar

1,875,965       2017 Apr

1,871,361        2017 May

1,877,658       2017 Jun

1,854,504       2017 Jul

1,828,746       2017 Aug

"RIYADH, Oct 26 (Reuters) - The pace at which Saudi Arabia’s foreign reserves are falling has slowed and any further fall will depend on government fiscal policy, the Saudi central bank governor said on Thursday, adding that he was very comfortable with the current level. "

The central banker in Saudi Arabia is talking about the reserves assets, will know about in a day or 2.  The numbers speak for themselves from the top the post.


Saudi Arabia - This 'Night Of The Long Knives' Is A Panic-Fueled Move

"Yesterday the ruling Salman clan in Saudi Arabia executed a Night of the Long Knives clearing the state of all political competition. In a tweet yesterday Donald Trump, sworn to the Wahhabi orb, named the price for his consent and cooperation. A primary listing, of Aramco oil conglomerate at the NYSE will give the US government regulatory and legal authority over the most valuable company in the world..."


Saudi´s consider the Yemen missile strike on Riyadh an act of war by Iran? While a number of countries preparing missile defence operations in the Negev dessert.....can we expect imminent war?


##$%? What is happening here?  Yesterday was Iran now Lebanon.  They must drinking the Trump coolaid.  How many wars do you want to fight? 


"Rounding up and imprisoning political opponents is 'tyranny' whe"n a western adversary does it. When a close western ally does it: 'reform'."

The Guardian. Naturally. And oil prices have spiked on the Saudi news...


If I was a cartoon character my eyes would have popped out.  

Doug Woodard

Some approving comments from Saudis on the changes:

Once more, it all depends on the balance of forces.


"It increasingly looks like Lebanon's prime minister is being held against his will by Saudi Arabia"??

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The Real News has had 2 interesting segments about the Lebanese prime minister's resignation.


The Saudi Purge: The Middle East Is On The Verge Of A New War

"Saudi Arabia is going through a major international political crisis the likes of which has rarely been seen. A leaked diplomatic cable confirmed that the Saudis and Israelis are coordinating their efforts against Iran and Hezbollah thus escalating the already tense situation in the Middle East..."


The Inside Story of the Saudi Night Of The Long Knives  -  by Pepe Escobar

"War breaks out within the House of Saud..."


Saudi Arabia - This 'Liberal Reformer' Is An Impulsive Tyrant

"The Saudis have told their citizens in Lebanon to leave the country. Its allies Kuwait, UAE and Bahrain have followed suit. The French and other countries' [like Canada] cowardliness towards the clown prince extends to the starving of Yemen..."


Why Saudi Purge Signals War Footing  -   by Finian Cunningham

"A war that the Israeli state and the Trump administration are enthusiastically egging on..."