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[Canada and] America's Collusion With Neo Nazis   -   by Stephen Cohen

"Neo-fascists play an important official or tolerated role in US-backed Ukraine."

Canada supports.


Ukraine War: Elderly Couple's Home Hit By Artillery

"Ukrainian forces opened fire on civilian area of Gorlovka with heavy calibre artillery shells. 'We are sick and tired of this war."


Defending History

"Ukraine must 'stop the various efforts to distort the nation's Holocaust history by glorifying Nazi collaborators and white-washing historical truth.' - US Holocaust Museaum finally speaks out..."


Ukraine's Nazi Consul in Hamburg: And Friends...(and vid)

"The situation is far worse than you can imagine..."

Canada supports.


Conflict in Eastern Ukraine Can Soon Turn Into Open War (and vid)

"This week the military situation in eastern Ukraine has once again escalated..."


MH17 Probe: 'Everything Points To the Ukrainian Side' - Analyst

"...I would think that with the football championship in Russia coming up in 3 weeks' time, the Skripal case and this press conference's declaration of the family members of the victims; 'do the Russian people want to live in a country without truth', and so on, [these] are steps in a campaign against Russia. I was surprised because it was so little that justified a formal press conference.

Ukraine has four regiments with BUK missile units and one of them was in that area and its radars were all activated, so it means that they were combat ready. Although I cannot arrive at a definite conclusion, my strong feeling is that everything points to the Ukrainian side because they had the motive..."


HRW: Joint Letter To Ukraine's Minister of Interior Affairs and Prosecutor General Concerning Radical Groups [ Fascists]

"In recent months, our four organizations have noticed a signficant increase in physical attacks, threats, and intimidation against LGBTI activists, women's rights activists, and other human rights defenders and journalists. In most cases, those responsible for the attacks have enjoyed impunity for their actions and have not been prosecuted..."

Scottish Parliament Applauds Visiting Ukrainian Fascist

"Hollyrood invites Ukrainian parliament speaker despite neonazi party links and support for death squad chief..."

Ukrainian Nazis like Parubiy are always welcome in Ottawa


Atlantic Council Finally Admits Ukraine's Nazi

For the uninitiated the Atlantic Council is NATO's propaganda wing. Last week the 'think tank' sent Ukraine a clear message: get your extremists and Neo-Nazis under control promptly and start taking the threat they pose seriously. In the capital Kiev, for some months now, a neo-Nazi militia has been imposing its own order with street patrols. Meanwhile the legal authorities either offer tacit approval or are helpless to stop 'Azov'..."

Canada helped train Azov Nazis for NATO


WATCH this clip: Max Blumenthal confronts Ukraine parliamentary speaker Andriy Parubiy's neo-nazi past as he networks in Washington. Appalling that not a single western correspondent on the Russia-Ukraine beat has confronted Parubiy's fascism like this.

Parubiy & JT


Pentagon Announces $200 Million in Aid for Ukraine

"The funds will go toward training, equipment and advisory efforts to build the defensive capability of Ukraine's forces, the Pentagon said in a statement Friday. The new funds bring the total amount of US assistance to $1 billion..."


'Fake Revolution': Kiev Summons Italy Envoy after Salvini Rips into 'Foreign-Funded' Ukraine

"Ukraine is expecting the Italian ambassador for a chat at its Foreign Ministry after Matteo Salvini, Italy's Interior Minister slammed the 2014 Euromaidan protests and coup in Kiev as 'pseudo-revolution' sponsored from abroad..."


DPR: 'Stop Supporting Ukrainians!'

"We stand on our land. We didn't ask anyone to come here. They should leave us alone..."


Ukraine on Fire: The Real Story

Full documentary by Oliver Stone


Why Does Ukraine 'Grant Impunity' To Violent Far Right?

"On June 17, some 150 ultranationalists sporting closely-cropped hair and camouflage trousers blocked a street in central Kiev, Ukraine's capital. Many were from C-14 - a group named after  a 14-word slogan, of US white supremacists - 'We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.' They wanted to block and attack an LGBT march..."

Canada supports


The Reality of Neo-Nazis in Ukraine is Far From Kremlin Propaganda

"As the Trump administration mulls sending weapons to Ukraine [and Canada already has], the question of far-right forces employed by the Kiev government returned to the forefront. Some Western observers claim that there are no neo-Nazi elements in Ukraine, chalking the assertion up to propaganda from Moscow. Unfortunately they are sadly mistaken. There are indeed neo-Nazi formations in Ukraine..."


Nazi Collaborator Greeting Becomes Official Ukraine Army Salute

"Ukraine has done the equivalent of Germany changing its official Wermacht salute back to 'Heil Hitler' - Sieg Heil!' Congratulations to [Canada,] NATO, Washington Think-tank flaks and all the little Nazis who made this EuroMaidan possible."


The Maidan Massacre in Ukraine: Revelations from Trials and Investigations

Analysis and unreported revelations about Maidan.




Ambassador Kurt Volker: US to Drastically Expand Military Assistance to Ukraine

Washington is upping the ante in Ukraine. Kurt Volker, US Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations, said in an interview with the Guardian published on September 1 that “Washington is ready to expand arms supplies to Ukraine in order to build up the country’s naval and air defense forces in the face of continuing Russian support for eastern separatists.” According to him, the Trump administration was “absolutely” prepared to go further in supplying lethal weaponry to Ukrainian forces than the anti-tank missiles it delivered in AprilThey need lethal assistance.....



How much more obvious can it possibly be that Trump is working for Putin.?

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In symbiosis, both organisms benefit.

The crocodile gets clean teeth and the bird gets a free meal.


And there's a sucker born every minute.

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If he were working FOR him, that's parasitism.

If he's working WITH him, that's symbiosis.


Russia Will Stick to Minsk Accords Despite Recent Murdered DPR Head - Kremlin

"The recent murder of the head of the DPR complicates talks with Ukraine, but Russia will continue its settlement efforts under the Minsk Accords, Putin's press secretary told reporters. 'After the perpetration of this latest terrorist attack it is very difficult to discuss anything with the Ukrainian side, but this does not mean that Russia is withdrawing from the Minsk process,' President Vladimir Putin's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, told reporters on Monday."


This is the Real, Americanized, Nazi-Dominated Ukraine

"The Hill newspaper was once courageous enough to post an exceptional article 'The Reality of Neo-Nazis in Ukraine is Far From Kremlin Propaganda' in which the links documented that on a thoroughly bipartisan conservative-'progressive' basis, the US Congress is essentially united in support of the Obama-created Nazi regime in Ukraine [and so ergo Canadian parliament too].  That is a grim situation but it's undoubtedly true, and it remains hidden instead of reported in American [and Canadian] 'news' media."


Azov Sea Flashpoint: Russia, Ukraine Teetering on the Brink of War

"Ukraine as increased its military presence in the Azov Sea region. Nobody needs conflict in the Azov Sea region. A spark can ignite a big fire at any time if the problem is not addressed in a positive way without saber rattling. It's a pity the US is playing such a destructive role..."


The 'Yalta European Strategy' (YES) 3 Years on Since Putin's Geopolitical Checkpoint (and vid)

"Absolutely nothing will change. The IMF (CIA) owns the infrastructure, society is exhausted after five years of aggressive Banderism and general mob rule, and a religious war is about to be released by Washington & Co. Things only get worse from here..."

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The IMF, the CIA, Banderites, a mob, and Washington... all in one sentence.


Ukrainian Radicals Storm Church, Several Injured (and vid)

"Radical nationalists have reportedly seized a church in Western Ukraine, beating the faithful in the process. The violence comes amid expectations of a schism-threatening acknowledgement of an independent church in Ukraine..."


Violent Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Speaks at US Govt Org, Helps Kiev Police 'Purge' Roma

"An activist from violent Ukrainian neo-Nazi gang C14 spoke at the US government's America House Kyiv and  worked with Kiev police to 'purge' Roma citizens."

No surprise. Everybody knows. Ottawa's doors are always open to Ukrainian Nazis like Parubiyi anytime. But hey, as long as they 're giving the Russkis stress who cares. Don't ask, don't tell. 'Slava Ukraini'!

Nazis in Ukraine? We proudly train them.

Keith McClary

Kateryna Handziuk: Ukraine activist, 33, dies from acid attack

""People who order the attacks are never brought to justice. In the last nine months, only one case was investigated and closed. Ninety-nine percent of the time there is impunity," said Amnesty's Guryeva."

The CBC was all over corruption in Ukraine before the regime change. Hardly a word since.


Can't imagine why? See #229, Canada trains them.

"Fascist goons and paramilitary groups act with total impunity in Ukraine. They're usually tied to the state or governing political factions. But that's a taboo subject for the western press."


Blowback: An Inside Look at How US-Funded [Canadian armed & trained] Fascists in Ukraine Mentor US White Supremacists

"An FBI indictment shows how white supremacists from across the West are flocking to Ukraine to learn from the combat experience of their US-backed fascist brothers-in-arms, and are bringing their lessons back home..."