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Donetsk Militia 'Not Going To Storm Mariupol' (and vid)

"The Donetsk militia has been ordered to suppress Kiev's military positions to the east of Mariupol, but is not going to storm the city, said DPR head Aleksandr Zakharchenko, accusing Kiev of a false flag operation and shifting the blame.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian [oligarch, Billionaire] President, Petro Poroshenko has aborted his visit to Saudi Arabia for the funeral of King Abdullah, and has flown back to Kiev.

On his arrival, Poroshenko will 'host an urgent meeting of Ukraine's National Security and Defense Council,' which was ordered 'to develop and implement more effective steps in view of the rapid deterioration in the east of the country,' the presidetial press-service said.

Ukrainian PM Arseny Yatsenyuk has requested that an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council be held over the situation in Mariupol..."


Just an 'Honest' Mistake This Time? Maybe [a False Flag?]

"By now most of you would have heard about the artillery strike on the civilian outskirts of Mariupol. The Nazis blamed the Novorussians, who denied it. Turns out the locals saw it all and even filmed it.

Bottom line is this: this appears to be an 'honest' mistake, meaning that the Ukrainians were probably trying to hit the advancing Novorussians but their salvos came in short. (Ukr. artillerists do not exactly have a reputation of being snipers). Here is a map...

Ugly and scary for sure. And horrible for those who were hit. But what is forgotten in this story is that this is what Donetsk has been suffering every day and Gorlovka getting hit by daily in massive amounts. And unlike Mariupol, Donetsk and Gorlovka, are being hit like that deliberately.

The next time around it could be a deliberate SBU false flag. [Why not this time?]  For example, imagine this:

You are Poroshenko or Nalivaichenko and you ask the USA and the EU to declare the Novorussians 'terrorists'. And then for some reason both of them decline to do so. How would you go about proving them wrong? The MH17 and recent civilian bus false flags failed. These pesky westerners still don't want to declare 7 million people as terrorists. So what would you do about it?


This is a very dangerous situation and the events this morning show that even an 'honest' Ukr. mistake can be immediately turned into political ammuntion to flame anti-Russian hysterics in the West..."

(as will likely soon be demonstrated when the cult of 'believe-whatever-we-say', who mostly never come around these threads, will shortly again flood the place after their daily dose of anti-Donbass TV propaganda courtesy of the MSM they are so clearly attached to and controlled by,)

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I get a 404 at the BBC url that Smith posted.


Mogherini Sees 'Grave Deterioration' in Russia-EU Relations Over Mariupol (and vid)

"Further great deterioration' of relations between Russia and the European Union is expected due to the escalation of the Ukrainian conflict, EU's foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said Saturday..."


Biden Blames Donbas Violence on Militia, Wants Harsher Sanctions on Russia

"US Vice President Joe Biden thinks independence supporters in southeastern Ukraine (Donbass) are responsible for the escalation of violence in the region, claiming that the militia is Russia-backed and thus Russia should be targeted by more Western sanctions, the White House has said in a press release.


False flag?

You mean this?



Again... false flag?


"Today an offensive was launched on Mariupol. This will be the best possible monument to all our dead," Russia's RIA news agency quoted rebel leader Alexander Zakharchenko as saying at a memorial ceremony in the separatist-held city of Donetsk.



Jan 22: ITN - Killing Confessions (and vid)

"Ukrainian-based violence is spiraling out of control as more civilians are killed..."


"We witness the single most reckless, destructive foreign-policy this administration has yet devised, comparable in magnitude to Bush II's decision to invade Iraq in 2003.

The devastation of ties with a global power, the dissolution of Ukraine and very possibly the ruination of Europe's barely beating economic recovery will be what we live with after this administration makes its exit."

Distortions, Lies and Omissions: The NYT Won't Tell You The Real Story Behind Ukraine, Russian Economic Collapse

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English-speaking troops in Ukraine run from TV camera. "Out of my face! Out of my face!"

See for yourself. 2 min 30 sec.

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NDPP wrote:

Donetsk Militia 'Not Going To Storm Mariupol' (and vid)

Not till the armored task force made up of all the shit Russia sent across the boarder to help them gets there. B-/

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And? He's just like a Russian nationalist fighting on the other side: a military vacationer. Just like the civil war in Spain before WW2 volunteers and idealist from around the world were on both sides. 

At least he wasn't driving a M1A2SEPTongue out


Ukraine Military 'To Boost Forces in the East' as Poroshenko Calls to Stick to Minsk Accord

"Kiev sees no alternative' to the Minsk ceasefire accords, [Billionaire Oligarch] President Petro Poroshenko said. However, the Ukrainian military is building up troops in the east to conduct  'an adequate response' to the militia advancement, the Defense Ministry stated.

The violence in eastern Ukraine escalated recently with the ceasefire deal penned in Minsk last year finally shattering. Ukraine last week attempted to launch a massive offensive operation against militia positions, but it ended in failure. Their opponents have since pressed forward and gained ground, advancing in the direction of the part city of Mariupol in the south of the Donetsk region.

Amid an apparent setback for the Ukrainian military, President Petro Poroshenko called for sticking to the Minsk accord. 'The Minsk Agreement is a priority for us, we don't have any alternative to it. We will not allow it to be undermined. Everything relies on it. Now we must implement it comprehensively and accurately,' the Ukrainian president said.

The militia said they no longer trusted Poroshenko and his calls for peace after months of ceasefire [violations]. 'Poroshenko is cynical beyond all limits. For us the Minsk process was a question of life for our civilians. For Kiev it was a cover for preparing their offensive,' Denis Pushilin, a Donbass representative in Minsk told Interfax..."


[Why Canuckleheads are for Nazis in Ukraine - most believe this version automatically]

Pro Russian Rebel Rockets Kill at Least 30 in Mariupol

"Indiscriminate rocket fire slammed into a market, schools, homes and shops Saturday in Ukraine's southeastern city of Mariupol, killing at least 30 people authorities said. The Ukrainian president called the blitz a terrorist attack and NATO and the US demanded that Russia stop supporting the rebels.

Ukrainian officials rushed to defend the strategically important port on the Sea of Azov, beefing up military positions with more equipment and sending in more forces. The separatists' top leader declared that an offensive against Mariupol had begun - then later toned down his threats as the scale of the civilian casualties became clear..."

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The pro-Russian separatists get a hold of high range anti aircraft weapons and they eventually manage to kill a bunch of civilians with it.

The pro-Russian separatists get a hold of long range artillery weapons and they eventually manage to kill a bunch of civilians with it.

Someone needs to stop giving the pro-Russian separatists long range stuff. 

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Those who were killed in Mariupol were killed by Ukrainian artillery. It was an "honest mistake" by the Junta Repressive Force (JRF).

But go ahead and blame the Rooskies or the "Pro Russian Separatists". I'm sure a lie repeated many times will be believed to be the truth.

An Honest Mistake by the Ukrainian junta. Maybe.

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Ukraine flirts with declaring martial law and a war on Russia

Complicated, however, for the junta. The IMF won't lend money to a country at war; it's not a good bet, and the loser probably won't pay. They can't have martial law without a war, and a war cuts off IMF funding.

Ah, the difficulties of a junta. Nobody understands the "problems" they have.

But what if they declare war on Russia anyway? The regime is insane enough to do so. Then we have

Then, will Russia watch indifferently as a war is declared against it? No. If they declare war on Russia in order to solve their crisis - Russia has every right to move troops to the territory of Ukraine. In this scenario, Ukraine has no chance - the resistance of Ukrainian forces will last a week at most",- said the military expert.

What's next? "Then all of Ukraine is occupied by Russian troops on a completely legal basis - if officially a war was declared on Russia, then no West, OSCE or the UN can say anything. In this case, Russia will use the UN Charter on the right for individual and collective defense and will be able to calmly destroy the armed forces of Ukraine as the aggressor," - says the military analyst.

Better call Saakashvili. He has some experience in these matters.


Putin started spinning this "war on Russia" nonsense even before they invaded the southeast. I posted the video a couple of times upthread. That they are floating it again woudl be laughable, so long as one assumes Putin isn't stupid enough to think he could actually do it.



Some people only notice the dead if they can be exploited to misdirect sympathy to their murderers. Anyone bringing an open mind soon figures out the game. Unfortunately, some identify with the oppressor more than his liberator.

We know who the real alien invaders are behind this. They occupy Kiev now just as they occupy Ottawa. And hope to occupy Donbass. Or Moscow. Everywhere.  Some people resist. Some don't. Some cheerlead the Nazi advance. Some don't.


XYZ: What Would Happen If The Russian Army Really Invaded Ukraine 

"According to our Ukrainian partners, commenting on the latest ATO news and referring to the intercepted data from reports of the Russian army, 'today another division of the Russian Army was destroyed near Lugansk...'

I want to briefly explain to the Ukrainian colleagues what is the modern Russian army, and what would happen if it did come to visit them in reality and not in their wet-dreams...."


Signs That Russia Has Tired of Waiting For West To Restrain Kiev

"The Russian Security Council met. This is the Russian government's key decision making body on questions of foreign, defense and security policy. As President and Commander in Chief, Putin chairs it.

We do not have a full account of what was said. What we do know is that the situation in Ukraine was the topic under discussion.

Putin's website has provided us with an extract from the address he made to begin the meeting..."





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Let's see the evidence of the "Russian invasion", Smith.

Oh, yeah. None is available, except for those grainy photos of Nessie in Loch Ness, or Russian tanks photographed in Anywhere, Ukraine, or postings on social media that the US State Department then quotes as "evidence". Laughable. 

Be honest. If Russia actually wanted to, they could defeat the Ukrainian military, and its private armies, and its US and NATO "advisors", faster than you could say, "Death to fascists". And it might just come to that if the putsch regime is nuts enough.

Other articles have suggested that Poroshenko is more afraid of the privatized fascist-oriented oligarch armies on his own side than the liberation forces of the DPR or LPR. The latter have no interest in killing civilians, they make all sorts of arrangements to show the Ukrainian regulars [not the fascists; for the latter, it is a different story] the error of their ways, and so on.

This failed state, formerly known as Ukraine, is teetering on the brink of annihilation. Its main support is in the private and pro-fascist militias, in the Ukrainian military, and in its main sponsor in Washington through the various NATO aggressors (including Canada). They are forcibly conscripting everyone, even old ladies and the neighbour's dog, with all sorts of Ukes trying to flee anywhere, including to Russia I might add, to avoid service to this brutal regime. The country is awash in foreign mercenaries, many of whom are starting to appear as KIA on the Ukrainian side. All sorts of false flag actions have been taken, noisily pronounced as the result of the actions of the Russians or the "pro Russian separatists", mostly ending in abysmal failure and exposed as dirty tricks or unclear causes. The Western MSM has played the role of broadcasting a torrent of Russophobic projectile vomit from day one and yet, more and more people are doubting and disputing the revolting expectorate. Deepite their sometimes oafish and clumsy media, Russian media [in particular RT] has turned a corner and is now, quite frequently, routing the Western MSM in their own game.

Needless to say, this latter result is evoking the most furious, frothing, foaming, Elmer-Fuddian response from the MSM. Very amusing if it didn't relate to life and death matters like a civil war in Ukraine. The thread on Russophobia here on babble has an embarrassing wealth of examples.

This is going to end badly for the putsch regime. Or very badly. And, very importantly, it is pretty clear than one thing will never be the same. After taking "lessons" on how to run their society following the demise of the Soviet Union, Russian society has an overwhelming contempt for the Western countries, their vassal states and myopic uni-polar ideology, and, along with the BRIC member states, and many others, are "pivoting" eastward, developing alternative currency trading, alternative financial instruments, moving away from the idiocy of the hegemon and it's Barad-dur and lidless eye in Washington, in what seems very much like an irreversible process.




American General Awards Medals To Ukrainian Soldiers For Genocide

"General Ben Hodges, Chief US Army in Europe

Honor/Valor/Geneva Redefined "

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OH, jeez, another whuppin' for the putsch regime.

Urgent! The armies of DPR and LPR joined and surrounded 7,500 Ukrainian troops in the Debaltsevo cauldron.

LPR fighter reported that the armed forces of the republics surrounded the occupied Debaltsevo, and UAF is in panic in Lisichansk:

DPR and LPR militia forces surrounded Debaltsevo, Ukrops have a lot of losses. Panic in Lisichansk. Most enjoying joint operations with DPR. Heading to Debaltsevo with DPR is nice. It's a success without a doubt. Literally every 30 minutes in Stanitsa working on the ukrops, not stopping, started sweeping. BMP arrived with help. Debaltsevo will be Ilovaysk 2.0. Its hot here right now, successful attack on Lisichansk, KAMAZ arrived. I was near Debaltsevo - you can take it in a day. Helping DPR.

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Some very strong language about how to end the civil war in Ukraine.

"Just shoot yourselves!"

I see only one natural exit from the dead end of the Maidan and civil war. Yatsenyuk, Turchinov, Klichko ought to take poison or shoot themselves, like Hitler and Himmler. Their suicides saved the Germans and Germany from complete annihilation. If Ukraine’s leaders are patriots, as they claim, they can simply leave the game. Thus saving Ukraine and Ukrainians from death, a total economic collapse, and the destruction of Ukrainian cities.

"The time to die for Ukraine has come. But not for simple workers and peasants. The time has come for you. Weren’t you the ones shouting for Yanukovych to leave? He left. Now it’s your turn. Just leave us once and for all. And then the war in Ukraine will end."

What about the invincible cyborgs at the Donetsk airport? Captured. 


The Maidan anarchy broke the Ukrainian army and all security services. Volunteer battalions are useful against unarmed civilians and excel as marauders and executioners. But they do not know how, do not like, and do not want to fight, withdrawing as soon as the fighting against militiamen and Russian volunteers gets serious.
Our highly praised volunteer commanders tend to receive very timely wounds so as to be evacuated from the battlefield ahead of the cannon fodder, in the same fashion as they disappeared (along with Yatsenyuk, Turchinov, and Klichko) from the Maidan just before it was fired upon by snipers. Or, even better, they became Rada deputies and are now defending Ukraine there, not at the front.

Brave Sir Robin, he is Brave Sir Robin!

This last comment is very interesting, reference to the fictitious "invincibility" of the US Marines, and then this:

No, the US intent is for Russians to fight against Europe. The US wants to look at the slaughter from afar, participating in it just as they participated in World War 2. They’ll arrive in Kiev just as they arrived in Berlin. To divide Germany, not fight against fascism.

Not really fair, as the Yanks did their share, even if they took their sweet time getting there. The author is certainly bang on in regard to dividing Germany. But the quote shows the level of contempt and outrage towards the US generally.



NDPP wrote:

XYZ: What Would Happen If The Russian Army Really Invaded Ukraine        

Well seeing as how their invasions of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkiv, and Odessa didn't exactly go off as planned, I don't think it would be a cakewalk taking it, and especially not holding it. 

Doesn't mean he isn't going to try, though.


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6079_Smith_W wrote:
Well seeing as how their invasions of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkiv, and Odessa didn't exactly go off as planned, I don't think it would be a cakewalk taking it, and especially not holding it. 

Doesn't mean he isn't going to try, though.

That's pretty funny. Invasion of Donetsk? What have you been smoking, Smith? Maybe lay off the really strong bud a bit, huh?

In any case, these scenarios are "what if" thinking. There's no way, short of Ukraine stupidly declaring war on Russia, or some heinous provocation (even worse than shooting down a civilian airliner and killing all 300 aboard) , or something like that, that Russian President Putin would be dumb enough to invade anywhere. What happened with Georgia in 2008 is very instructive and I'm sure Putin learned from how Medvedev handled that situation.

NATO has, in violation of sacred agreements in the Gorbachev era, marched right up to the Russian border and, it seems, have every intention of continuing with regime change or outright war with Russia itself. This is the key political factor in all these events.


They have invaded, ikosmos, whether you say so or not.

And no, it hasn't turned out the way he wanted it to.



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6079_Smith_W wrote:
They have invaded, ikosmos, whether you say so or not.

Shall we file the evidence along with the "evidence" for Iraqi WMDs, Russian downing of MH-17, and Ukrainian liberation of Auschwitz?


I don't know, ikosmos. If we want to get technical, convoys of mysterious white trucks crossing the border without permissions IS an invasion. Then there was the column that was blown apart back in the summer, countless cases of shelling across the border, the Vostok Battalion, Russian soldiers supposedly in Rostov, but then winding up in Ukraine, posthumous awards of military honours to serving Russian soldiers for nothing, apparently, Putin's deploying Russian soldiers without insignia in Crimea to surround military bases , Russian tanks in Ukraine, Russian military and political leaders directing the campaign in the east.

THat's just a small sampling of the stuff that is documented

It isn't an invasion? If you say so.


It doesn't matter.  Once a country is overrun by US state department overseers, CIA henchmen, and nameless mercernaries it becomes anybody's ball of wax.  Smith is not so much opposed to sovereign nations being invaded and taken over by forces and interests external to the country in question.  His concern is that certain interests shouldn't be doing it.  For other interests it seems to present less of a problem for him.  It's almost as if western imperialism serves as a proxy for his own colonialist inspired mentality, and not the other way around.


Denis Pushilin: Mariupol Provocation was staged to involve USA

"Of course there are solutions - certainly it is the peace process. Regarding the shelling of the cities - the only opportunity is to suppress the positions of the enemy from which the civilian locations are shelled. We saw what happened in Mariupol yesterday.

It is unfortunately another attempt to blame the militia, to show us in a bad light. Today we heard an announcement that this was needed to replace the Minsk format with the Geneva format, and so involve the USA. This is what was announced by Poroshenko."


Mariupol Residents Are Not Fooled - Ukrainian Soldiers Left Their Eastern Checkpoint Ahead of the Strike

"In the morning of January 24, the eastern outskirts of Mariupol were attacked near the UAF checkpoint, writes Internet news resource Donetsk Republic News. But junta fighters were not injured, because according to local residents, they left their fortification a few hours before the strike.

'In a huge number of homes there is broken glass, the situation in severe. There is no water and electricity, it was disabled half an hour before...They [UAF] were preparing for this situation, knew about it' said a resident of Mariupol. He stressed that the situation is similar to a false flag.

'They wanted to create a huge reaction to set the population against our militia. We thought at first it was a mistake, but then I realized it was intentional. Past our windows was driving a new rotation of these banderites [Ukr Nazis]. They immediately turned around and pulled back,' says a local resident."


The Saker: The Only Peace Plan For Ukraine That Will Work: De-Nazify Ukraine

"...Which of these two scenarios makes more sense to you? The first one basically hands over the Ukraine to the Empire, while the second one uses Novorussia as an unbreakable tether tying the rest of Ukraine to Novorussia and Russia.

Keeping a nominally unitary Ukraine, with the Donbass de facto independent, makes it possible for Russia to 'reel in' the entire Ukraine. And since there can be no safety or security for either the Donbass or Russia with a NATO-run regime in power in Kiev, regime change and the full de-nazification of the entire Ukraine is the only viable long term solution to this conflict.

That goal can only be achieved if Novorussia remains nominally part of Ukraine..."


RT News - January 26, 2015 (1200MSK and vid)

(starts at 7:15 after opening Syriza victory segment)

"The UN Security Council is to re-assemble on Monday to discuss the deadly shelling of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol..."


Slumberjack wrote:

 It's almost as if western imperialism serves as a proxy for his own colonialist inspired mentality, and not the other way around.

Because it's all about me, right, SJ? Can you comment on anything without turning it into a personal attack?

Gee, was it Obama who called Victor Yankovich into his office, read him the riot act and made him reverse a decision? Because that's not who he said he was getting pressured by. Are people dumping American stooges into garbage cans, pulling down mini-statues of liberty? And was it a gang of Americans who crossed the border and started the fighting that  ended with that disasterous fire in Odessa?

There's a bit of a difference between courting economic investment and diplomatic association - something with Yanukovich was doing before he left office - and a covert military invasion.





6079_Smith_W wrote:
Because it's all about me, right, SJ?

Well it's ultimately never about you is it?  You can drone on and on for months at a time about all of the evils being perpetuated by the Russians, but when it comes time to try and get you to own up to the fascist narrative and position that seems dear to you, you're usually found retreating behind the 'personal' as if it were out of bounds. 


That's because it is out of bounds.

More importantly though, it is a distraction from the actual issue. And since you mention droning, do you really think it is a news flash to anyone here what you think about people who disagree with you?

Care to talk about Ukraine now?




BREAKING: Kiev Introduces State of Emergency in Donbass, High Alert Across Ukraine

"The Ukrainian government has introduced a state of emergency in the war-torn south-eastern Donetsk and Lugansk regions, and put all other territories on high alert, PM Arseny Yatsenyuk announced..."



26-01-2015 Ukrainian Crisis News (and vid)


23-01/15 : Igor Strelkov Commentary on Strategic Situation in Novorussia

"DPR and LPR troops are striking north to Debaltsevo likely in an attempt to encircle Debaltsevo enemy group by meeting each other..."

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

Thanks Slumberjack. Very insightful comments.

...  is not so much opposed to sovereign nations being invaded and taken over by forces and interests external to the country in question.  His concern is that certain interests shouldn't be doing it.

Along the same lines, I noticed another one of the pro-imperialist babble contributors who had joined others in screeching from the rooftops the "dastardly role" of Russian and other volunteers supporting the resistance in Novorossiya, but when all the data came in about US and other NATO combat troops in Ukraine (and this data is making something very clear to the Russian President, for example), then the duplicitous reply was, "So what? The Russians do that as well."

In other words, the US Empire and its client NATO states like Canada are fine to be involved in a civil war halfway across the world. Russian volunteers, whose country is literally right next door, have no business being there.

The hypocrisy is really quite breathtaking.

The Russian President, talking to young people this weekend, had the following to say:

According to Putin, the Ukrainian army “is not an army, but a foreign legion, in this case a foreign NATO legion, which, of course, doesn’t pursue the national interests of Ukraine.”

Kiev has been reluctant to find political solutions to the crisis in eastern Ukraine and only used the ceasefire to regroup its forces, the president stressed.

The Ukrainian Army is not an army, but a foreign legion. That's exactly right.

The Ukrainian Army: not an army, but a foreign legion controlled and directed by NATO.

The liberations fighters of Donetsk and Lugansk perhaps should therefore, not so much fight the Junta Repressive Force (JRF) as arrest them for treason.


ETA: and junta President Poroshenko just asked ... for more military "aid" from - where else! - NATO.



ikosmos wrote:

all the data came in about US and other NATO combat troops in Ukraine (and this data is making something very clear to the Russian President, for example), then the duplicitous reply was, "So what? The Russians do that as well."

Actually, the reply is "what combat troops?". Seriously. Where are they supposed to be deployed? In the case of Russia's involvement we have trucks crossing the border, burned tanks, Putin's own admission, cross-border shelling,  Russians in command, passports, and bodies in bags.



Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture

Actually ikosmos my posts here are not so much intended as support for the Ukrainian government as much as to point out how incorrrect some babblers here are in their assertions (mostly via Russan state controled media links and pro-Russian blog sites) Russia is not ass deep in what's going on in Eastern Ukraine by supplying the pro-Russian forces with military hardware and Russian "volunteers", some even from their active army.


That is the real point of my posts here... so go fish somewhere else. 



*Mariupol-Donetsk-Frunza! Can Poroshenko Escape Crimes Against Humanity Trial?* (and vid)  -  by George Eliason

"A little over a week ago Petro Poroshenko ordered an all out assault on Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics. Faced with massive losses during the first few days, the Poroshenko regime has resorted unsucessfully to get both republics listed as terrorist organizations by the EU and UN.

Kiev is engaging in a game of escalating crimes against humanity. Each attack on a civilian population has been followed by an all out media blitz trying to place blame on the fledgling republics.

In an attempt to gain media dominance, Yatsenyuk 'Yatzi' is asking the UN to discuss the Ukrainian version of the Mariupol massacre. His problem is people that lived through this are talking...." **[Must Read]**


Strelkov: UAF Units Defecting To NAF, Debaltsevo Cauldron Underway

"...We feel comfortable reporting that things are not looking good for the Ukrainian Army and its punitive battalions. The NAF is in the process of encircling approximately 7,000 UAF troops at Debaltsevo; some are even claiming that the cauldron is complete, with UAF troops surrendering or attempting to flee..."


Resistance To New Wave of Ukrainian Mobilization Has Already Begun

"There are mass protests against the new wave of mobilizations. Women are protesting and do not want to let their husbands and sons go to war..."


Kiev Takes Path of War - Churkin

"...This whole time Kiev was preparing for war. And they didn't even hide it,' Vitaly Churkin told the UN Security Council on Monday. Since September, while evading any direct dialogue on the implementation of the Minsk agreement, Kiev has been strengthening its military positions in southeastern Ukraine.

Along the frontline they deployed forces and equipment, including heavy weaponry; new mobilizations were announced, they put in new orders to military factories. At the same time, instead of measures for the economic reconstruction of Donbass, a policy of suppressing the uncontrolled region has been conducted,' Churkin said.

In his speech, Churkin repeated Moscow's call for Western partners - especially Washington - to 'stop egging on the Ukrainian hawks and covering their inhuman deeds. The only thing that will lead to is an even greater catastrophe,' Churkin warned..."


Ukraine SITREP - 26th January (and vid)

"...I am generally wary of triumphalism and I always get nervous when I see somebody underestimating the enemy. Most importantly, we should remember that while the Junta seems to be suffering major military losses, it still have two options available - a false flag operation and declaring war with Russia.

The empire is in full combat mode. After George Soros [and] the US Commander of NATO ground forces visited Kiev, the Western credit agencies further downgraded Russia.

Just look at the following..."




Right Sector Prepares to Seize Power in Kiev

"The terrorist organization Right Sector is building up its armed presence in Ukraine. It is forming a reserve volunteer batallion in Kiev. The preparation for reformatting the Junta (which we could call an overthrow) has entered a new phase.

Local military formations are being openly formed. The mass media is already creating a wave of 'It's all Poroshenko's fault!'. The pro-US Junta is doing everything to solve all its problems simultaneously. It has to somehow deal with popular discontent, and deprive Poroshenko of any actual power.

The simplest way is to head a protest movement and organize an overthrow."


'Mothers of Ukraine, Save Your Sons!'

"The field headquarters of the Ukrainian Security Forces, formed in the area of the ATO, are escaping and abandoning their troops, according to the Committee of the Military Mothers of Ukraine as of January 25, 2015.

'Mothers of Ukraine, save your sons. Death comes to them in Debaltsevo!'



Russia Cut to 'Junk' as Lavrov Says West Wants 'Blood'

"Ratings firm S&P has cut Russia's bonds to 'junk' status, with Moscow accusing the West of wanting 'blood' amid threats of further sanctions. Russian leader Vladimir Putin noted his parliament will on Tuesday approve an 'anti-crisis plan in order to 'ensure social stability.'

US Treasury chief Jack Lew and EU leaders have warned they are willing to increase the 'strain' if Russia launches more attacks in east Ukraine..."


State of Emergency Declared in Eastern Ukraine, as US Vows More Sanctions Against Russia

"...President Obama vowed to 'ratchet up' the pressure on Russia and ominously promised that the US government would consider all options 'available to us'...

At the same time that Obama denounced supposed Russian interference in Ukraine, he reiterated that Washington would continue to give economic support to the Kiev regime, as well as provide equipment and training for its armed forces..."



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