Untimely passing of Jorge Videla - 47 years too late

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Untimely passing of Jorge Videla - 47 years too late



[url=http://www.ottawacitizen.com/news/Former+Argentine+dictator+Jorge+Videla...Former Argentine dictator dies of natural causes while serving life in prison[/url]

Death by natural causes... a fate which he and his U.S. backers denied to tens of thousands of trade unionists, students, pregnant women, activists of all kinds, and just plain people that he decided to torture and "disappear".

As we Jews say, may his name and his memory be erased.



May he rot.

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First Maggie and now him.  Its been a good year for dancing on graves.


Yes, but like Pinochet and Maggie T, he certainly took his bloody time.

Of course he will rot, as we all will if we aren't cremated.

Died in his bed, but at least, at long last, he wound up in some kind of penal facility. He never stopped mouthing off against democracy.

http://www.pagina12.com.ar/ is a good source for more!