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ICRC On Yemen

"The former head of the Red Cross in Yemen described to RT just how much needs to be done."


Canada's Dual Role in Yemen: Arms Experts To Saudi Coalition Dwarf Aid Sent to War-Torn Country

"Canada has spent $65 million in humanitarian aid to help Yemenis suffering a brutal war. It has also exported $284 million worth of weapons and military goods to the countries bombing Yemen. 'It's a bit like helping pay for somebody's crutches after you've helped break their legs,' said Cesar Jaramillo, executive director of Project Ploughshares..."

The Canadian way...


UN Warns 10 Million More Yemenis Expected To Starve To Death by End of Year

"According to the UN, up to 18.4 million people in Yemen will starve to death in the face of the Saudi blockade by this December..."

Amazing what you can get away with when you've bought off the 'international community' so handsomely. 


Yemen: US Grants Approval For Genocide

"The genocide in Yemen is going to start tomorrow. Eight million are already on the brink of starvation. The only supply line from the outside world will soon be cut off. The UN is now evacuating its staff. The people will starve..."

Canada supports 


Yemen: The Starvation Siege Has Begun

"Last night the Saudi coalition launched an attack on the city of Hodeidah in Yemen. The problem is that the Saudis plan a starvation siege on all territory held by the Houthis and their aligned forces. There are some 18 million people living in these territories. This obvious Saudi strategy is the reason why the UN warned  of the possible starvation of 18 million people who depend on food transfers through Hodeidah. 

Britain and the US, the Saudis and the Emirates are on the verge of committing a war crime that will exceed the war on Iraq by any measure..."

Saudi billions ensure Canada stays silent. Will you ?


'As Crimes Pile Up, They Become Invisible'

"Western complicity in Saudi Arabia's dirty war in Yemen..."


"If people realized the US was on the side of Al Qaeda and Saudi Arabia in Yemen against its Houthi defenders, do you think they would care?"


"Saudi-led forces 'bogged down' outside Yemen's Hudaydah amid UN warning of humanitarian crisis."


Fathers Day in Yemen


Yemen: "If you think Canadian companies don't have a role in the Hudaydah battle, consider the UAE's IOMAX Archangel 'counterinsurgency' airplane which comes equipped with WESCAM targeting pods, PW Canada engines and an ESTERLINE CMC avionics suite


"Despite warnings of the dire consequences for the Yemeni population, since the Saudi/UAE-led assault on Hodeidah began, nothing but silence from all parties in Canada's Parliament, no editorials questioning Ottawa's support for (or role in fuelling) this brutal war..."



CrossTalk: Destruction of Yemen (and vid)

"...Yemen is far more than a proxy war. This is one of the excuses the western governments and western media use to justify the crimes they committed by these governments. The Canadian government, the American, British and French governments are involved in crimes against humanity and they are just as guilty as Mohammed Bin Salman and the Saudi regime. Without them, he couldn't be carrying out these crimes..."


"Oh you forget about the LAV deal? Here they are in Yemen. Yes, we sold them to Saudi Arabia to combat terrorism or something. Nice to see they're putting some miles on them."


Battle For Al Hudaydah On June 20, 2018

Where is Canada's pro-war Left. Why are they silent? Why aren't they cheering?


West & Its Arab Stooges are Terrified Over a Genuinely Independent Yemen

"Today the Red Sea port city of Hodeidah is under ferocious attack in the latest stage of the West's aggression against the indomitable people of Yemen. This war was initiated as a 'proxy' war to be fought by their Gulf underlings, bugt defeats and setbacks have increasingly led Western countries  to have more direct involvement. Western forces now appear to be openly involved in the latest escalation.

But what makes Western powers and their Arab proxies - so willing to contemplate such a genocidal level of killing, just to ensure a Saudi-Emirati victory over their impoverished neighbor...?"

An excellent primer on this war on Yemen.


Yemeni Prisoners Say Emirati Officers Sexually Torture Them

"Recall that the UAE's in the military with which Harjit Sajjan recently signed a 'Defense Cooperation Arrangement."


'(+ Canada)'

"In short, the war in Yemen has become integral to an all-out regional conflict from which only arms manufacturers in the US and the UK (+Canada) and the aggressive and militaristic government in Israel can benefit - all to the delight of reactionary Arab regimes."


"Yemen is the Most Important and Most Ignored Story in the World"

"Recent clip of a Saudi-Canadian LAV in Hajjah, Yemen..."


TRNN: The Saudi-US Agenda Behind Destroying Yemen (pt 1/2 and vid)

"A Saudi-led airstrike has killed dozens in Yemen's port-city of Hodeida amid UN warnings of another catastrophic cholera outbreak. Professor Isa Blumi of Stockholm University and author of 'Destroying Yemen', discusses the motives and impact of the unrelenting US-backed assault."


Saudi Arabia Cut Secret Deals With Al Qaeda Fighters

"...Al Qaeda militants are effectively on the same side as the Saudi-led coalition-and, by extension, the US. 'Elements of the US military are clearly aware that much of what the US is doing in Yemen is aiding AQAP and there is much angst about that,' said Michael Horton, a fellow at the Jamestown Foundation, a US analysis group that tracks terrorism. However, supplying the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia against what the US views as Iranian expansionism takes priority over battling AQAP and even stabilizing Yemen,' Horton said..."


Dozens of Children Slaughtered and Injured in Coalition Airstrike on Bus in Yemen (Disturbing video)

"A bus carrying children in northern Yemen was attacked on Thursday, hit by an airstrike fired by the Saudi-led coalition. The attack killed dozens. In a statement released by state news agency SPA, the Saudi-led coalition claimed 'Today's attack in Saada was a legitimate military conformed to international and humanitarian laws."


What is really mind bending is this bus story is being played up on C*N.  Its like they have a segement an hour.  Yemen before today not exist in tv media.  Their even talking openly about the role of US and Britian in war.!!!


SeekingAPoliticalHome wrote:

What is really mind bending is this bus story is being played up on C*N.  Its like they have a segement an hour.  Yemen before today not exist in tv media.  Their even talking openly about the role of US and Britian in war.!!!

The Streisand Effect


ICYMI: Why Aren't We Talking About Yemen? (and vid)

"Yemen: bombed and forgotten."


Just listen to answer about iraq children,  500,000 thousand were a sacrifice to control Saddam. How will be sacrificed at the altar of political power? today Mr Trump.

What to ask Trump if the sacrifice 13  million starving people is enough to justify power play politicals games in a modern great game.  Many Yemeni children, mother, and fathers will sacrificed to control Iran.  What's the price 15 million maybe 18 million,  to reach the end. How many more are too much, I was ask the President.



Canada sells arms being used in this obscene war on Yemen. Do Canadians really wish to participate? If not, stop the arms transfers and demand the starvation siege be lifted  by the Saudis immediately. Why will Canadian MPs vote unanimously to stop genocide in Myanmar but not in Yemen?


I’m going to attempt to articulate a perspective that was impressed upon me while I was exposed to state media in China. 

The humanitarian crisis in Yemen is all over the news in China and has a very serious tone. 

As I understand it, China originally sided with Iran. But switched support to Saudia Arabia in an attempt to a more balanced approach. 

But the impression I get from watching China state media is that they want this war over ASAP and don’t really care who the government is, as long as the country is rebuilding and not starving dying and fighting 

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..from democracy now headlines

U.S. Calls for Yemen Ceasefire as U.K. Supports “De-escalation”

This comes amid mounting calls for a ceasefire in the U.S.-backed, Saudi-led war in Yemen, which is described as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called for a ceasefire Tuesday night. U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May expressed support for “de-escalation” in Yemen while speaking to the British Parliament Wednesday, but stopped short of backing a full ceasefire. The U.S. and the U.K. are the largest military backers of Saudi Arabia.


Washington Calls For Yemen Ceasefire as Saudis Escalate Siege of Hodeidah

"Despite calls by the US secretaries of state and defense for a ceasefire in Yemen, the US-backed, Saudi-led coalition is carrying out a massive buildup of troops laying siege to the country's critical Red Sea port of Hodeidah, threatening an offensive that could kill many thousands while plunging millions more into outright starvation.

While there is no evidence that Iran is 'fueling' the conflict, Washington is literally doing just that..."


Yemen - After 200,000 Died An Embarrassed US Finally Calls For Negotiations

"The Saudi war on Yemen has failed. The war on Yemen will not end anytime soon..."


Yemen: Where is the UN Security Council?

"If the world has looked the other way during Yemen's 'forgotten war', the role of the UN Security Council in authorising the actions of the Saudis and their allies has also escaped public attention..."