Harper Double-talk on Sovereignty

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Harper Double-talk on Sovereignty


I'm new, anger has brought me here.  Fed up with the lies and double-talk perpetrated by Harper.


CBC Headline: "Tory majority key to stopping soverigntists"



What a load of CRAP. I think Harper is trying to scare Quebec voters to vote BLOC, to prevent NDP gains in the province and to captilize on more splits and division re: Canadian Unity.


But where does Harper stand on Sovereignty?

Here's a clue:



And what is Steven Harper's Government doing re: negotiations @ CETA (Canadian-European Trade Agreement-- Nafta on Steroids)




What is Canadian Sovereignty: The right to self-determination; democratic processes (of which the Harper government is in Contempt, unwilling to share facts and figures and be transparent about the directions he is steering Canada in)
It's the rights over the management of our resources, but Harper is putting them all up for grabs, allowing Corporate rights to trump Canadian democratic rights, regulative laws, and who knows where this will end?
What is his plan for health care, how can we trust this person, his officials to negotiate on behalf of Canadian interests, if those interests don't include value for Canadian autonomy, our labour codes, our health care system, what's left of environmental regulation (he allowed the "oil sands development" to proceed without environmental impact assessment, and on Oil Sands subsidies paid by the Canadian tax payer, while proceeding with his plans of lowering Corporate Tax Rate-- under the lie that this will create more jobs, when it's proven, this is not the case)
We are by now familiar with his statements to the National Citizen's Coalition re: his attitudes towards Canadians, health care, poverty, etc.
I find it very frustrating and furthermore, just how in the dark the majority of voters may be. My brother works hard labour (non-unionized) and he's been getting impressions from his fellow workers re: the elections. His boss' interpretations, buying Harper's BS in the debate, about "bickering", Ignatieff's point that this is debate, this is what democracy is about, lost on my brother's boss. It's incredible how little people understand our democracy, the workings of Parliament, the roles of the Opposition.
I can't believe the potential of a democratically-re-electing this Despot-- again, despite the evidence. Average voter's not understanding the significance of "contempt", "loss of confidence vote", and how historical this is-- this would not be a 'partisan issue', because regardless of what parties have been in power, few would dare to violate the Rules of the House of Commons, so smuggly and defiantly-- only in times like these, when the average voter is sadly under-educated-- I thought every Canadian was suppose to have learnt these things in high school, in Grade 10, Canadian History/Politics. What a complete failure the education system has been.
It's unbelievable.