Make something Happen Saw Sign Language MESSage

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Make something Happen Saw Sign Language MESSage

in my mind's eye that spread the word in sign language so fast. . that they would totally undermine all the laws of man, pull the plug on Scrooge running this world. . . . and have us focus on what youth has to teach us with their fresh vision of the world. . .  as we kiss the past from the present, with the music we make. . 

en capsulize the past, much as the trees slip cover all old growth for a fresh start 

each one of us is born picking up on where humanity's story has evolved to . . every bud, every egg, sperm and spore, to name a few, comes with its ability to come into its own . . 

can a human being not be trusted to like wise pick up on what they need to know instead of being schooled by us to what we think we ought know  what right do we have to lord over others 

constrain them, have them do as told for all the years of their youth . .