Notice to World Court; Breach of Trust

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Notice to World Court; Breach of Trust





Sekoh Brothers and Sisters of the Supreme Jurisdiction of the Great Turtle Island;


Welcome to a process of change. Over the years, a lot of people have attempted to make change in our communities and our Homelands.

Everyone has worked in many great ways and have put a lot of work into this process.

The following documents, we consider to be the same, only in a different form.

Over the years, there have been groups of people working towards this change, and we feel this is an accumulation of everything we all have tried to do in the past. So I guess it's the same as "coming to one mind".

For myself, I am honoured to have the opportunity to learn and I have been fortunate enough to meet all sorts of people in this journey.

We look forward to hearing from you with any questions that you may have in regards to this matter, and we ask the Creator to guide us all accordingly.

United we stand; divided we fall.....





(Sovereign Instrument)

Preamble: (All Rights Reserved: Forever and Always: To the

Supreme Jurisdiction of the Great Turtle Island: Et Al.)

1. (David Lee; Buess (Sovereign Private Attorney General))Agent For: High King Chief Scott Phillip Hayes:


Crown Fiduciary Trustee For The Supreme Jurisdiction Of The Great Turtle Island)


2. 22014 Delaware Township Road 184

3. Arlington, Ohio [45814]

4. Phone (419) 694 5796


6. December 28, 2009



8. (Hisashi Owada, ET AL.: PRESIDENT/CEO:






9. Your Honor:

10. This Letter Is To Advise You As To Breach Of Treaty And International Law Violations

11. As It Relates To These Treaty Agreements. I Speak Of Some 4,300 Treaties And 3,000

12. Tribes Which Make Up What Was Originally Known As the Great Turtle Island:

13. Encompassing: (CANADA): (UNITED STATES): (MEXICO):(1) (CENTRAL

14. AMERICA): (SOUTH AMERICA) And The One Thousand Mile(s) Ocean And Sea(s)

15. Boundaries It Encompasses.

16. In Spite Of The Efforts Of Myself Acting Agent On Behalf Of:

High King Chief:

Scott Phillip Hayes

Crown Fiduciary Trustee Of The Supreme Jurisdiction

Of The Great Turtle Island

148 Stephens Street

Winnipeg, Manitoba


PHONE 1 204 282 0719



Time Forward, All True & Original Proprietary Rights Reverted Back To And Are Held By (The Principal Stakeholder, The Principal

Shareholders' and The Principal Beneficiaries' of the Trust's, are forever and always held by The Supreme Jurisdiction of The Great Turtle




17. An Attempted Investigation Into Frauds Related To And Possible Misuse Of Native Tribal

18. Agreements: Trust Accounts: Lawful Stock Holder In The Hudson's Bay Company: And

19. Other Holdings: We made Demand and Were Denied Documented Proof Of Payment

20. Forward On These Trust Treaties And Security Agreements With Either (Her Majesty

21. Elizabeth the II Alexandra Mary Windsor: Heirs and Successors'; Private Woman/Private


23. DEBTOR.): Via British Embassy Here In The United States: And Payment Forward From

24. The (UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT). Discovery made for Honest Service Fraud.

25. This Letter Is To Advise This Court That "First In Time Is First In Line As First In Line


26. Is First In Time": As To Lawful Right(s) For (Lawful Claimants): To Be Paid Forward As

27. The Order Of Correction For The Errors To Transgression To Sin, The English And

28. European Crowns Stole This Land Under False And Fraudulent Pretense And We Can

29. And Will Prove It. Before Any Other Parties: (LEGAL CLAIMANTS): Of Interest Can Be

30. Paid On Any Writ(s) (LEGAL CLAIMANTS) The Original Inhabitants Of The Land

31. Must First Be Paid In Full Of Account(s) Due Per Treaty Agreements And Some May Go

32. Back To 400 A.D.: A Genocide Has Occurred: Breach of Trust: Breach Of Fiduciary

33. Trustee Duties And Obligations To The Original Stakeholder: Principal Shareholders:

34. Principal Beneficiaries: Of The Trusts With The Original People Of The Supreme

35. Jurisdiction Of The Great Turtle Island.

36. This Is To Advise This Court That All Parties To These Treaties Are To Bring Tobacco

37. And Lawfully: Meet With: Re-negotiate: Pay Forward: And Obtain All Appropriate

38. Licenses To Operate As Corporation Entities, Et Al: Upon These Lands: A / K / A The

39. Great Turtle Island: Effective Immediately. All Treaties Are Being Recalled Effective

40. Immediately For Non-Payment(s).

41. We Come In Peace And Friendship And Will Do No Harm To Any Who Come To Us In

42. Peace And Friendship: BAD MAN REMOVED. Our People Are Living In Less Than Third

43. World Conditions: on CONCENTRATION CAMPS/RESERVES Infested With Drugs And

44. Alcohol:

45. It is To The Highest Moral And Spiritual And Commerce Laws That We Do Approach

46 This Court For Relief And Release Of These Conditions Of Harm To The Lawful Claimants

47. That They Are To Govern Themselves According To Their Private Man, Private Woman

48. Liability For Participating In Genocide Against The Supreme Jurisdiction Of The Great

49. Turtle Island. Silence as Consent is Value Forward As Value Accepted. For Remedy See



51. This Following Page Is From The Office Of The President Of The United States:




Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release November 6, 2000



Today I am pleased to sign a revised Executive Order on consultation with Indian tribal governments.

This Executive Order, itself based on consultation, will renew my Administration's commitment to tribal

sovereignty and our government-to-government relationship.

The First Americans hold a unique place in our history. Long before others came to our shores, the First

Americans had established self-governing societies. Among their societies, democracy flourished long

before the founding of our Nation. Our Nation entered into treaties with Indian nations, which

acknowledged their right to self-government and protected their lands. The Constitution affirms the

United States' government-to-government relationship with Indian tribes both in the Commerce Clause,

which establishes that "the Congress shall have the Power To . . . regulate commerce . . . with the Indian

Tribes," and in the Supremacy Clause, which ratifies the Indian treaties that the United States entered

into prior to 1787.

Indian nations and tribes ceded lands, water and mineral rights in exchange for peace, security, health

care and education. The Federal Government did not always live up to its end of the bargain. That was

wrong, and I have worked hard to change that by recognizing the importance of tribal sovereignty and

government-to-government relations. When I became the first president since James Monroe to invite

the leaders of every tribe to the White House in April 1994, I vowed to honor and respect tribal

sovereignty. At that historic meeting, I issued a memorandum directing all federal agencies to consult

with Indian tribes before making decisions on matters affecting American Indian and Alaska Native


Today, there is nothing more important in federal-tribal relations than fostering true government-togovernment

relations to empower American Indians and Alaska Natives to improve their own lives, the

lives of their children, and the generations to come. We must continue to engage in a partnership, so that

the First Americans can reach their full potential. So, in our Nation's relations with Indian tribes, our

first principle must be to respect the right of American Indians and Alaska Natives to self-determination.

We must respect Native Americans rights to choose for themselves their own way of life on their own

lands according to their time honored cultures and traditions. We must also acknowledge that American

Indians and Alaska Natives must have access to new technology and commerce to promote economic

opportunity in their homelands.

Today, I reaffirm our commitment to tribal sovereignty, self-determination, and self-government by

issuing this revised Executive Order on Consultation and Coordination with Indian Tribal Governments.

This Executive Order builds on prior actions and strengthens our government-to-government

relationship with Indian tribes. It will ensure that all Executive departments and agencies consult with

Indian tribes and respect tribal sovereignty as they develop policy on issues that impact Indian



# # # #


52. Please note there is no mention of Treaties by name or specific Executive Order. (2)2) Document Extracted from: (See Info Below):





53. Respectively Submitted:


54(a). David Lee; Buess (Sovereign Private Attorney General) (Agent)


55. CC: High King Chief:

Scott Phillip Hayes

Crown Fiduciary Trustee Of The Supreme Jurisdiction

Of The Great Turtle Island

148 Stephens Street

Winnipeg, Manitoba


PHONE 1 204 282 0719





56. Attachment: (1) (LAWFUL NOTICE AND DEMAND: CEASE AND DESIST)Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2000 09:51 -0500


From: The [Clinton] White House <Publications-Admin@PUB.PUB.WHITEHOUSE.GOV> To: White-House- Subject: 2000-11-06 Statement by the President on Indian Tribal Governments

Keywords: Alaska, Environment, Federalism, Government, President,)Message-Id: <> Document-ID:

(Principal-Statement, Resource-Management, Topical-Remarks,



pdi:// 4

(Sovereign Instrument All Rights Reserved):

For The Supreme Jurisdiction Of The Great Turtle Island: ET AL:



All Corporate Entities Herein Contained By Sovereign Capture: ( ) = Sovereign Capture:

All Corporate Entities Upon The Allodial Land Of The Great Turtle Island Remain The

Possession: Succession: Discretion: By The Supreme Jurisdiction Of The Great Turtle

Island By The Lawful Claimants For Breach Of Contract: Breach Of Trust: Breach Of

Fiduciary Trustee Duties: Obligations: To The Beneficiaries Of The Trust Historically

Ignored By (The Hague).

China's Claim Is Erroneously Based In Fiat Bond Debt Which Cannot Affect The

Beneficiaries Of The Trust Negatively. The (UNITED STATES) Has No Standing To

Pledge Trust Lands, Silver And Or Gold As Collateral Or Payment For Their Corporate

Debts. Likewise Corporate Entities Of The (UNITED STATES) Government Shall Not Be

Extradited Until They Have Made Payment Forward To The Beneficiaries Of These

Trusts Who Are The Lawful Claimants: As All Treaties And Trust Payments Are To Be In

Gold And Silver, Not Fiat Monies. Who Exactly Is The Insurer Of The Gold And Silver

Debt: Would The Court Please Reveal The Names Of These Insurers, To The Lawful

Claimant, High King Chief, Scott Phillip Hayes?



5 )1) (Repeal of the BNA ACT, Sec. 2, 1893, 1897 and 1901, effective at the death of Queen Victoria, officially terminated THE