Retrospective Video of 23 January

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Retrospective Video of 23 January


Please find below a retrospective video recapping our immensely successful event on 23 January 2010. It's done in the style of a mini-documentary and I hope you enjoy it. As always, feel free to distribute as widely, narrowly, or not at all as you see fit.

Unfortunately, as the stage became unmanageably crowded at certain points, we didn't have quality footage of every speaker. Please rest assured any exclusion is purely attributable to technical capacity, and not to slight. Wish we could have included everyone, but unfortunately it was impossible under the circumstances.

The video provides an emotional look back at what a spontaneously assembled, passionate, and patriotic group of Canadians is able to achieve when they put their petty differences aside and focus on defending democratic institutions and practices which have sustained this great nation through a turbulent history and will endure for the next generation long after this lamentable Prime Minister and the present warped inception of his party are appropriately retired by the people's wisdom and grace.

I close by restating how much of a pleasure and a privilege it has been to work with every one of you. It is my sincere hope in the days, months, and years ahead we'll find more frequent and purposeful avenues to press the advantage on Canada's behalf.

The video can be accessed at:


Patrick de Sousa Lahey