"Sounds Like An Earful" A new, crowdfunded Canadian podcast about sound design!

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"Sounds Like An Earful" A new, crowdfunded Canadian podcast about sound design!

Hi everybody!

My name is Christopher Postill, I just found your community. I'm a young sound designer currently living and working in Toronto, Ontario and I'm developing a brand spanking new podcast. It's called "Sounds Like An Earful" and it is all about experimenting with the nature of story telling through sound.

Here is a full synopsis...

"Sounds Like An Earful is an experimental format podcast that explores the medium of sound through a cultural, visceral and human-centered (as opposed to scientific) perspective. Through people, their stories and the music that they inspire, each episode will address and play with properties of sound and how it can be used to tell stories in interesting new ways. The initial run of the podcast will be released as 8 individual half hour weekly episodes.

The podcast is the brainchild of Christopher Postill, a new media content producer and musician currently living and working in Toronto, Canada. Chris holds a BFA in New Media Production from Ryerson University and is a sought-after freelance multimedia/sound designer. He has also produced numerous musical albums and EP releases in collaboration with artists from San Francisco to the Ukraine. A nerd, artist and storyteller at heart, Christopher will fill the shoes of host, engineer, and composer."

If this is at all something that interests any of you, if you want to contribute or be a part of making it a reality, I'd really appreciate your feedback/ideas/criticisms! You can find out more about what I am trying to get started at my crowdfunding campaign for the project:


Thanks again for your time, and I look forward to participating in the community more.

Be well!