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I've been watching "Workin' Moms" on CBC.  Not because the struggles of these women resonate with me so much as I can just click and watch (I've "unplugged" my cable) but probably because I just miss Kim's Convenience.

It's not bad, though.  Women-made, women-centred.  It's got its moments.

Curious note:  the very first minutes of the very first episode show the main characters, in some "Mommy" group, baring and commenting on each other's naked breasts.  I don't remember that from "Little Mosque On The Prairie".  I assume that CBC is taking a swing at HBO.


I am REALLY not interested in watching that, and it seemed very tacky and vulgar.

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The bare breasts, or the "Mommy" group? 

Personally, I just kind of find the whole (gratuitous) nudity thing a bit unexpected, from the CBC.  I'm betting the upcoming "Anne of Green Gables" reboot features no nudity whatsoever.  And I'm glad "The Beachcombers" never trod that road.  A bit off-piste?


I don't think bare breasts or bare anything is vulgar, but yes, gratuitous nudity and the Mummy group, and why Workin' moms without a G? Are they in Trump country? I just started to watch it and found it stupid. My friends who have children (and I'm referring to younger friends, with small children) aren't suddenly brain-deprived.

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..the 7th season of american horror story started last night. the opening scene is donald trump giving a speech. how appropriate!