"Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism" - Canada's immigration minister

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tomtoronto  "Anti-zionism is anti-semitism."  Jason Kenney's statement is the sort of thing that I find revolting. And no matter who wrote it for him, Maysie, he said it (and he will wear it in Canada for many years). I believe Mr. Kenney's statement is not as simple as ignorance, but it is an example of the willful ignoring of the goodness possible in the world in favor of a hateful political stance, a nihilism in human affairs,  one that is being taken by our government without notice or press coverage, and one that is locking Canada more closely to the machinations of the neoconservative wing of American politics. 

According to what I have read - here's the link: http://globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=8530   

Stockwell Day went to Israel in order to sign a public safety and security agreement with the state of Israel; it was signed on 23 March 2008.  "Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff was also in Israel on official business, as guest of Israel's Minister of Public Security, Avi Dicter." The article reports that Dick Cheney was also in Israel at that time...Evidently, the governments of Canada and Israel will collaborate in counter-terrorism and homeland security. Canada signed a Declaration of Intent, which is an agreement at the ministerial level.  I see Mr. Kenney's statement as first evidence of the agreement's impact on Canada's immigration policy. 

It is possible that the effects of this agreement, made so secretively, will have a continuous negative effect on our immigration policy and on the country at  large; it may negatively effect our freedoms if it continues to suppurate throughout our country.  Will our personal information be shared with Israel? With Mossad? Etc.


"Can you actually be so ignorant as to believe that the CAF is a Muslim organization - or that Arabs are Muslims?"

...and the vast majority of Canadian Jews are not Israeli either.


RevolutionPlease wrote:

I like boorish. I might even look it up.

It means Dutch peasant (as in the South African Boers), and it got its English connotation from the British colonial rulers. Quite appropriate for our dear friend who used it above.


As much as I hate to give Stockholm the last word, I'm going to close this for length. 


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