Chelsea Manning: Soldier of Humanity

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Chelsea Manning Faces Indefinite Solitary Confinement, Lawyer Says

"...It is concerning that the military and Leavenworth prison might be taking action for the purpose of chilling Chelsea's speech or even iwth the goal of silencing her altogether by placing her in solitary,' Manning's American Civil Liberties Union lawyer, Chase Strangio told Buzzfeed.

'Hopefully with public scrutiny the prison will respond by dismissing the charges and ensuring that she is not unfairly targeted based on her activism, her identity, and her pending lawsuit.'

Manning is due to appear at a prison hearing concerning the charges with military officials on August 18..."


Chelsea Manning Supporters Condemn Threat of Indefinite Solitary Confinement [Sign Petition!]

"Almost 40,000 signatures have been added to petitions calling on the US military to drop charges against the army soldier and Guardian columnist Chelsea Manning that could put her into indefinite solitary confinement for violations that include storing a tube of expired toothpaste in her military prison cell."

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Chelsea Manning Receives Cash Prize for Exposing War Crimes

Chelsea Manning, the former U.S. soldier imprisoned for leaking U.S. diplomatic cables and copious evidence of war crimes, has been awarded a cash prize in recognition of her “sacrifice and bravery,” it was announced Monday.

“The award recognizes the exceptional importance of the disclosures by Manning in revealing the illegal practice of torture and detention, and in increasing the public understanding of the impact of war on civilians,” said a press release from Blueprint for Free Speech, which presented the award at the offices of the Thomson Reuters Foundation in London. The group also recognized John Kiriakou, a former CIA officer who revealed the illegal use of torture, and Dr. Raj Mattu, a British cardiologist who exposed unsafe conditions threatening patients’ lives at state hospitals.

The three winners will split a cash prize of 15,000 British pounds, or US$7,200 per person....


Great news (obviously not important enough for the MSM's notice) - thanks, epaulo!!

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I was at a documentary festival in Toronto last week and saw a public pitch for a film on Chelsea. I hope they can fund it.


Whistleblower Chelsea Manning Freed From US Military Prison After 7 Years

"...A media spokesperson for the Fort Leavenworth military prison confirmed to RT that Manning was released in the early hours of Wednesday morning around 2 am. The spokesperson did not comment further as per regular inmate release policy."


Great news!


That is wonderful news. Free at last. I hope that supporters have seen to measures to ensure her safety. And while I'd love to hear about her ordeal and her struggles, I hope she is able to take a good holiday now somewhere quiet and calm, in nature. If I recall, she spoke of wanting to be by the sea. 


The Release of Chelsea Manning, CIA Challenges WikiLeaks and NHA Hacks

"We speak to former CIA officer Ray McGovern about US violations of International law, and WikiLeaks associate and Centre of Investigative Journalism board member Joseph Farrell joins us to discuss CIA accusations..."

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She published a photo of herself on Instagram.  I know there's lots of more important stuff to discuss, but TBH, she's looking pretty good!  It's nothing like that one smudgy photo that every news agency has used for everything for the past 7 years.

ed'd to add:  here's that pic

you go girl!