"Are We There Yet?"

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"Are We There Yet?"


Ok. Let me try this out. Excuse if I don't do it correctly. I'm old and getting dumber by the minute (hardening of the arteries? Environmental damage? Senior citizen brain rot? Whatever.)

I was having a boo 'round at "Democratic Underground" from when the above link comes from. The comments to an article "American Fascism: Are we there yet?" I am struck that Americans (us too?) never get anywhere. It's always (ALWAYS) "if we don't do blah blah blah, we might do/be blah blah blah" and it's always "we're on the road to such-and-such" and if we don't mend our ways we might wind up at so-and-so. 

What's up with that? American "capitalism" went/was fascist a long, long time ago. Yet even so-called "leftists" (is there a "left" in the US or Canada) play this stupid game.

The fact is, the elephant did a header off the cliff a long time ago and now the fleas on his back are arguing: "If we don't do something about this, we might hit the ground (ie., some day, if we don't do something, eventually, maybe)!"