Has Social Media Helped Democracy?

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Has Social Media Helped Democracy?

Nowadays, with the explosion of social media, everyone has the chance to everyone to express themselves freely and have a chance to be heard on a worldwide level at the simple touch of a keyboard or smartphone. Now my question is, in your views, has social media helped democracy in any way?


One one hand, one may argue that it has because everyone now has a direct way to let their views known on a worldwide level, but how important i


On the other hand, politicians and the media also participate in social media, so is it really more social or democratic, or still very influenced by the media?


Let the debate start!

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In some parts of the world, what you do on Facebook can get you arrested.


In some parts of this country, what you do on Instagram [url=http://www.cbc.ca/strombo/alt-news/montreal-woman-formally-charged-for-p... get you arrested.[/url]