Toronto-Area babblers get together to say bye and thanks to oldgoat

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mehitabel wrote:

will archy be coming

question mark


You just knocked me back 40-odd years there!

Oldgoat, may joy and good humour follow you everywhere.

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I am not going to follow Oldgoat around if that is what you mean, Unionist... oh... wrong guy...

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Wish I could make it tonight but can't, too tired. Have a Shirley Temple for me!

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Have a drink on Maysie for me tonight, oldgoat. babble will miss you dearly.


I em sho dlnk...


Well it was great to see Maysie, Michelle and Oldgoat again and finally meet writer, Joey Ramone and Radiorhim(though I wish he would stop trying to get me to upgrade to Windows 7 because it 'kicks the shit out of any Mac or Linix OS" whatever THAT means)


It was really nice to see you and Mrs. Bacchus again!  And the baby!  Ooooh, the baby! :)


Clearly the star of the show ;o)


She sure was! :)



Awwww... thank you.  And thanks to everyone else.  Great to see everyone.  I hope to see some pictures online at some point.  I particularly enjoyed my long conversation with Bacchus' daughter, and watching Duncan Cameron sing to her.  I look forward to seeing her as well as young Mr. Ramone join babble.

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What a lovely night. So nice to spend time with babblers. Oldgoat, you are a treasure.


The Saint John party was a blast.

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What a great night. Great food, great drink, great company.

That was one cute baby Bacchuses, and I don't usually say that as babies often freak me out.

Watching oldgoat struggle to figure out my macbook was fun. Tongue out  And hey folks, he's still here until the 30th, so watch out for any banning sprees.





I'm gonna miss you, og.

Joey Ramone

It was great to meet Bacchus, Mrs. Baccus and baby Bacchus and Writer, and to see Michelle, Maysie, Radiorahim and Oldgoat again.  All the best Oldgoat, you settler scum!

Papal Bull

I came very late, but managed to catch the Bacchai and jrootham and have your standard conversational fare. which was good.


Its a pity that I wasn't able to show off my man-purse of books.


Caissa wrote:

The Saint John party was a blast.


I trust everyone was well behaved.


Sorry I missed you PB


I didn't have to ban anybody.

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Thanks Oldgoat! Good luck in the future.