Andrés Fontecilla elected Québec Solidaire co-spokesperson

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Andrés Fontecilla elected Québec Solidaire co-spokesperson

Community organiser in my neck of the woods, son of Chilean refugees, Andrés has been elected on a platform of more involvement in social struggles and a Québec for all.

The neighbourood scenes in the video are things I see every day: two community centres, the bicycle path, the people from all over where i live. I can hear and feel the creaks of those old wooden doors.

This "co-spokesperson" had to be a man as QS has a gender parity rule of one female and one male spokesperson.

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And he got 24% of the vote last year in Laurier, no? Exciting!


Yes, and it was a very difficult riding. At the heart of Trudeau's. (though Federal ridings are larger). You know, the nasty "etnic broker" thing. (Just thing of the old Canadian Jewish Congress, that of Italo-Canadians, or of Greeks, or more recent ones.

I confess I'm thrilled that he is a non-pure-laine immigrant type, not out of any feeling of "reverse discrimination" but because a Québec in solidarity has to be for and from all origins. And because of his emphasis on (peaceful) extraparliamentary action.

And of course I also know the guy. I don't mean he's an intimate friend, but I've worked with him on community stuff here over the years. I interviewed him a few years ago about the idea of a "social fare" on public transport for low-income people (and challenged him, saying public transport should be free for all). He agreed, but saw this as a necessary short-term and transitional measure to ensure access to mobility and to the city for all.

Just recently, we spoke at a forum about housing and gentrification issues in the area. Remember, I don't live in his riding anymore, I live a couple of blocks south of it.


Here is an English translation (not by me...) and background on the Québec solidaire ecosocialist network:

In general it seems good, but although it does mention Indigenous struggles, there should be more on Idle no More - if all goes well this will be hammered out, in dialogue with Idle No More activists here.