Anti-fascist mobilization against PEGIDA

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Anti-fascist mobilization against PEGIDA



The Saturday counter-demonstration is being organized:



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Why is PEGIDA Quebec not identified as a hate group? I thought we had laws against this kind of activity in Canada.


I started a topic about this hate demonstration a few days ago. No harm done; there is just my initial post and a statment from Québec solidaire:

This is a perfectly normal working-class immigrant neighbourhood, with a lot of those "admirable hard-working" small business owners ... and workers, and residents with an ethnic mix old and new. The major "demonstrations" there have taken place during the Africa Cup and the World Cup when a North African side was doing particularly well. They were always joyous and peaceful, I enjoyed times there when I cycled a bit east from my place to there. I doubt we can win over the haters with the perfume of chachouka, merguez, sweet and savoury pastries and other wonderful things.

Thinking of this district as a hotbed of ISIS type "radicalism" (I hate that glorious concept applied to sectarian violence) is utterly ludicrous. Who are these idiots anyway?

You can take the métro to Saint-Michel and walk east (why the fuck does the blue line not reach Pie-IX anyway?) or the Jean-Talon or Bélanger buses, or from downtown, the métro to Jean-Talon and the Piex-IX bus north. That is a very frequent bus.


Sorry lagatta, I never noticed the other thread. I'll ask the mods to close this one.


The important thing is not which thread stays, or whether it is in Québec or anti-racism, but to keep everything on both. I put it in "anti-racism" as I thought we were a trial balloon and they were planning to expand elsewhere.

By the way, these racist cretins have absolutely nothing to do with the "secularism and inclusion" debate. Like the silly newspaper Magoo was referring to in Toronto, they are spectacularly stupid. They say things like Muslims want to have Christmas holiday called winter holiday and Easter called spring holiday, and then the calendar would be "halal". It would be too stupid to take seriously except that we have seen this crap have legs elsewhere.

There has been a lot of denunciation from all quarters, but it is important that people who can turn up tomorrow show them the door. Please, peacefully. The people in the neighbourhood don't want to be a focus of "problems".


lagatta wrote:

it is important that people who can turn up tomorrow show them the door


Do you mean Saturday?


Edited to correct: it was Thursday; it is Friday now. I have to look at the calendar to note what day of the week it is, as I don't work regular hours. I worked all day on Sunday, so for me it was a "Friday". Yep, Saturday.



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