Bonne St-Jean et bonne fête nationnal du Québec

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Bonne St-Jean et bonne fête nationnal du Québec

Bonne St-Jean et bonne fête nationnal du Québec .


Et aux reste du canada venez fêter avec nous!



Bonne fête nationale à toutes et à tous!


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Tchin tchin!

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J'aimerais bien vous joindre!  Bonne fête nationale!!

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Bonne fête nationale Québec!


Bonne Fête de la Saint-Jean-Baptiste!

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Bonne St-Jean à tous!


Salutations internationalistes en notre fête nationale! (Lots of music from many places hereabouts in the parks). We had an extremely hot day (30 degrees, humidex of 39) and then a spectacular, brief wind and rainstorm. I had a bit of a nap this afternoon, feeling a wee bit nauseated despite lots of water, and fell onto the bed, drew a soft, old cotton sheet over myself and drifted off into nice summery dreams.

I can hear a concert in the distance and don't know whether or not I'll brave the threatening rain to attend...


Great St-Jean tonight. An old university bud came into town and we went to see Les Cowboys Fringants at their free concert in Laval. Léo Bureau-Blouin was there and gave a brief introduction. Despite all the rain and consequent mud, it was quite enjoyable.